Was Michael Jackson Gay? No, But He Wasn’t Exactly Straight, Either


So there’s a (non-new?) rumor going around that Michael Jackson was a big ‘mo. It’s coming from the mouth — or rather, the book — of Ian Halperin, the same man who claims Tom Cruise is gay, which sort of pissed off Scientologists. (Also: John Travolta.) But calling Jackson gay is like calling Lance Bass an astronaut: It works in theory, but there’s no proof.

Through what we’re assuming is steadfast research, Halperin cites as evidence of Jackson’s sexuality a claim that he picked up a male construction worker in Las Vegas and forced him to sign a confidentiality agreement so they could do the nasty. (Another version of that story claims the guy Jackson spotted across a Vegas casino floor became head of Jackson’s security detail, not his lover.)

Then there are Halperin’s claims Jackson liked to dress up as a woman, which isn’t so much a secret as it is a description of Jackson’s entire wardrobe. Also: Jackson wearing women’s clothing is common knowledge. Besides, dressing up as a lady doesn’t make the superstar gay; it makes him transgender. Or just curious.


Allegations like these help sell books. Which is what Halperin wants to do with his new tome Unmasked: The Final Years of Michael Jackson. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that another person with an interest in selling manuscripts is on hand to shoot down these rumors. She is Diane Dimond, who’s devoted much of her career (15+ years) to chronicling Jackson. She chimes in: “Over all the years that I have been looking into his life, I have found no evidence that Michael Jackson was gay. I have never spoken to any men who have claimed and proven they were Michael’s lovers.”

Which leaves us with this: For as long as we’ve known of this Michael Jackson person, he’s always struck us as asexual. Someone who neither longs for sexual affection from women nor men.

From his post-pubescent disinterest in sex (see: Brooke Shields) and his faux-real marriages (see: Lisa Marie Presley) to his awkwardness discussing sex in front of the camera (see: Martin Bashir) and his means of having children (see: sperm donation and surrogate mother), Jackson never clued us in that he was straight or gay.

He really just existed in this bubble of childhood, where penises and vaginas were punchlines, not objects of hormonal desire. And if we need to get in to the whole child molestation thing — because a post like this one can’t ignore it — the same common wisdom holds true: An adult man sleeping in bed with young children who are not his own is … inappropriate. But the idea that he touched them is flabbergasting, not just because it would mean the world’s greatest entertainer is a pedophile, but because it would mean Michael Jackson had any interest in sex at all.

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  • DelphKC

    I have to agree. I even think all the on-stage crotch grabbing was just part of the show too. I really never saw anything sexual about it. Even though he did it constantly, in virtually every dance, it was more like a man just tapping on his knee or something. And as we came to expect it and cheered him on for it, he just did it more. He really did seem to live in this “I’m still a little kid” bubble in his head.

  • Jaroslaw

    Wouldn’t a confidentiality agreement be invalid upon the death of one of the signatories? So let’s have it! Should be worth a fortune so if it doesn’t surface, then it must be a lie….well, assuming the other guy got a copy.

  • DelphKC

    If it existed, it would be out there already. Look at Ted Haggard! The minute that other guy found out who he was, he ran straight to the media. 1000x more likely to happen if it were Michael Jackson. Yet, silence.

  • liza

    i luved his music !! i think he is a great singer!! im going to miss him a lot!!

  • AlwaysGay

    You have to remember Michael Jackson entered adulthood in the 80s at the onset of the AIDS epidemic. Gay men were scared by it. Some forced themselves not to have sex with men. Michael was living in Los Angelos at the time the news broke in 1981. Michael was the last one in his family to get married by many years. He was the second youngest and the most successful Jackson. I think he tried to ease the tension of his success with his older brothers by pretending to be young and delicate, it was a way to maintain the social order of the family. Michael lived with his family well into his 20s. I think his convoluted sexuality among other things (plastic surgeries, surogate mothers, idolization of old Hollywood actresses, involvement in many charities, thinness etc) points to him being gay.

  • Dick Mills

    There are also the rumors that, among other things, the “abuse” that Michael Jackson suffered from his father was castration. That is, after all, the best way to ensure that his money maker voice didn’t drop when he hit puberty. Also could explain why he used (needed??) a sperm donor. It’s uncertain whether one would even have a sex drive sans the nads.

  • Thom Freeheart

    I think Michael Jackson was gay. I don’t think he liked men, however.

  • Dabq

    Michael Jackson was an amazing talent, one that will take years to see another one like him, as for his sexuality, I think he was way too mentally ill with such self hate and loathing, that when it came to sexuality to be of any persuasion as he could never relate to anyone on a sexual level. At best he really was asexual.

    MJJ was the perfect example of what a sexually repressed society can do to a person, promiscuous brothers from almost all accounts when they were teens on one hand and a Jehovah’s Witness mother on the other saying the exact opposite, two dueling sides to an already mixed up kid and out comes Jackson.

  • Jim

    I don’t think ‘The Gays’ really want a pedophile like Michael Jackson to be considered ‘one of us.’

  • Gimme LOL CATS

    Nope. Sorry. Can’t buy the MJ = gay conspiracy theory. One shall take whatever Ian Halperin (“Canadian investigative journalist,” per Wiki, with nine unauthorized celeb bios under his belt, and some lawsuits, too!) pushes in a book serendipitously (!) released TWO WEEKS after MJ’s death, with a ton or three of salt.

    My roommate is an MFT, ie, certified shrink. We discussed the issue of MJ and her expert conclusion was: Individual severely damaged by childhood trauma. Retreats into asexual make-believe universe during adulthood, an emotional space that pivots on the one area that he considers “safe” and “non-grown-up”: seeking, and providing, affection and to children. The li’l ones don’t judge you like the adults do.

    If you poll shrinks, as opposed to screechy, hyperbole-happy media “commentators,” you will get the same evaluation time and again. This dude was not a pedophile. He was a stunted individual, in psych-terms. Innocent, objectively, but oh-so-guilty to the world at large..

  • christophe

    All the talk about why the supposed former male lovers of Jackson never came forward? I don’t think that after MJ’s death, anything could have prevented them from coming forward, and to answer as to why they haven’t already surfaced? We don’t know that they haven’t surfaced. I’m sure that these guys, 1 or 2 or more would FIRST approach the family with demands of money, since the family would be in a position to pay out far greater sums of money than they could ever get from any tabloid or book deal. I’m sure that if these men are out there, the reason they haven’t come forward is because Jackson’s family is making sure they are WELL taken care of to protect MJ’s reputation among his friends and co-workers in the entertainment business. I don’t think Al Sharpton would be saying all the “good” things he has been saying about MJ if it were proven he had been gay all along.

  • |Emma

    But he denied being gay, surley that’s all the proof people need. If someone says they are not gay, untill they are proven to be gay, they should be hailed as straight.
    There was also no evidence his marriage to Lisa was fake, accorind to her he was a passionate lover.
    As far as i’m concerned it’s none of out buinssnes anyway.
    if he was gay, straight or asexual, he didn’t wish to discuss it, which is understandable, i’m sick of celebrities telling us about their sex lives.

  • klamper

    Oh no she (queerty) didn’t!

  • atruefriend

    Some people are just so dumb they will believe anything michael was not gay and i know thet for a fact ian i hope you enjoy this little attention your getting b/c the repercusions of your disgusting actions are going to come back and bite you in the behind hard so get ready.

  • emily

    okay I would love for someone to message back….I don’t get it
    I watched Dirty Diana and In the closet they are very sexual video’s…and then I saw a video of him having a food fight…
    it’s like he was two totally different people…hot, sexy, sexual
    guy on stage and video and then a grown man acting like a child..
    But if a man can sing and dance to a song like In the closet then
    he knew what sex was and was probably wanting it or having it..
    anyone else agree????

  • dantalion

    wow, this is possibly one of the only even handed articles on queerty. certainly the only one i’ve read since i mostly switched to another blog. but yeah, he was probably Asexual like… Paula Poundstone or something, just no interest, which in the 80s was the detriment of every teen, but still.

  • TANK


    So you’re crazy.

