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Warwick Rowers Unveil, “Golden Girls” Puppet Show, Teenage Jeffrey Dahmer

The Warwick Rowers know how to make you keep your appointments — because you’ll be staring at this 2017 calendar every five minutes. Unblinking. Yes, the guy all the way to the lower left did just wink at you.


The Golden Girls are heading to an Off-Broadway theater near you, but this time as slightly terrifying puppets. How will they be able to eat all the cheesecake with those teeny tiny little fingers?


Hungry? Fresh-faced star Ross Lynch is stepping into gay cannibal-killer Jeffrey Dahmer’s blood-splattered shoes in upcoming film My Friend Dahmer, based on the novel by Nerf Backderf. People are wigging about the uncanny likeness:


Rosie O’Donnell is trying to thwart Donald Trump with the one thing no one’s tried yet: Poetry. (Sample line: “this is the first time i have been out / out of bed really – to be honest / since the debate / i have been sleeping a lot / depression clings to me.”)

donald trump rosie o'donnell.jpg

Familiar with openly gay musician MNEK? You’re about to be. His interpretation of Queen’s classic “Don’t Stop Me Now” is earning him tons of attention, and legions of new fans. What do you think?