Want To Date Somebody Who’s Exactly As Hot As You?

The soon-to-launch website claims it can find you a date with somebody who looks eerily similar to (if not exactly like) you, by using Facebook’s (scary big brother!) facial recognition technology, which zeroes in on nine points on your cara to create a unique profile for each person. I’m pretty sure that’s how twincest pioneers Elijah and Milo Peters found each other. [photo:]

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  • Qjersey

    new meaning for the phrase “go fuck yourself”

  • Mike in Asheville

    @Qjersey: Thanks Qjersey, I just spewed some of my coffee out my nose! Very droll — LOL!

  • Adonis-of-Fire

    Twincest is hot! I love those two :P

  • Red Meat

    @Qjersey: I have always wanted to.

  • Soupy

    Does a narcissist need anything more than a mirror?

  • AC Walker

    Aside from the bizarre narcissism this promotes,this is a stupid idea, mainly because (other than bizarre narcissists), most people are not attracted to themselves or people who look like them. The “average” person who cares about looks at all is going to want someone who looks BETTER than he does.

    The tough part about that is finding someone who either doesn’t care or who disagrees with you about who’s better looking.

  • 3DollarBill

    @AC Walker: Actually, most people ARE looking for others who look like themselves. It’s why many couples appear to be related, and it’s somewhat rare to see completely opposites in appearance. We like to see what we’re used to; i.e., ourselves. White people marry white people, black people marry black people, etc.
    They’re used to seeing it, they like it.

  • AC Walker

    @3DOLLARBILL: I don’t know what crowds you hang out with, but at least here in New York the couples are a lot more diverse than you’re suggesting. Sure, it’s true that most people avoid “ugly,” and a lot of people avoid fat, but that includes people who are themselves homely or overweight. And your assertion that “whites stick to whites” is kind of appalling and thankfully not true in the city.

  • TheRealAdam

    @AC Walker: Actually, his statement is completely true “in the city,” and everywhere else, too.

  • AC Walker

    Yeah, wouldn’t want them races mixin’ or nuthin’. The species needs to be defended.

    Thank goodness in my naivete I haven’t encountered that personally. In fact, I can’t think of a single couple I know or have known that “look related,” except some of the clones walking around Chelsea. Who pretty much make my point for me.

  • TheRealAdam

    @AC Walker: You said it, not me.

  • DJ

    I want someone almost completely opposite of me. The only thing I want us to have in common is ample amounts of money and everything the male body should have. I LOVE the peter twins though.

  • Jeffree

    Until cloning is viable, I’ll have to stick with guys who look almost as good as me, instead as hawt as me.

    OK: not really. My hunk-o-Swiss-cheese looks nothing like me except we’re built alike from the waist down, so we can share pants.

    But not at the same time….

  • Soupy

    I experience this all the time as an identical twin. The curiousity factor is always about some fantasy about how cool and sexy that would be if you were lovers. Not.

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