  • hephaestion

    @christophe: Rev. Al Sharpton is very pro-gay. His sister is gay.

  • Danygirl

    Mj said several times that he heard his brothers having sex wile sleeping in the same room on tour so he was traumatized when it comes to sex, all those noises he could not understand what was going on, if it is live why does it hurt so much?

    I have seen several interviews where MJ says he was a reclused, isolated person because where ever he went people would follow him, in bad video interview he said he had no friends other then Diana Ross, so that tells a lot about a adolescente who did not have the experiences to become a man, and must have felt ashamed or afaraid about going to experience all those things in the public eye so he resorted to money in order to get the things he wanted, and to not growing up in order to not face adult women.
    It was easy for him to be around Diana Ross, Liza Minelli and Elizabeth Taylor because he did not have his sexuality put to trail, the way young would jump on him, nor would children look at him sexualy, he was in a confort zone.

    MJ must have tried during his youngest with Tatum O’Neal, and Brooke Shield to become a man, but it did not work and time pass by he gave up, and paid for having children. Brooke said the more he grow up the more asexual he looked to me, so the man repressed the sex part, and exploded on other disturbing practises like surgery. He could not face adult women for sex, to many disguisting nenories.

    MJ had a double personality, the stage persona and the Peter Pan.

  • emily

    okay so if he was “scared” of sex b/c of his brothers conquest
    etc…then why was HE so sexual on stage but not off….I mean
    he looked sometimes like he was actually doing it…In the dance I mean…I still don’t think he was asexual b/c if you dance in that way (he didn’t have to) then he wanted it or like said was
    having it…

    right?? does anyone get what I’m saying

  • pornana


    I completely understand where you are coming from, but that doesn’t mean he personally enjoyed sex..It just means he understood that sex sells..He was a child at home, but he had to play adult onstage…right?

  • emily

    I see what you are saying….

    He didn’t have to do the videos he could have had someone else
    do it..I don’t know I think he was super super shy but a sexual
    man. I just don’t see him not having sex (asexual) and he also
    had to write the songs so he was thinking of a man or women…
    he could have wrote about birds or donkeys instead of women.
    RIGHT?? He is super interesting can’t help it

  • emily

    One more point…I read that Lisa marie said that they did have sex
    and it was great etc….so do you think she was lying? she didn’t
    have to say anything.

  • TANK


    Yes. I think she was lying.

  • Ozment the Historian


    Loving your superior attitude.

  • phyllis Johnson Hunts, Ala

    I really beleive that some of you don’t know what your talking about….In the 80’s michael was a young man not a teenager or a young child. You may be trying to defend him or insult his family by the negative… But, you must remembere that YOU have to keep liv’n Michael has passed and not matter what he MAY HAVE DONE, you better watch the words that come out of your mouths for GOD JEHOVAH or whatever HIS NAME IS TO YOU… he will see YOU on your judgement day, and the last time I checked you cannot condem your brother or your sister….Watch Out!

  • emily

    Phyllis honey you need to calm down…this is a discussion about
    Micheal so people are going to have an opinion. the topic
    seems to be about sex….You should know you clicked on it!
    No need to bring god in this!

  • Chuck

    Honey, if you don’t know the eyeliner wearing, lipstick wearing, Diana Ross wannabe isn’t gay, then I got a bridge to Brooklyn to sell you (cheap!) Oh yeah, he walked, talked, and looked like a girl, but he loves the pussy? Umm, trade in your gaydar now please. He used to dress as a woman and meet construction guys in Vegas for sex at cheap motels.

  • Lady

    I dunno which one’s funnier? That I’m actually amazed I read this or that we’re discussing about a dead man’s sexuality and his sex life?

    Anyway, I think this fact is blurry…as to whether he’s gay…but….I am not rushing to buy that ‘book’ to find out…
    For all I care, he could be gay or bisexual…either way its his “in the closet”…I don’t think he’s gonna raise from the grave to clarify that for us now, would he?

    Whatever it is I enjoyed reading this…

    “…Lance Bass is an astronaut…” haha

  • Daryl

    For someone who is said to be asexual, Mike sure does like his porn. Remember at the Neverland raid, they found stacks of pornographic magazines and DVDs in his bedroom. I don’t remember if it was straight or gay porn, but they found his fingerprints all over it. So I don’t think an asexual dude would have loads of porn. I think maybe he was just painfully shy in that area.

  • MissKat525

    @Jim: Gay or not? Doesn’t matter! But the whole pedophile thing was an out and out lie, so please stop!!

  • bruce

    One can’t deny that Jackson played up his heterosexual credentials in his songs. He sang the lyric “girl” and “she” a lot. Probably was the result of record company executive anxiety. “Sing about girls, Michael” was probably the refrain from these silly executives.

  • emily

    good point about the porn….I had forgotten about that.
    defiantly not asexual…it will all come out with time.

  • alan brickman

    I think he was asexual….typical of entertainers who exhibit sexual behavior on stage while performing…plus it sounds like he never really grew up…

  • Kal04nia

    makes sense to me….
    and does it really matter what his sexual prefrence was? I mean the man was harrassed by the media his whole life.
    Constant crap like; ‘is he gay’,is he a wack job’,’is he a pedophile’, ‘does he sleep in a oxygen chamber?’ Knowing any of this does not enhance my life one way or the other. (I would however be angered / sad if the pedophile thing was true) I have been an MJ & Jackson 5 fan since my childhood.

    He’s gone and still people want to crucify him– enough already!! Just try to remember the good that he did for others less fortunate. Geeez- To many people have a sick morbid fasination with celebrities and their personal lives.

  • Kal04nia

    the makes sense to me was replying to the comment made by # 10 in the stream above–read #10 gimme LOLcats explanation….

  • Nancy

    The porn found during the Neverland raid was all straight porn – stuff like Hustler Mag., Naughty Neighbors etc.

  • Molly

    Whether MJ was bi or straight I don’t know. What I do know is that he was NOT asexual. An asexual man does not have straight porn mags in his room…He was obviously repressed, but still a man. Lisa Marie has said over and over that they had sex-the marriage was consummated etc… If anything it would have benefited her more to say-no they didn’t when he was going through the molestation trial. Listen to her To Whom It May Concern Album. She has stated that several of the songs on that album are about Jackson and the pain of when they broke up. The marriage was real. Those are some pretty angry songs….you don’t feel that kinda anger for a “fake” marriage. That coupled w/her myspace blog….I really think LMP might have been the most real relationship MJ ever had…male or female.

  • nonny

    Emily, I am totally with you. I’ve been saying for years that there is NO WAY a man so f’n sexual onstage can be asexual offstage.

    Now, that doesn’t mean he was sexually active. I mean, with all the childhood abuse, PLUS the uber-religious teachings he grew up with, PLUS the scary crazed fans who used to tear him to shreds before he reached puberty, PLUS his feelings of never knowing who to trust … no wonder he was such a mess in the sexual arena.

    BUT — that doesn’t mean he was asexual. I’m sure he had his turn-ons – whether they were gay, straight or otherwise: SOMETHINF was turning him on enough to channel his sexual energy into insane dance moves.

    The man may have had issues with repressed sexuality, but he was no asexual. I’d bet anything.

  • nonny

    err, clearly, “SOMETHINF” is a typo. I’ll let you clever readers figure it out! ;)

  • blastout

    For many years I have believed that Michael Jackson was an asexual but good and amazingly talented man who was pressured by music execs to adopt a sexual persona onstage. I still think this is true and in fact the more I read the more I believe it

  • emily

    thanks nonny!!

    Funny Swe never thought about putting it that way….he [email protected]#k
    his music that is great…

    yea I have to admit maybe I really want to know b/c he is a turn
    on…especially in his videos. does make you want him bad and
    also you want to mother him and undo all the shit he had to
    go through.

  • Swe

    He is a huge turn on! Damn it have you seen those suggestive moves of his! His finger is all that it takes! and more than that he was an amazingly compassionate gentleman and incredibly talented and naively innocent and humorous prankster in a childlike way. MEN like the Moonwalker grace this Earth once in a blue moon or should I say he is one of a kind!

