Was Constance McMillen Invited to a Fake Private Prom?

Only some seven guests, including Constance McMillen and her girlfriend, showed up the third prom organized for Itawamba Agricultural High School’s students. Because it was a … sham prom? And the real prom was elsewhere? And Constance wasn’t invited, and was tricked into going to the fake one? And school officials were reportedly involved? There was a reason we were skeptical that the school’s attorney was the one announcing this prom.


Meanwhile, who were these other five students? And was there at least a DJ? Did Constance and her girl get their photo taken? How’d the tux look? So many Qs!


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  • fredo777

    I knew she shouldn’t have gone. Fuck those people and their ass-backwards ways. She should have went to one of the actual gay-friendly private proms she was invited to, instead.

  • Cam

    Typical Small town Southern B.S. All the little passive agressive backbiting. Constance. Look at how small, petty and pathetic they are. You’ve flown out to big cities now, seen real sites. Look at how much you terrify them. And make no mistake. The same people that are turning their noses up at you are the people who have families where the kids are being rapes, or the parents are alcoholics, drug addicts, abuse their older relatives etc…. You committed the cardinal sin of the south…you didn’t just smile, nod your head and pretend that everything was allright.

  • Cam

    One more thought. If this prom was announced by the school attorney, then that gives the appearence that the school was involved in it. If they sold tickets and in reality had no intention of it being the real prom, but rather planned a different one in secret, then the school and it’s attorneys seem to have just been involved in a conspiracy to defraud.

  • terrwill

    How fcuking pathetic!!! If this pans out to be true think about how utterly reprehensive the “adults” involved in this debacle are. They planned a phonyprom, made arrangments and had to have advised every student going to keep it quiet including their parents and vendors involved. And they all participated???? Waaaay beyond sick……….

  • Greg

    If the prom that Constance was invited to was fake, while a ‘real’ prom was held elsewhere, this would seem to me to be prima facie evidence of contempt of court (the court that ruled against the school district)

  • Synnerman

    I hope Constance gets the hell out of there. Bad stuff happens in Mississippi.

  • Sam

    Wow. If they did that on purpose, that is unconscionably cruel. I mean, just mind-blowingly, jaw-droppingly cruel. Even crueler than not letting her to go prom in the first place, even crueler than cancelling the prom to stop her from going.

    There’s a special circle of Hell reserved just for the Itawamba Agricultural High School faculty.

  • Alexa

    WTF? That is seriously fucked up.

  • AlwaysGay

    I knew it was too good to be true. The heterosexuals down there were determined to have a heterosexual-only prom. I bet the second prom that was “cancelled” was the one where everyone else attended. Unfortunately Constance has to leave town in order to live because the heterosexuals there have completely outcasted her.

  • RandomGuy

    Hey all, so I did a little investigative work, and it seems there wasn’t exactly a big prom somewhere else (at least not from what I see).

    I’ve been looking through the facebook profiles of some of the students that go to IAHS and some of them clearly show photo albums labeled “Prom 2010” or something like that. Some of them seem to be held at people’s houses and stuff, with decorations everywhere like a regular prom.

    So it seems instead of go to the country club, they all had little private proms or something like that. I’m gonna keep going through and seeing if I can find a very big prom somewhere.

  • Hyhybt

    Why’d [email protected]RandomGuy: ey even bother, then? Being small and private defeats the purpose of a prom.

  • alan brickman


  • B

    No. 12 · alan brickman wrote, “SOME ONE BUY THE MOVIE RIGHTS TO THIS COMEDY ALREADY!!!” …. and make sure that Constance walks away with it so she can (eventually) laugh all the way to the bank.

  • niles

    I knew she’d get “Carried”. Sue all their pathetic butts.

  • jeffree

    Several of us here didn’t think she should go to the “new prom.” i felt bad for saying that but she was SET UP.

    These backwater ItaWAMBATS are looking worse & worse, & stoopider & stoopider by the hour.

    I hope she’s out of town now or SOON & *never ever* goes back to that cesspool of backwardness & inbreeding & hatered.

    Any adult who had any PART in organizing the fake prom should be prosecuted, if theres a way to do that legally. Go after the school, the school board, the administration, & the parents taking part in this sick sad evil scheme.

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