War Is A Drag

On richly fertile land beside the Tigris River a short distance outside Baghdad sits Buhriz, Iraq. The city is currently under guerilla control, bearing testimony to the wisdom of spreading democracy through a shock and awe occupation. This past Friday, guerillas dressed as women carried out a deadly attack against a police checkpoint, killing six and wounding ten.


There is no word on whether any of the transvestite attackers were American turncoat gays serving under the hush-hush suspension of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” Wire reports have left out the most important detail of the attack, namely, what the ladies were wearing. Queerty deplores this lack of attention to fashion detail, and encourages cross-dressing guerillas to, if nothing else, pick up the latest issue of Vogue.

The drag attack came just as major queens were getting their deserved measure of respect here in the homeland. While gay leaders fear a redneck backlash in reaction to the guerilla-girl assault, unconfirmed reports say that under stress, Lady Bunny pulled Hedda Lettuce’s wig clear off, and she got so upset that she had an accident on Sha-Boom-Boom’s bonbon. Gay male travelers and servicemen in Iraq are advised that just because it’s in a dress doesn’t mean it won’t have what you want underneath.