  • Marius

    Was the porn for Michael or was it for company?

    What’s with the “insult his family, constant crap and crucify him” by mentioning Michael Jackson and gay in the same paragraph.

    Some people here don’t like the gays at all, I think.

    But thanks for dropping by.

  • Jamie in Las Vegas

    Every time I’ve waded into an MJ discussion, I’ve emerged wishing that I hadn’t said anything. But I am friends with (and a former roommate of) the guy who ran Michael Jackson’s amusement park. He told me–long before it ever hit the press–about Lisa Marie, and the fact that Michael was dating her. They were apparently romantic for a long time before any press was ever clued in.

    It was something like three months before I ever saw anything in the news about Lisa Marie. So, I am fairly certain that the relationship was real, or at least had more to it than the “faux marriage” that many people like to claim. I can’t imagine why my friend would have told me about it months before People and Us Weekly ever had it on their radar otherwise.

    I’m gay myself, and wondered (before I had an “in”) if Michael was gay. And who knows, maybe he was? Many of us tried to go straight, right? But I do know that the MJ-Lisa Marie relationship was more than just a staged-for-the-cameras spectacle.

  • Ccede

    @emily: I understand what you are saying but artist tend to portray to the world what they want to portray. Who a person is onstage can be COMPLETELY different than who they are when they cameras stop rolling. So to say that he was sexual and thought about wanting to have sex because of the state and emotion of his songs would be inaccurate. Its artistry at its best.

  • Ccede

    @emily: Emily you really need to read his book Moonwalk. That would explain a lot of your questions you have about him. And also, why would he have someone else do HIS videos? Because he would have been afraid of expressing his sexuality? That makes no sense at all. You have to understand that just because a person is a certain way in front of the camera doesn’t make them that way 100% of the time.
    If you read his book you would come to understand that sometimes there were no motivations needed to write a song. He would write a song without thinking of any special man or woman…it would just come to him. He’s been in the industry for YEARS to be able to write a song about OTHER people’s experiences…not just his. Dirty Diana, for instance, was a written about groupies. His experiences with them and his brothers. Please read his book! lol
    Everything isn’t all black and white when it comes to him. His talent and motivations for his written work and videos supersedes anything you might think. :-)

  • Chris

    I don’t think he was gay. I think he was transgender and if he had the “balls” he would have changed to Michelle a long time ago but he did not because he did not want to disappoint his mom.

    I have been a fan of his since the beginning and I am not bashing him in anyway. I don’t think he was comfortable in his own skin and had he been a “normal” person not a superstar he would have transitioned and been happy.

  • nonny

    Thanks for the inside info, Jamie In Las Vegas! Michael and Lisa Marie did say in some interview (Diane Sawyer?) that they were dating 3 or 4 months before the press caught on. Yeah, I’ve always believed LMP when she said they had an active, normal sex life.

    It’s funny, despite Michael’s soft, vulnerable, feminine vibe, he never pinged my gaydar, lol. He always seemed like a full-on heterosexual who was terrified of adult sex with real women. Somehow, LMP broke through that… at least for a little while.

    Chris, interesting about the transgender thing. In the last years, when he started to look and dress more like a woman, I started wondering if all his surgeries were his attempt at becoming female without ACTUALLY going through the sex-reassignment surgery. He was such a complex person, I’m sure we’ll never know any of these things.

    And to those who say that his onstage persona had nothing whatsoever to do with who he was in real life, I say – no way. Artists create from the inside. His dancing would have seemed forced and wooden if he was merely doing what record execs told him to do. I truly believe that Michael was a very sexual man who (for whatever reason) was frightened and repressed, and channeled his immense sexual energy into his performing. Which is why he turned us all on in his videos and live shows.

  • emily

    Nonny…well said.

    Ccede…thanks I will have to get the book.

    Okay I think that Micheal only dressed and looked the way he did
    b/c of his father’s negative comments…I read somewhere that
    he called him “big Nose” and made fun of him b/c of his pimples. (what an ass) So it took a toll and he
    did whatever to make himself feel attractive…Makeup and plastic
    surgery. I can see that b/c when I was younger someone told me
    wow you have a hot body but an average face, too bad!!! I have
    held on to that forever and I think I’m ugly. so if you constantly hear it enough and if it comes from someone you love…I can totally see why he looked the way he did. I still thought he was attractive from Thriller to In the closet etc….

  • Swe

    @ Emily. The reason for plastic surgeries was because he had vitiligo! and his pepsi burn accident! (he generously donated the 1.5 million, compensation to burn center). Imagine what it could do to somebody so successful? He had no other choice.

  • Crystal

    No way, Michael was not gay, and he was definitely not a child molester… Look in to his eyes when he defends himself – there is no liar there…. He was the victim of rumors without humor and abuse by his father… I only wish I could have been a par tof his life to make him know how much he was loved = how handsome and sexy he really was – and to help him deal with the unkind world that he tried so hard to please, entertain and change into a better place. The man need real people with real love for him around and he could no find it anywhere… Its so sad that much his childhood he was so tortured and no one saw it or turned a blind eye b/c he was bringing in the $$… Michael gave his money away to some many worthy causes… even he money he got from Pepsi for messing him up in the fire he gave that mone to burn research. what a man….. MICHAEL YOU ARE ALL MAN… I BELIEVE IN YOU, I LOVE YOU and you are fine piece of chocholate although you lost all you outward color to vitiligo.. I know you loved your black nationality… Do you Remember the time…come on folks he related to being black. (watch the video)…. LOVE YOU MJ. you can sitteth up in the heavens now and laugh at all the vain idiots and haters who are yet to get their judgment !

  • me

    i still think he was a homosexual pedophile. so yes he was gay.

  • me

    also, whether he actually was a pedo or not aside, i don’t quite understand why a person CAN’T possibly be a pedophile simply because he happens to be widely respected for other reasons. imagine if people made such arguments about homosexuals today? “well john waters can’t possibly be a homosexual because he’s a good director! you take back that slanderous lie!” or about other things “barack obama is not a muslim. he is a good person.” (this was actually said by john mccain if you’re not aware)
    sure the act itself is deplorable, but some sympathy is also in order. pedophiles go through hell on earth because of something that is (almost) entirely out of their control. we don’t have to suppress our urges (anymore) because they don’t harm anyone. but just imagine having to do it. it’s not easy.

  • lmh320

    Psychology books will tell you the signs of child abuse in infants, toddlers, children and adolescents. If you read up on it, you will find that a signs of child abuse in an adolescent are widely ranged. One sign being a perfectionist, which Michael Jackson is described as being by many people. Another sign is being asexual. Hmmmmm…. the man wasn’t wacko after all. He was a very sensitive man that people took advantage of and poked fun at, and sadly nobody understood him until he died. Poor Michael, I love you! Thanks Joe for making your sons famous, and even more Thanks for SCREWING UP MICHAEL’S life!!!

  • me

    one thing i don’t understand though is why he had so many of the stereotypically gay behaviors (when brooke shields described her relationship to him i was constantly thinking about my own fag hag, he was a close friend of elizabeth taylor, list goes on) since he was asexual as you say. is it because he would have been gay IF he wasn’t asexual? or must an asexual behave like a homosexual?

  • TANK

    How does one behave like a homosexual? There’s no wrong way to eat a reese’s…ya douche.

    Was MJ gay? Maybe. Was he a pedo? No.

  • Marv

    I received Ian Halperin’s book in the mail. An oversized tabloid disguised as a book. I read one paragraph from one page and it had a typo in it. I read another paragraph on another page where he said Michael Jackson gave him a sexual look while he was at a pizza place with two of his children. That’s all it took. Ian Halperin is a clown. I put the book back in the packaging and returned it. Anyone that buys it and believes it may as well take out a subscription to tabloid and call it gospel.

  • TANK

    Halperin commented on the timing of the book: “I timed it because I knew around this time he was a candidate to die. I’m being totally up-front about that.”

    I hope his kids get cancer.

