Was Jon Barrett Just Fired From The Advocate? (No.)


The Advocate‘s editor-in-chief Jon Barrett, who replaced Anne Stockwell after her 15-year run there, is said to be leaving the magazine, according to a report on Last May, in announcing Barrett’s new post, Advocate‘s new owners Stephen P. Jarchow and Paul Colichman said, “Barrett will provide the magazine with a provocative new perspective around the critical issues affecting the lives of the LGBT community as well as expand” If the news is true, it’s unclear whether Barrett’s exit is voluntary, or if didn’t live up to Colichman & Co.’s expectations. Also: Barrett technically reports to Aaron Hicklin, editor of Out and the group’s editorial director. Notes PlanetHomo: The magazine, now published under the Here Media umbrella, will be taken over by Jeremy Kinser, of Frontiers in LA, which has less glossy paper stock. Incidentally, Kinser is already writing for the magazine.

UPDATE: Regent Media PR fella Josh Rosenzweig calls PlanetHomo’s report “completely erroneous.”

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  • Burl

    That took three minutes…excellent.

  • Lady Kiki Worthington

    His days were numbered after he allowed the Perez cover.

  • The Hare

    I don’t think this is true.

  • homofied

    Its a repeating game of musical chairs, and the song just restarted. Note that every rendition has fewer total chairs than the one just before it. Overall I thought he was doing a pretty good job, but that has nothing to do with playing musical the chairs game in the whacked out corpus cult of LPI.

  • hambone

    he’s not leaving – just to avoid y’all wasting time on any more tortured metaphors about musical chairs…

  • James

    He was not fired. Those guys are my friends and I just called over there and this is so not true… check your facts queerty!

  • homofied

    Queerty did nothing wrong here — they posed it as an open question. Two editors were let go in the last month in other pubs over there, so its not a stretch to assume more would be. And tortured is not metaphorical in this case, its descriptive, based on what I’m hearing.

  • The Hare

    what other pubs “over there” let editors go?

  • Lance Rockland

    The Advocate stinks now.

    What the hell happened to this once-great magazine? It’s irrelevent.

  • DC Poster

    Lance, I have to disagree with you. The Advocate is much, much better under Jon Barrett, and rocks these days. Their Washington reporting is fantastic.

  • hambone

    @homofied: it’s tortured when you allow yourself to indulge in such ornate and inaccurate wording as: “whacked out corpus cult of LPI.” LPI is long gone. And Queery did something wrong: “The magazine, now published under the Here Media umbrella, will be taken over by Jeremy Kinser, of Frontiers in LA, which has less glossy paper stock.” is not a question. It’s a statement, and a false one.

  • Trooper

    Once again, Queerty gets it wrong.

  • homofied

    Well then go fix your website, hambone, cause it says:

    “Liberation Publication International LLC. also does business as The Advocate,, Advocate Books, Out,, Alyson Publications, Alyson Books, Alyson Wonderland,, HIV+,, LPI, LPI Media, Out Traveler,, Publishers Distributing Inc. (PDC), Triangle Marketing Services, TMS, T.M.S.,[2], Two,,, Club Freshmen,, Freshmen,, Friction, Men, Men Cyberclub,, Men Machine,,, S.P.I., SLI, SPLLC, Specialty Publications, Unzipped, Unzipped Monthly, Unzipped Video,”

  • Groban

    is here tv still on the air even?

  • Eric

    do you guys bother to even check your facts before you post these things. he has not been fired and he has not left. and your link to planethomo is dead (for obvious reasons). it’s sort of pathetic that a blog with such low journalistic standards has been gunning for the demise of the editor of a magazine that maintains some semblance of journalistic integrity.

  • Eric

    and Lady Kiki Worthington, really? are you that stupid? or that simple?

  • homofied

    @Eric: Thou dost protest too much. If you can’t stand the lube, get out of the… oh never mind.

  • Eric

    @homofied. huh?

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