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Was It Worth The Wait For Teddy + Ian’s 90210 Smooch?

Well this little smooch is pretty much what we’ve all been waiting for, isn’t it? After abandoning the Teddy-Ian storyline for weeks, 90210‘s producers finally gave the gays what they wanted: a lip lock between Kyle Riabko’s Ian and Trevor Donovan’s Teddy. Which only came about because Silver accused Teddy of being a big homophobe, but then fell in love with him again, and then Teddy was all there’s somebody else, and then Ian swooned. They’ve come so far from their “faggot” days! And the show has come so far from that first episode’s blowjob-in-the-car scene!

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  • Ryan

    *Golf Claps*

  • Jack

    This show sucks…

  • JR

    Love this show and love this storyline.

  • Joe

    Kiss should’ve been a little less… sudden? No romance at all.

  • Viral

    @Joe: after seeing the supreez jock-homo kiss on Glee, this one was almost expected; once they showed Teddy not getting it up (his real life age making the scene even more ironic and hilarious X3) w/ that annoying one-off character chick, you just knew it was only a matter of time before he hooked back up with Ian. Having someone innocuous like Annie walk in on or at least spy on the moment would’ve been better.

  • Bubba in TX

    Isn’t it great that some of us can be “bored” with this kind of kiss? Not to sound really old, but I remember a time when a TV kiss like this was so rare that it was all we could talk about for days on end.


  • Shay

    I love this storyline so much! I know some people were disappointed at the way Teddy was handling being gay at first, but I think the people that were don’t watch the show. Teddy was once the typical, popular, womanizing jock at school and prior to coming to this High School, he attended boarding school and left because he started having feelings for his male roommate. His father is one of those jerks that puts inane amounts of pressure on their son to be a “man’s man” and would be disappointed any other way. Given that fact, I could see why Teddy initially threw up the morning he realized that he slept with a man, because it changed his whole world. It was his first sexual experience with a man and he was drunk while it happened, it was with someone who attends his high school and he had no clue if there would be gossip in the halls when he went back, his life was becoming chaotic enough and then he got himself into that after trying to deny his feelings for so long…come on, it’s a very understandable and realistic situation.

    Like others, I would definitely love to see more gay roles on television where there is a middle ground. A role where a man is proud to be gay without being so stereotypically and over-the-top flamboyant, yet not angry and homophobic until he comes to terms, but Ian is exactly that; he’s openly gay and comfortable in his skin. He’s got charisma, a wonderful sense of humor and it seems like people love the guy without giving a crap about his sexuality. While I can say that the homophobic jock who is deep in the closet is a storyline that is used frequently, I think that in a show that is geared toward teens and young adults, it definitely has its rightful place. For some people, coming to terms with your sexuality is not easy and if there are young guys out there who watch this show, can relate to Teddy and this helps them understand some of their feelings, then I am all for it.

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