Was John Amaechi Denied Entry From a Gay Bar Because He’s Big and Black, Or Argumentative And Aggressive?

John Amaechi’s party had been “argumentative and aggressive” at another venue, explains Matt Taylor to the BBC, manager of the Crunch bar in Manchester, explaining why his staff blocked the former NBA baller’s entry. Amaechi tweeted he was refused because the bouncer said he looked “big, black and could be trouble.” Says Taylor: “Whilst I understand it is upsetting to be turned away from a venue when on a night out, to justify a refusal of entry by provoking a racist debate is completely uncalled for.” Amaechi still wants an apology. Would some drink tickets do?

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  • spider_orchid

    …at another venue. So he went to a club and got into some kind of thing there and left. He went to another club and they didn’t let him in because he and his people got into it at ANOTHER club? What the eff?

  • Jack E. Jett

    I have interviewed John a few times. He is one of he the nicest guys in the worlds. Has a great sense of humor about himself and responded to some of my silly ass questions with great wit, unlike Prima Billy Bean who has somehow confused his place in pop culture with Angelna Jolie.

    I can’t imagine any club that would not want John ….besides his celebrity..he is a fucking stud.

  • mk

    Queerty you left some important information out of this article.

    The rest of Amaechi’s group was allowed in without any difficulty, which casts doubt on the bar spokesman’s later attempt to justify Amaechi’s exclusion by saying his group had been flagged as trouble over the gay village’s shared security radio network. Furthermore, the other venues that were using the radio network all during that night have stated there was in fact no warning or mention at all on it involving Amaechi.

    He was turned away because he’s big and black.

  • whatever

    Racist gay club owners? Glad stuff like this never happens in the US.

  • Bill Perdue

    Niggers like him and the Porch Monkey-in-Chief don’t belong in our gay bars.

    I can’t tell you how many gay bars I’ve been thrown out of because they were overrun with those disgusting yard apes who don’t even wash their asses. Seriously. I’ve had more nigger shit in my mouth than a toilet in Detroit.

    This guy did the right thing. Keep our gay bars white! Heil Hitler! Heil Arafat! Allahu akbar!

  • ken

    @whatever: ha ha so true (sarcasm)

  • Black Pegasus

    I’m not surprised by this incident at all.

    It’s happened to me at Gay clubs as well.

  • Bill Perdue

    @Black Pegasus: That’s just them doing their job, boy.

  • chiturbo

    Sadly, in my experience, gay culture (or at least the “boystowns” that represent them), remain to be one of the most biased and bigoted cultures to date.

    Go ahead; click up there on “Morning Goods” and count for yourself how many examples of “ideal” men there are of color.

    Don’t worry, it wont require both hands.

  • Alexander

    Big Black and Sexy

  • Hilarious

    It’s very obvious as well that many Queerty readers don’t seem to have any comment when the victim of hate isn’t white. Well aside from the very racist and cowardly assholes like Bill Pardue who are clearly mentally unstable and childlike.

  • Lamar

    @Hilarious: I second that.

  • menlo

    yes, bill, we all know about trolls on the internet – but at least some of them have an ounce of humor or intelligence. Go back to the drawing board, fool.

  • notright

    I sometimes think some of the black commenters (or at lest the ones that are in the black gay vs gay threads) plant other racist comments so they have something to complain about.

    Bill Perdue was never this provocative (or a serious racist) so this just seems fishy. I remember before he complained about someone using his name too

  • MickW

    Just 14 comments, If it had been a black man saying something homophobic there would be well over 100 comments complaining that black people should know better.

  • adman

    @notright: I’ve had someone use my handle here, and I’ve gotten into arguments with Black posters on Queerty, but never been hate-trolled(? is that a neologism, or an oxymoron? NM) or had someone potray me as racist by highjacking my handle. Amaechi is a together guy, and they let his friends in. The fact that they had this “network” alibi at the ready seems to point to pretty blatant racism. Sounds like people who are happy act this way too. They must have met their nightly quota of minorities or something. That is the way Gay nightclubs work, and it works that way for Black gay bars, and for age discrimination in the trendy spots too. Doormen are are willing to be douches, that’s how they get hired.

  • ewe

    He should get an apology and has every right to pissed off if the only reason he did not gain entrance is because of his race and size.

  • ewe

    He should get an apology and has every right to be pissed off if the only reason he did not gain entrance is because of his race and size.

  • BlogShag

    @Bill Perdue: LOL! Gee, and what do you look like? you chipped tooth, beer bellied white trash sow.

  • declanto

    @Bill Perdue: or whoever you are, Your filthy mouth would be redeemed by eating a ton of shit. Eat it,chew it, swallow it and die.

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