  • emily

    I found a great clip on u tube it’s an interview with Micheal
    by Geraldo Rivera and it was an amazing insight to the REAL Micheal
    Jackson. the interview was extremely tasteful….not going into
    the plastic surgery how can a journalist ask someone something like
    that..like I said b/f I think he was a handsome man from child
    to adult so who gives a rats ass how many surgery’s he had! He was
    so kind hearted and gave sooooo much. It’s a shame that was never
    seen. I didn’t hear about it. I think Brook Shields is a bitch.
    She needs to keep her mouth shut. Did she every think that maybe
    he was soooo shy to try anything that he just acted aloof with
    the subject??? I think that Lisa Marie Presley and him defiantly
    had sex I saw the interview with Diane Sawyer and she seems pretty
    tough I don’t think she would have put up with a no sex relationship. I think all this stems back to his good ol dad and
    you have to be perfect looked perfect etc….totally fucked his head up on his self persona.

  • nonny

    I don’t see any stereotypical gay behaviors in Michael. His “fag hags” were all child stars, and THAT was the common thread he kept looking for in close female friendships. Liza, Liz, Brooke, Lisa-Marie… all of them grew up in the spotlight. Even his early little-boy friendships were with child stars: Macaulay Culkin, Sean Lennon, Corey Feldman, Mark Lester (<– well, he was a grownup, but a former child star) etc. Michael was obviously obsessed with what he considered his abnormal childhood, and had stated over and over again that he could not relate to “everyday people”. So, what’s the stereotypical gay behavior you read from this?

    There is no proof that Michael was gay, straight, asexual or a pedophile. His sexuality remains a mystery. But as I said before, if I had to wager cash-money, I’d say he was an emotionally stunted heterosexual with low self-esteem and sexual anxiety. Does anyone remember that news item during the trial… something about a taped phone conversation in which Michael (then 32 yrs old) told a kid that he was a virgin, but dying to have sex with some woman he was hot for? Yeah, if that’s true, it seems to fit my profile of him. Poor guy. I hope he’s at peace now.

  • Sur

    Michael Jackson was unusaul in many ways and this is so confusing to many of you that the only way you can make sense of it is by making assumptions to have Michael fit into something that makes sense to your own limited knowledge as evident in your posts especially with regard to his sexuality.

    There are so many holes in many of your arguments and judgments, that many of you seem to hold onto, and say more about you than Michael. The posts that have any substance that deflate your positions are ignored. And so it goes. Despite all that we do know, many of you refuse to believe it because it doesn’t fit into your limited understanding of whatever it is that confuses you. So you spin around in circles, believing that you know what your talking about which is laughable. If you had to put your money where your mouth is you’d be broke pretty fast. Because someone enjoys the company of children does not make them a pedophile. Because someone challenges gender stereotypes does not make them gay. And, need i add, that one can be gay and sleep with women, or not. I know that’s a concept that is way too confusing for many of you. Get over it!

  • jason

    I think Michael was attracted to men more than he was to women. However, being black, Michael would have been subjected to some very intense homophobia from members of his own community. It would have led him to hiding or repressing his same-sex desires.

  • Iky

    Very well said, Sur!!!

  • nonny

    Sur, these are all just opinions. Nobody is claiming to know anything. Why all the hostility??

  • Doug

    @Jim: I don’t think you are the one to decide who should be one of us, I’d be happy to accept Michael as one of us.

  • nevergay

    i see you are struggling with pinning MJ as a gay man, i agree with the author, he was very asexual. i also admire how androgynous he was, and the strength to even maintain that!!

  • Chameo

    The stage is a completely different atmosphere than off. MJused the stage as alter ego so he did the sexual persona up there because that’s what his alter ego represented. Believe the stage is much different than any other experience, that’s why so many people want to be up there. I think MJ was asexual because he never talked about sex in any of his songs. I think that’s why he’s such an idol. He never took of his good person image.

  • demi

    leave michael alone

  • TANK

    Emily and a few others are awfully concerned about michael jackson’s actual sexual orientation (and affirming his heterosexuality)….hmmmm, I wonder why.

  • emily

    Tank: I’m thirty and when I was young I loved loved his music
    but my parents would not let me watch his videos. So when he passed I remembered I had not seen one single video so You Tube
    here I come! and Holy shit I was not prepared for the Sexiness!
    I’m not the only one…you should read the comments these woman
    are leaving…His sexuality is interesting b/c he is sex on stage.
    So one can’t help but wonder.

    Are y’all kidding about not talking about sex in his songs…ex:
    In the closet..”I want to give it to you” and Give in to me…
    and countless others.

    I totally get that you can let go on stage and become a performer
    but you put YOU in the performance.

    I think the asexual thing is crazy! I read about the taped confession where he told a boy “I am dying to have sex with a woman” Also in some videos especially Panther dance some shots
    actually looks as though he is masturbating and the finger wiggle he did looked like the obvious….(fingering a woman)
    So the man knew something about sex.

    He was a private man so I think that’s why he didn’t talk about
    his conquest.

    I just like to hear everyone’s opinions it’s interesting….

    WHAT DO Y’ALL think now??

  • Chameo

    @demi: ?? Uh okay.

  • star200064

    first of all the thing about him being castrated is bull, don’t u think they would have noticed when he was strip searched for the molestation charges. second of all he was found not GUILTY on molesting those assholes they did it for the money even the reporter that was conviced that he did it changed her mind during the trial and wrote a book (the michael jackson conspiracy) detailing how those idiots lied, hence the word NOT GUILTY, and third of all he wasn’t gay if u go and look up 1984 ebony magazine excerpt (are there any special black ladies in ur life u will see that he mentions Diana Ross that he loves her and wanted to marry her, and when she got married to arne he was so upset that he refused to go to the wedding.so all u haters out there shut the f___ up its iether ur jelous or some of u r pediphiles or some of u r gay. RIP. michael all the normal people love you and u were gorgeous even the way u looked at the press conference very sexy in dirty diana and the closet I love u.

  • blastout

    So is this kid Omer Bhatta his kid, or what?

  • Chameo

    @star200064: Okay i understood the fact that micheal jackson needs to be alone but please don’t compare us homosexuals to pedophiles. R.I.P. Micheal Jackson. <33333333333333333333

  • nayeli

    la verda lo estrtaño de maciado desde que se murio jamas pense que se moriria tan joven y guapo pero con el escandalo que acaban de abrir de el que era gay yo creo que eso no era gay por que no se parecia bay y toda via los igo amando de nmaciado

  • DeeDee

    I totally find this article sicking… Come On people…. Of ALL people if Michael Jackson was gay it would have come out in the media long before his death. This sicko wait until MJ death to proclaim that he was gay and had gay lovers proves to me this a totally sicko bastard. GET A LIFE SICKO. Also if you go on utube R & B singer Stephanie Mills admits to being MJ girlfriend in the late 70’s and early 80’s and also mentioned that MJ was ALL Man. I also believe that Brook Shields and Tatum O’Neil could probably prove this as well…. The man was not Gay he didn’t even act like a gay man (no signs at ALL) not did he moleste those boys. People like this and the media are just SICK i wish the Jackson family would start pressing charges against accusations like this.


    All these allegations about Michael Jackson are false he is not gay. Some time ago it was reported that while in Germany Michael Jackson had commented on a model the germans call “The Worlds most beautiful Woman” on a billboard that model was non other than Beaulatasha, Michael remarked that she was the most beautiful woman in the world and he wanted to met her you see Michael loved the ladies.

  • blastout

    That’s very funny, being that Beau Latasha is an internet hoax and doesn’t exist.


    @blastout: Beaulatasha (people that is funny do not want a woman this beautiful to exist lol) is real and I am only reporting on what I read. This website is amazing. Have a great day!

  • blastout

    No one has ever been able to locate a photo of this person. That is why it is a hoax. And my comment has nothing to do with whether Michael was gay, straight, or asexual. It really doesn’t matter to me what his sexuality was. He was an amazing person and will be missed. He was too good for this world.

  • Brittany

    I’d sleep with him. I’m a girl, by the way. I bet he had a huge penis.

  • MJ

    Michael was as he wished to be. He may have had issues with women whom he felt were “loose” because of all the sex he was exposed to at a young age via his brothers exploits and all the crazy females who tried to attack him in his younger years, possibly instilled fears. He probably loved the attention later on but never was able to cope with a relationship because he may have felt he could not live up to the expectations. Plus he suffered from Vitiligo which may have deferred his needs and also his surgeries were problems at times and may have caused him to feel unattractive, plus the “burn incident” did not help. He possibly experienced sex in spurts, a few times with silenced partners and at other times ignored public urges but satisfied private ones primarily alone. Michael also was supposedly very “shy”. Child molestation, secret gay rendezvous or part-time girlfriends? Who knows for sure, except Michael and a few close friends, hired hands and family members.

  • MJ

    @DeeDee: Right, but not too sure about the Tatum and Brook comment because Tatum was said to have scared him to death because she was so forward and Brook seems to have tried or maybe “hoped” to get with Mike but he just wanted her as a friend. I heard the Stephanie Mills thing too when I was a young man in high school but I don’t think that little ball of dynamite would have let Mike get away and I would have loved to see them as a couple, even married with children. I pray he did find a female companion’s mental, physical and spiritual love at some point in his life, even if only briefly.

  • Melinda Santa Cruz

    Yes he was. Michael was exactly straight. He said he was straight, he married women and I believe him. In 1980, music arranger Gene Page, (Never can say Good-bye, Daddy;s Home, etc), offered to set me up on a blind date with MJ. He said we were the same age, we were both quiet, and something about me justreminded me od Michael. He said, “I’d love to set you up. You two would get along great!” He had known Michael since he was a boy and considered him straight. The media doesn’t have enough news to report and some people just don’t have enough to do. He was straight!

  • nonny

    Omigosh, Melinda, Michael was at his absolute peak of glorious hotness in 1980. Why on earth didn’t you go on that date??

  • Jocelyn Hatfield

    I miss him alot i didn’t want him to die i wish i went to one of his concerts like the one in 2003. But i wish he was still alive so i can go i wanted to meet him and give him hugs and i can be one of his children Paris because i can call him dad,daddy, or father.

  • amber

    @emily: i agree!!

  • amber

    ok look this is the way i feel and some of you may agree and some of you may not. you can’t go around for the rest of your life believein everything that people like say. if it didn’t come out of michael’s mouth then we should just not listen to it cause it crazy. if michael was gay (which i dont think he was) it shouldn’t matter. if you are a true mj fan then you should still love him no matter what. i do! i love all the different michael’s i guess you can say. i don’t care if he has a small nose or big, i don’t care if he is black or white, and care if he had straight hair or curled hell i don’t even care if it was a wig. it still never changed his personality. i’m one of his new fans which means i didn’t know to much about him until he died and i looked up his music and of course along came the bad stuff i thought the stuff about him touching kids was stupid. he loved kids to much to do that people just wanted money which is so horrible cause i think he is the sweetest person and you just don’t do things like that. the boy from the second trial even said that he lied just so they could get money. that happened in 2005 and i think michael had both prince and paris by that time if not he just had prince. so why would he risk touching a child who could tell on him when he had his own kid(s)? cuase he wasn’t into children people and i think we know that! michael just loved kids so much cause they were the only ones who didn’t judge him in this heartless world and people think it’s wierd but everyone does stuff that another person would think is wierd. i still love michael even though i never got to meet him. if michael was gay it’s none of our business and it doesn’t matter cause he is gon now. but if he was i think he would have stayed away from all the sexual dance moves cause people would keep bringing up his sexuality but michael wasn’t gay. just because he didn’t go around talkin about who all he had sex with like many other people in this world do doesn’t mean he wasn’t. he had enough respect for those people to not tell their personal business. and all of us should have the same respect for him. just because he passed doesn’t mean we have to talk about him and spread his business around that we know nothing about. people (men) who say they have had sex with michael are sayin this stuff now because he is gone and i bet they probably got a little money for saying it too. that’s all the world is about ‘money’. that’s why michael jackson isn’t here now. people can say he is the reason he is gone but i have never known michael to be a doctor and prescribe medicine to hisself. if doctors were not so money hungry they could have told him no. i mean what was michael going to do blow the doctor up NO he was just going to go to another doctor. but michael didn’t have alot of people in his life that truely cared about him. he only had yes men who wanted to do anything to make him happy. it’s so sad. but anyways, people we need to have respect. oh yeah and another thing i understand why michael would want to leave his kids to diana. i mean after all we really didn’t know about her kids until they got older and started their careers because she kept them out of the spot light. I still don’t think michael is or was gay. if you agree feel free to say so. RIP MICHAEL

  • amber

    @Melinda Santa Cruz: omg what happened why didn’t you go on the date or did you! i’m only 15 and i’m in love with michael he has the best personality i would of killed to go on a date with him. how old where you then. please tell me

  • blastout

    Amber, you may have valid things to say but when you post it all in one huge paragraph with no breaks and no punctuation it makes it very hard to read. News flash: “Enter” on your keyboard is your friend.

  • jane

    Maybe that’s the one part of himself that people can’t have, that he wouldn’t share, that’s his, the nature of his sexuality. They took away everything else didn’t they. I say who cares.

  • iloveMJ

    i was watching his ‘come together’ performance in his movie MOONWALKER, damn he was so sexy and he knew it. there’s a part during that performance were he dances with his male guitarist, he bends over and almost touches the floor then he kicks the air and touches his crotch. oh that does it for me, it makes me wanna scream with excitement. i dnt think he was gay though, i just think he wasn’t scared 2 be as sexual as he could be on stage which other artists are scared 2 do.

  • Wendy

    LOL Michael’s sexuality. Michael liked foreplay & was a bit of a showist. He loved the audience and performing. I don’t think Michael believed in sex without passion and being in love. Michael may have viewed sex as an emotion of the mind. If there is no heat from both he himself and the woman, its more a chore than a way to find immense pleasure.

  • Shane


    Yeah, in this book he says Mike was a bottom and was so thin that his lover was affraid of break him…

  • Elle

    The man left us AWESOME music!!! Who cares who he slept with! Everything else has been stolen from his life….Let him rest in peace!!

  • honestjoey

    Mj was a king. Kings with penises have vaginas thrown at them at all times. Do not believe for a second mj did not enjoy all the sex that was coming to him with whomever. Power fame and money will always afford you all the genital pleasure you can handle.

  • Jennyfromtheblock

    MJ no doubt had vaginas thrown at him, that doesn’t mean he was, let’s say, easy with just any or all vaginas. I believe it has been well documented that he was, infact, a very shy person off stage. To even quote, “childlike”. So even though, I too, believe he was straight, I also believe he was ‘old fashion’ and that was probably instilled in him by his mother and the JW. Just because you are out there for the world to consume, remember that he was very protected or surrounded by his enablers! His family couldn’t even get at him that easy. And his managers knew he was the golden goose who laid their golden eggs, so protected he was. In conclusion, I believe he did enjoy his sex when he had the chance too…most likely one being Lisa Marie, but I also believe was not available as much as you want to think for this ‘free for all’ genital pleasure. This is just my humble opinion.

  • Jennyfromtheblock

    @honestjoey: MJ no doubt had vaginas thrown at him, that doesn’t mean he was, let’s say, easy with just any or all vaginas. I believe it has been well documented that he was, infact, a very shy person off stage. To even quote, “childlike”. So even though, I too, believe he was straight, I also believe he was ‘old fashion’ and that was probably instilled in him by his mother and the JW. Just because you are out there for the world to consume, remember that he was very protected or surrounded by his enablers! His family couldn’t even get at him that easy. And his managers knew he was the golden goose who laid their golden eggs, so protected he was. In conclusion, I believe he did enjoy his sex when he had the chance too…most likely one being Lisa Marie, but I also believe was not available as much as you want to think for this ‘free for all’ genital pleasure. This is just my humble opinion.

