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Want To Get Rescued By These Colorado Firefighters?

baskit_v1.6.Still001You don’t have to be shy with us, we know at one point in your life you bought a calendar full of gorgeous half-naked men. The demigods served as daily inspiration every time you woke up. This year, we want you to wake up every morning under the protection of the men who make up Colorado’s finest Firefighters. Colorado-based underwear brand Baskit teams up with the hunks to make one scorching calendar every year. Not only do you get daily eye candy, but the proceeds from the calendars go to the Children’s Hospital of Colorado.

See what happens on set in the pictures below, and then for an extra special bonus, check out the video at the end of the page. Now, go be a damsel in distress so these guys can come save you.


For more information, go to The Underwear Expert.

Photo Credit: Baskit