Was Jon Barrett Just Fired From The Advocate? (No.)


The Advocate‘s editor-in-chief Jon Barrett, who replaced Anne Stockwell after her 15-year run there, is said to be leaving the magazine, according to a report on Last May, in announcing Barrett’s new post, Advocate‘s new owners Stephen P. Jarchow and Paul Colichman said, “Barrett will provide the magazine with a provocative new perspective around the critical issues affecting the lives of the LGBT community as well as expand” If the news is true, it’s unclear whether Barrett’s exit is voluntary, or if didn’t live up to Colichman & Co.’s expectations. Also: Barrett technically reports to Aaron Hicklin, editor of Out and the group’s editorial director. Notes PlanetHomo: The magazine, now published under the Here Media umbrella, will be taken over by Jeremy Kinser, of Frontiers in LA, which has less glossy paper stock. Incidentally, Kinser is already writing for the magazine.

UPDATE: Regent Media PR fella Josh Rosenzweig calls PlanetHomo’s report “completely erroneous.”