  • Jennyfromtheblock

    Hi SoCalGal~
    Thank you SO much for these interview links on YouTube about the interview with Corey Rooney and Chris Apostle, two Sony producers, who knew Michael well.
    Amazing! I’m not surprised at all about how they felt about him. From one spirit to another and with hearts wide open, one just knows already.
    God bless them, and God bless you!

  • Jennyfromtheblock

    @SoCalGal: Hi SoCalGal~
    Thank you SO much for these interview links on YouTube about the interview with Corey Rooney and Chris Apostle, two Sony producers, who knew Michael well.
    Amazing! I’m not surprised at all about how they felt about him. From one spirit to another and with hearts wide open, one just knows already.
    God bless them, and God bless you!

  • Jennyfromtheblock

    @SoCalGal: Thank you! I joined!

  • Anonim

    For all:
    Asexual means “you don’t experience sexual attraction”.
    That’s all. That means you don’t go round on the street or wherever, see a person and think “oh, I wanna engegage in sexual actions with them”…..that’s all.

    So to speak, an asexual can act sexual on stage,dancing, singing, writing,…whatever….can even watch porn…etc…they can do everything a sexual person can do. They have every ability…they even have the ability to enjoy sexual things…o_o
    They just don’t experience sexual attraction means they will not be the ones in a relationship saying “let’s do it”, they’d rather be asked.

    Oh, and there are also “demi-sexuals”, who only experience sexual attraction when in love, in relationship etc….all other people leave them totally cold (in sexual ways).

    And the reason for him singing “girl” all the time…well, he actually talked like this when not interviewed but like when he was talking with a female friend, he would always say “blablabla…girrrl”. (There’s a private phone conversation he had with a female friend on youtube, he constantly says “girl” while talking to her).

    I don’t know what he was or what…..I always thought he was asexual or at least demi-sexual….

  • Ricardovitz

    Hell, everyone knows that boy was a queer. He done slept with little boys – that makes him a queer. Michael Jackson was as queers as they come – faggot to the core. He dressed like a woman, had surgery to make himself look like a woman and why? Cuz he wanted little boys to love him like a woman.

    That thar’s the definition of a HOMOSEXUAL!

  • SoCalGal

    Ricardovitz, you sound like a pathetic excuse for a man yourself. Ugh.

  • MJLover

    Maybe Michael masturbated. He couldn’t trust anyone and didn’t want women trying to get pregnant by him so he would be bothered with those stories. Anyone that had sex with him would blab anyway, so he figured why bother, I’ll just use my hand.

  • undercover3011

    “Jackson never clued us in that he was neither straight or gay”

    …thats not true. He said that he was not gay in an interview.

  • Luvo

    That Ricardovits pig sure sounds like joe to me-but honestly is this how we pay MJ back?What if he’s kids read this?Lets take a deep breath and pull our dirty minds out of a dead man’s pants.That bottom comment from Shane was lower than Joe Jackson himself

  • Lucorren

    Luvo you are straight on the money.But mj was one fine piece of meat,he oozed class,glamour throughout his trials and tribulations,yes lately he did seem more like Michelle than Michael,but big deal,just shows you how comfortable he was in his own sexuality.Whats next,is Obama gay?Is Hillary taking hormones to be more of a man?I never knew the gay community was so short of recruits that now they are recruiting the dead!SHAMEFULL to the memory of such a gentle soul,gifted perfomer,loving father,soulfull humanitarian

  • Ricardovitz

    I ain’t got no problem callin that Michael Jackson a queer. He was what he was. That dead-beat, child molesting queer never did a dern thing for me. I don’t owe him nothing and he don’t owe me nothing.

    Fact – Michael Jackson was a drug addict.
    Fact – Michael Jackson died due to his drug addiction.
    Fact – Michael Jackson was a dead-beat…didn’t pay his debts.
    Fact – Michael Jackson molested young boys.
    Fact – that makes Michael Jackson a queer and a pedophile.
    Fact – Michael Jackson got paid for singing and dancing, Luvo. He got paid lots of money for it. I never cared for his singing and dancing much, but that don’t make no nevermind. Ain’t nobody owe Michael Jackson nothing for what he done got paid for.

    Stop getting your panties all in a wad because I tell it just like it is. Michael Jackson wasn’t no Mesiah – he was a drug-addicted, perverted, queer loser.

  • Jennyfromtheblock

    You know, that Ricardovitz sure knows a lot about gays and pedophilia. An expert, I’d say. Suffering from his own pitiful self-image and desires. LMAO!

    Rest in peace sweet Michael. The real losers like Ricardovitz are still here with us unfortuately…PUCK!

  • Jennyfromtheblock

    To get beyond the retarded sourpuss Ricardovitz on here (who’s life no one will remember), I’d like to share this comment from another musician that I admire on the day of MJ’s burial.

    “I truly hope he is memorialized as the ’83 moonwalking, MTV owning, mesmerizing, unstoppable, invincible Michael Jackson.”
    –John Mayer

    I agree wholeheartedly John!
    RIP angel

  • Rachel

    I disagree. I think calling anyone “asexual” who made probably several Billion off of selling sexuality to people is asexual. Just because MJ didn’t advertise his sexual preferences like half of celebrities these days in no way indicates he had none, not to me.

    I was linked here reading about that idiot assemblyman who yapped about his sex life and ruined his career. I still don’t see why people care so much either way. I have so many bigger issues in my life than whether or not Michael Jackson liked his Kielbasa in the backdoor….. I wish I could see such interest in the national healthcare system or education as I do in one man who made some music.

    If we as a society could step back and figure out WHY we worship celebrities so much, and whether or not that is actually healthy….. if there was even a fraction of the time devoted to discussing their sex lives spent on each person being introspective and thinking about THEIR OWN problems and issues, the world would be a much nicer place.

    You guys might all be waiting for the book.. but this is just yesterdays news in my mind.

    Who CARES if he was gay!?

  • vikingspirit

    I know virtually nothing about the philosophy behind Jehovah’s Witness practices, but certainly many religious groups are intolerant of any kind of sexuality that strays from “the norm”, and perhaps when Michael left the family and found his own path, there was more to it than just seeking musical independence. It may also be possible that his childhood indoctrination to the family religion left him with a sense of shame as he grew older and knew that he was different (and he certainly was); if you live in shame about who you are, that’s a problem.

    In my humble opinion the most plausible explanation is that he was bisexual or transgender, enjoyed sex as much as anyone else (maybe even more since sex was a way out of isolation and loneliness and boredom, however fleeting), and would probably indulge in whatever form presented itself at a propitious moment and got his juices going sufficiently to overcome the risk. And every time one of those encounters happened, he ran the risk of encountering a person attracted only to his money and fame, a user, a phony, a groupie, someone who’d go running to the nearest tabloid piece of [email protected]#t with the photos of them in bed. How many human beings could he really trust? Very few, and we’re seeing the evidence in the media right now. Seems like everyone who has ever had an axe to grind is popping out of their garbage cans, and the tabloids are eating it up and trying to assassinate his character all over again. It’s pathetic. Sadly the prescription drug addiction thing is going to be really ugly, and the doctors who are indicted (if any) are going to fight back publicly.

    To some extent, it’s OUR fault – we do love our icons and idols, and we expect them to give their all, and many do. Some we create out of thin air, some really are exceptionally talented. One day we love them, can’t get enough, hang on every word… the next day they’re old news. We want mystery, excitement, mystery, glamour, mystery, something that touches us in deep & meaningful places. We think they have something we don’t have, that undefinable something that separates them from the common folk. The one thing that the truly fascinating performers have in common, the ones that you cannot take your eyes off of when they’re on stage or on screen, is that they innately understand how to use their sexual energy. This transcends physical beauty, transcends talent, transcends age and gender and race. Doesn’t matter if they are gay, straight, bisexual, repressed, frustrated or deviant in expressing their sexuality – it’s all about energy. Michael Jackson had this quality big-time. There is no possible doubt that he had incredible sexual energy when he performed. But offstage it seemed he would mask it, tamp the fires down, become the “good Michael” seeking universal love and approval, even speak in a different tone of voice, but also still wanting his chance to be “bad” and “dangerous”. Quincy Jones said he felt that all of MJ’s songs were in some way autobiographical – if so, seems reasonable to think there could be many tantalizing clues in his music about who MJ thought he was. (Should we “keep it in the closet”? hehehe)

    There always seemed a duality about MJ in all aspects of his life, a conflict he could never quite resolve, the saint/sinner thing, wanting to be all things to all people but also reckless and wild and gleefully wicked and crotch-grabbing.. Some part of him wanted desperately to flee into the “normal” world of marriage and children, but applying normalcy to the kind of life his worldwide fame forced him to lead seems an improbable thing. Cybill Shepard recently spoke about her ex-lover Elvis Presley and MJ, and said that “fame at that level was simply not survivable”. Michael Jackson was a very complex, complicated, driven, conflicted, and ultimately human artist whose talent never satisfied the hunger within him. His sexuality, whatever aspect it took, was a big part of what made him an incredible performer, and I agree that it doesn’t matter how you define him now. Nobody can quite pin him down no matter how they try, and this may be his ultimate revenge on all of us.

  • Ricardovitz

    Jehovah’s Witness And Sex.

    I’m gonna impart some infomation on y’all ’bout Jehovah’s Witnes and Sex. I knew one of these here JW gals once. And, I didn’t give a dern fer her “cain’t do that” and “cain’t do that” lifestyle. But, she’d hump a man like a rabbid dog in heat!! She din’t do no drugs nor drink no liquor. Nosiree – don’t even go thar with her.

    All you got to do with that gal was git her talkin ’bout religious stuff. Got her hotter than a Florida muck fire and her panties as damp as hot summer dew. Ya jest teller her what to do, like ya mean it, and she’ll do it.

    Baby steps. I tell her to “get them stinky went panties off you sinfull vixon”. and “come ‘oer hear and I’m a gonna spank you cuz you need thar Devil spanked outa you….”

    Ummmmhummm. She was a good ‘ole gal with a good heart and a raging fire down below.

  • Hobbes2718


    The truth is if someone molested a parents children they would wind up dead…and it would be temporary insanity..
    Even if however, they didn’t react that way, WHY THEY WOULD ACCEPT MONEY???……..WTF????
    IF YOUR CHILD WAS RAPED YOU AREN’T GONNA ACCEPT MONEY,MONEY DOESN’T FIX YOUR CHILD’S MIND…it does however fix the hole in a parents pocket…
    To me,it’s a little too convenient that money somehow made the problem all better…

  • Ricardovitz

    Them kind of folks who’d let thar childs romp ’round on Michael Jackson’s Kiddy-Diddling Ranch are EXACTLY the kind of parents who’d whore thar child out fer the biggest buck. What thar hell do ya think we are dealin with here, folks?

    Sick, twisted money-whores are attracted to sick twisted drug-guzzling Kiddy-Diddling Pedophiles. Y’all been living some real sheltered lives. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE STINK COMING FROM MICHAEL JACKSON. He wern’t no good. Jest ‘nother bad man who’s dead.

  • Jennyfromtheblock

    Have any of you notice that RICARDOVITZ keeps coming on this page and expressing his red-neck words about Michael? Don’t you find that amusing? Like I said before, RICARDOVITZ is only expressing his own pent up feelings about children and is definitely the pedophile on here. Let’s feel sorry for him, he obviously has no life other than coming on here and pointing the finger at Michael when he knows he should be pointing it at himself, that is, when he’s not pointing it at children. lol

    The no-brainers like RICARDOVITZ and the mainstream media and its bias news is what killed Michael.

    We love you hon, you’re away from these real pedophiles! :)

  • Ricardovitz

    Little lady, I dern’t kill no Michael Jackson. News Reporters dern’t kill no Michael Jackson. He done killed himself. Why, little lady, do folks want to blame Michael’s death on everyone but the one idiot who done killed him – HIMSELF! Michael done hired him his own dope-dealer-doctor to give him all the drugs he wanted. All Michael had to do was pitch a hissy fit like a li’ll child.

    Good riddance to Michael – Darwin done took care of him real good. Kiddy-diddlin dope fiends like Michael Jackson is better off takin the big long dirt nap.

  • Jennyfromtheblock

    Hi all of you who love Michael and adore his memory,

    I refuse to come on here again and listen to an uneducated, small-minded baboon such as RICARDOVITZ. I’m unsubscribing. No one can get through to this dumbass, and all he wants is attention else he wouldn’t keep coming back with his asinine garbage. Why God allows someone like RICARDOVITZ to live and breathe is beyond me!

    Eat shit RICARDOVITZ and die!

    I’m outta here~

    Love to all of Michael’s fans, be well and prosper!

    Fade out…

  • Lady Robyn

    I’ve always believed that he was asexual. But other than that who really cares. He was a wonderful human being who will TRULY be missed. He was indeed 1 of the best of us!

  • Ricardovitz

    Little Lady,

    Eatin “shit” is only somethin that queer-folk like Michael Jackson does. I bet he done ate his share of shit, girl. Yessiree, he did and you know it.

    But, anywhoo – I’m healthy. I eat right and live right. I’m a God fearing moral person. I treat folks good, and do my ernest to be truthful at all times. I’m gonna live a right long life, so don’t you fret none ’bout that.

    So, tar answer yer question, I ain’t dyin, and I ain’t eat’n no fecal matter. If you unsubscribe, I reckon yer jest too wrong on the facts to argue with me, and too weak in the morals to take a man like me on. May God have mercy on your soul and peace to all.

  • Katie

    Oh the mystery and allure of Michael Jackson. Well, he did something right because good, bad or indifferent, we can’t stop talking about him and everyone has an opinion. I find him fascinating. Can’t seem to get enough of him, everything out of this man was pure sex and sensual (that finger thing, lord have mercy!). The guy was HOT! His childhood tragic, makes me sick to my stomach really, the way he was forced to be on stage, 5 years old, under abuse, like a damn circus animal. The nonsense of the trials, total BS (i’m convinced as I’m an attorney had read all the trial transcripts). But, what he gave us, what he left us, we should all be so thankful. What a talent. That man, nothing but pure sex…everything about him..he was liquid gold on stage. Just watching some of his old videos, I’m either up out of my chair, music cranked up, dancin’ my ass off or moved to tears with Man in the Mirror, Don’t Walk Away, What More Can I Give, etc… I don’t think (again we don’t know) that he was gay, not that it mattered. If you read the Rolling Stone interview with Lisa Marie, she said he was just a normal guy, deep voice, was funny, drank, swore, etc…not the man on he we ‘knew’. They continued to see each other through 1998, even after the divorce and she was really messed up for a good couple years after they divorced. She has also very angry, wrote some pretty tough songs about him. If it was ‘fake’, there would be no pain at all..you just walk away and remain friends. I doubt she’d say all this if it wasn’t true, she certainly didn’t need the publicity or exposure. I would imagine they were ‘screwin’ all the time..HA! I think he would have been just a very interesting person to sit down and talk to, like..”dude, Mike…how do you even get through one day of your life”..ya know. He was an avid reader, self taught, very smart, studied everything; history, religion, ideology, art, psychology, think he was bilingual, traveled around the world like 8 times, meet anyone – everyone with any type of influence (royalty, presidents, kings, queens, rich, poor). But, yet was private…so he kept all of us guessing about his sexuality. I don’t find him weird at all. But feel deeply saddened that he’s life ended like this. So loved by many and used? by most.

  • Lady Robyn

    Hey Richardovitz: I guess it would take a “shit-eater” to know another “shit-eater”, now wouldn’t it? Ergo, you told on yourself. The rest of your spew wasn’t even worth my time to read. I guess you don’t need me to tell you where you can go & what you can do. Goodbye.

