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Warning: They’re Making Predatory Anti-Gay Homosexuals Smarter These Days

Larry Craig was the lowest tech of them all, using the bathroom. Roy Ashburn managed to use automobile technology to hit the local gay bars. And then there’s Mary Foley, who did manage to finesse the confusing world of electronic mail to message his pages. But it was George Alan Rekers, vlogger Eric Thor relays, who went beyond his web browser’s default homepage to hunt down paid sex acts. Who wants to be the first bigoted gay politico to be outed using Grindr? Let’s see those hands, please.

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  • 7

    Shallow note: he’s cute, but he should really rehearse before taping. His verbal stumbles made it a little hard to follow.

    But yeah, y’know, I hope they all start using the Internet. And credit cards. Makes ’em easier to catch.

    Can’t wait to see the day Chris Hansen shows up at the Capitol Building.

  • j

    Rofl, this is actually a pretty funny premise. Props to eric for this

  • Elk

    I fell asleep trying to follow this..The hems and haws didn’t help….What was the subject again?

  • Eric Thor

    Woot thanks for posting this. Ya i’ll try to work on the stuttering/editing stuff in the next video!

  • Lauren

    Haha – Eric lived in my dorm this year! I’m so glad you posted him on Queerty. Go Eric!

  • OnCloud9

    Who the hell is this guy and what is he talking about?

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