‘WaPo’ Basically Calls Hillary A Fag Hag

Homo love Hillary Clinton. Not all of them, of course, but enough that the Washington Post sent journalist Jose Antonio Vargas down to Texas to investigate Mrs. Clinton’s flaming fans.

Vargas offers a readable and entertaining article, to be sure, but object to this summation: “Hillary’s their gal, that reliable, ubiquitous straight girl who hangs out with the gang, the Grace Adler to their Will Truman.” Gawd!! Are there no other fag hags in all the land?!

No offense, Debra Messing, but Grace Adler was an annoying busy-body. We would never, ever be friends with someone like that, much less vote for them. We’d rather compare Hillary to Liza, except without the drug addictions and broken marriages.

On second thought…