Pucker up

Want to see James Corden and Bryan Cranston kiss? Why not?

Apparently straight guys making out for attention is officially a thing now. And it’s about time!

The latest to participate in this sweeping trend are car karaoke aficionado James Corden and breaker of badness Bryan Cranston.

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Cranston was describing how he knew his wife was “the one” after a particularly long kiss that sent sparks a-flyin’.

“As actors do, we greeted each other each time we saw each other,” Cranston told Corden. “One time, we kissed each other, and the duration of the kiss exceeded the normal amount allotted for a friendly kiss. Do you know what I mean?”

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The rest, as they say, is awkward-but-endearing-in-that-straight-guy-who-doesn’t-take-himself-too-seriously kind of way.

Watch below: