Was It Ronnie’s Fists Or His Gay Slurs That Started the Stupid Jersey Shore Fight?

MTV edited footage to make things appear not as they actually happened in real life? And Jersey Shore cast members use gay slurs? OMJEEZ, we’re losing our faith in the entertainment industry.

J and K [Ed: Names removed due to protective order] are suing MTV for, uh, something. Those two are the civilians that received Ronnie Magro’s “fucking faggot” and “fucking queer” lines during a boardwalk brawl. And now the raw footage is being submitted in their court case against the network as evidence that it was Ronnie who instigated the fight, not them. As TMZ says, even after watching the footage it’s hard to tell who’s responsible, but Ronnie does appear to throw the first punch.

We’re considering suing MTV, too, for giving us such an anti-climactic fight scene. And if we were MTV, we’d consider counter-suing T and P, for being the biggest pair of vaginas.