Want to Visit Africa? Cross Zimbabwe Off The List Too

This week, five men were arrested in Zimbabwe for alleged homosexuality and acts of sexual immorality. (Zimbabwe’s right up there with Uganda when it comes to gay rights.) On Tuesday, the state-controlled ZBC News reported that four young black men and one 55-year-old white man were nabbed in in Domboshawa, near the capital of Harare, after a store clerk noticed the youths “spending money in an unusual manner” and alerted the police.

Jeez, when we make strange purchases we just get a call from Visa.


Source: ZBC News

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  • christopher di spirito

    I would visit South Africa and possibly, Morocco. That’s it.

  • Pitou

    Fuck Africa.
    USA should stop sending our tax dollars to feed/house/medicate this hugely homophobic continent. Far too great a majority of that continent is right-wing-brainwashed and would kill LGBT’s over feeding their starving populace if given the option. Hell, we are seeing that scenario in Uganda, etc.
    I for one would be sad to see the small Ethiopian children suffer and starve, but to offer these countries our hard-earned tax dollars is a huge slap in the face to human dignity period. We reward their vile ways. LGBT’s in these countries deverve just as much assisstance and protection as ANYONE else. It’s time to stand up to this shit and rip the child from the tit that is USA’s credit card. We can’t afford the god damned interest anymore either.

    Until witchhunts and senseless murders of innocent LGBT’s end.. let Africa help itself..

  • JayKay

    …Why the fuck would I want to visit Africa? I mean maybe I’d do a flyover of Egypt just to look at the pyramids or something, but beyond that I can’t imagine a scenario where I’d willingly travel to that ass-backwards, homophobic shit hole.



  • Cinesnatch

    I love how posters (and reputable ambassadors of the gay cause) on this thread refer to Africa as a whole. It kind of reminds me of how all Asians look the same.


  • Alistair

    Zimbabwe certainly gets no tax dollars in ANY shape or form.
    For those who are ignorant to politics under Mugabe please read one of
    Peter Godwin’s books on Zimbabwe.

    This ignorance on this site is sometimes sickening.

  • Jim

    People should get their facts straight. Zimbabwe is a Stalinist nightmare that has also collapsed economically. Why anyone, gay or straight, would ever want to travel to Zimbabwe, other than to visit relatives or as a journalist, is beyond me.

  • oldgayvermonter

    OK Cinesnatch and Alistair…you threw down the bitchy gauntlet…so how about some reliable info on which African countries aren’t homophobic hellholes? Which are not run by homophobic, corrupt dysfunctional governments? And which don’t have so-called “christian” church leaders leading the torch-bearing mobs trying to kill off, imprison, etc our GLBT brethren? Just the facts, Jack! And yes, there certainly ARE lots of posters spewing gross generalizations and nonsensical bitchiness…that’s life on most blogs I read. We won’t even go into spelling and grammar – no longer part of the broken “educational” system these days!

  • Alan

    Well, isn’t gay marriage legal in South Africa? And for that matter, have any of you visited the Caribbean? Jamaica has a very poor reputation on gay rights, for example. And what about India? People act like Africa is the only homophobic region of the world, when gay people are beaten and murdered in this own country. Alistair and Cinesnatch are right.

  • Hephaestion

    There is great diversity in the countries of Africa. I have met many pro-gay people from there, but most governments there are a nightmare, and have been so for years. Cape Town is the safest city for gays on the continent, but there are pockets across the continent where homophobia does not reign, though many Africans will try to tell you otherwise. Africans are almost as ignorant of their continent as Americans are, unless they are in the highly educated minority.

  • Cinesnatch

    @oldgayvermonter: South Africa already got mentioned twice. As well, things are worse or just as bad in places outside of, er, um, “Africa.”

    “And yes, there certainly ARE lots of posters spewing gross generalizations and nonsensical bitchiness…that’s life on most blogs I read.”

    That’s NOT life at Cinesnatch.

    And there are people in this world who have standards, will stick to them and will call to task those that don’t, at will. You can stick to your “norms,” or you can define yourself.

    This is one GAY MALE who stands up for the cause as well as civility, intelligence and understanding.

  • Bronxite

    Well…..all of sub-Saharan Africa is basically the same. Every country a disaster. There’s some semblance of civility in South Africa, but it’s still become the rape capital of the world. (And look up sometime their methods of killing refugees from other African countries).

  • Bronxite

    And the rest of the world is going to put the plight of African gays last on the list of concerns, sorry to say, when there are mass rapes used in warfare, forced female circumcision, and a child slave trade going on.

  • Adonis-of-Fire

    Why the hell woul ANYONE want to go Africa??!! It’s too hot, too crazy, and can’t nobody do no hair

  • Kealeboga

    Seriously!!u guys shud b ashamed of urslf i happen to live in botswana a country in africa and none of ur commets has any sense in thm!!south africa is nt africa..thr ar so many pple in africa who ar for gay rights..most leaders ar afraid to support gays in the open cuz thy fear losing elections(jst lik obama)it wil take timefor pple to gt used to(jst lik anywhr in the world including america)

  • Queer Supremacist

    I would gladly go to Africa, but only to transport gay Africans to the west for refugee status. Time and money prevent that.

  • Whataloser

    That entire continent is a pathetic mess. Stop sending money there its disgusting

  • Alan

    I find it ironic that people on here say don’t send a dime to Africa (one poster even brushing off famine relief) when 29,000 children under age 5 have died in Somalia and Kenya from starvation recently, brought on by a drought they did not create. To not send aid to country A because country B has policies I don’t like, merely because they are on the same continent and have the same skin color (and thus the same in the eyes of whites) is the basest form of overfed Western privilege. You can’t ask people to stop being homophobic when you utterly lack human kindness yourself.

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