  • denise

    The idea of a bunch of strangers, people who didn’t even know Michael personally but just making assumptions based on what they’ve read in books or magazines, is just absurd and ridiculous. Unless you went to bed with him, how would you know if he was gay, straight, asexual or whatever? Most people are afforded the courtesy of their sex life being private. There’s plenty of evidence that he had a red-blooded interest in women, if nothing else, the porn they found when they raided Neverland was all girlie magazines. Most men don’t buy those mags unless they have at least some sexual interest in…well, women. There was also a secret girlfriend, “S,” whom he mentions in his taped phone conversatiions, with whom he had a very passionate fling. Not to mention Lisa-Marie said they had very hot sex. And he and Debbie Rowe both maintained that their two children were conceived naturally; neither of them ever deviated on that story.

    I do think he had some obvious issues when it came to sex and most likely it was the result of some childhood trauma, as others have speculated. But let’s not emasculate him here. To assume that Michael Jackson in the prime of his life, a grown man with all the same biological makings as the rest of us, was this asexual being with no interest in sex whatsoever, is just absurd and naive.

  • Jenna


    You’re absolutely right! How can I get in touch with you? Would like to ask you a question if I may.

    Thanks~ Jenna

  • Lady Robyn

    Denise to sit up there & think that he was 100% straight & hypersexual as you make him out to be is just a plain product of your very own fantasies, which are ergo naive & teenaged– as w/ every woman (& man) who has ever dreamed of going to bed w/ him. Is it not possible that people lie? He said that all the time… hell, Dr. Greg House is famous for his quote: “Everybody Lies”. The press lies, family, friends, & lovers can lie, hell even Michael could lie himself. It may seem wrong, but it’s human to do so. It’s human to have sex & it’s also human to abstain. (You’re knowledge, or lack there of of asexuality is limited, to say the least. A present: http://www.asexuality.org/home/

    You’ve said it yourself “unless you’ve been to bed w/ him, how do you know? Then let me be the 1st to throw your owns words back to you: How do YOU know that he did? Did YOU go to bed w/ him @ anytime before 6/25/09. (I’m going to take a shot in the dark & say, “No.”)

    Did you ever think that the porn (if there was any) could’ve belonged to some1 else? Other people lived @ Neverland, like his staff, friends, guest, etc. & As for Lisa Marie’s claims of “hot sex”, maybe yes & maybe no. Maybe yes they did & maybe no they didn’t. Don’t you think that it’s mighty odd that when the subject of sex came up, it was always LISA who opened up her mouth & not Michael himself? It was almost like she was vouching for him. He always said, “I’m a gentlemen”, but really would you want your wife to spill her guts about your martial business? To some, it always looked like, she was just saying things to bolster up a “manly” image for Michael.

    But to me, he didn’t need it. I always loved him for who he was as a person & the principles that he stood for. 1 thing that I loved about him so much was the idea that he was very shy about sex. We live in a world where people are so quick to jump out of their clothes when some1 says “BOO!” But Michael wasn’t 1 of them. Whatever he was, gay, straight, bi, or even asexual, it was no1’s business but his own. Not the press, not mine, & definitely not yours. I will part on this note: If he “got some”, then good for him. If he didn’t then that’s okay, too. Either way, we will never know, because we were never meant to. Those secrets are forever locked away in a crypt in downtown L.A., so basically, believe what you want.

    Let us try to remember him they way he was meant to be remembered: as a talented entertainer & a wonderful human being, for THAT is what is truly important… not the rumors of his sheets.

  • Everly

    To reinforce what you were trying to accomplish here and bring to the surface was the very words out of Michael’s mouth to a friend whom he had known for a very long time (and for whom he obviously trusted and didn’t know her husband was recording the conversations). The very tapes that were submitted as evidence in the 2005 trial, which, in itself, was proof of their validity.
    Denise was only trying to put to rest all the floating rumors people are always spreading and find so important that have hounded Michael all of his life. It was unquestionably Michael on those phone recordings because of the personal subject matter, the orientation he made of family and others, things going on in his life, his show dates, people in other countries, his loves, and most importantly a ‘VOICE’ that is instantly recognizable as HIS OWN. And before you slam me, I heard those tapes! So did Michael lie to his friend on the phone, he could have, but if you heard the tapes, you would know early on he was not. And I guess that just comes from God given logic and a good sense and dose of reality. They were extremely inscriptive conversations over a period of time. Yes, this is my opinion, but an opinion that was believable for the jury in the 2005 trial.
    I have never met Michael, I have never slept with him, but I do know MJs clearly identifiable voice and the things he shared on that phone was things you would only share with a very trusted friend, what I would share with a very trusted friend myself. And again, this only proved that Michael really had few people he COULD trust. But thank God for the tapes, they played a pivotal role with those lying tongues in that despicable molestation trial.
    Out of the light of the mainstream media and tabloids, yes, he was speaking in the terms of his desires for women, intimacy and relationships in general. And before anyone pounces on this, I didn’t really feel right about listening to those tapes, but curiosity won out, and I wanted to hear it from Michael’s own mouth because I was sick of all the damn rumors that have plagued him and that low life’s have found so scrumptious!
    His sexual inclination was the main one, along with this crazy disgusting fixation that he was into little boys. The very rumors that this man fought to clarify and for which overshadowed him since 1993, was put to rest in those tapes. But, as we all know, not in the minds of some of the foul public. Hell, you could say a ham sandwich molested the cheese on it, and people would jump to believe it. And it would be up to the ham to prove it’s innocence, not the other way around which it should be. Yet again, the product of so many sick minds.
    Yes, he was one of the GREATS, absolutely, and his legacy should be just that and not about his sexual preference or the Santa Barbara’s DA that’s maliousous intent to bring him down over the two attempts of extortion for which will forever hang over Michael Jackson. BUT, that is not the legacy most want to remember, it was the very things Denise was referring to. How sad.
    It appears Denise’s attempt in her post was only to dispel all of the ‘judgment’ placed on this man in this thread only, not what he should be remember for. It appears so many do not want to remember him for his genius.
    Why society is always on the bandwagon about MJs sexual innuendo, the molestation for which the evidence acquitted him, and whatever he wanted to do to change his physical body (which is the right of any human being including all of you) is mind-boggling!
    Bottom line, we live in a SICK society, a SICK nation. The whole world knows this, excluding England, who is as SICK as we are! We are for the most part, silly and place little importance on the things we should be like the environment, poverty and crime. Yet, the importance that is put on fame, tabloid junkies, sensationalism to sell crappy papers and magazines, is destroying us. If any of you had to live in Michael’s shoes after the shit he had to endure, not a damn one of you would want to do it. He suffered mentally, emotionally and physically by all who wanted to tar and feather him. Hell, with the scrutiny he was put under, I would have drowned in drugs as well!!!
    Yes, Michael was one of the GREATS, and his talent, in which God gave him, few will ever process which is why the ones on here and elsewhere want to crucify him. They WISH they had the talent you had in one single strand of hair! It is also important for the people who do respect him, love him, and believe in him, to continue to honor him and spread his love, and maybe, just maybe, one day society WILL know the true heart of this man and stop all this meaningless tittle-tattle.
    Rest in peace Michael, you gave your all to this world; and many want to spit on you even now. You have left these sick and corrupt bashers behind. They’re losers! Spread your ‘MAGIC’ in the Heavens where they cannot touch you anymore.
    Love you babe!

  • Everly

    I just have to interject here with what LADY ROBYN said. How ironic that she dare to preach to Denise about all the innuendos’ about Michael by saying they are clearly not known to anyone but to Michael himself and they have been laid to rest with him. Yet, in the same breath, she can pass her own judgment and belief onto others about him. (Case in point, I copied her paragraph below)

    Quote. “Don’t you think that it’s mighty odd that when the subject of sex came up, it was always LISA who opened up her mouth & not Michael himself? It was almost like she was vouching for him. He always said, “I’m a gentlemen”, but really would you want your wife to spill her guts about your martial business? To some, it always looked like, she was just saying things to bolster up a “manly” image for Michael.” Unquote.

    Wouldn’t you call that an opinion and pure speculation on LADY ROBYN’S part? She’s dissecting LISA here with her own projections of what LISA said. Does she personally know LISA to justify what she wrote? I will go out on a limb here and say NO. So what she is basically accusing Denise of, she is doing herself. Here’s the definition of double standards: A set of principles permitting greater opportunity or liberty to one than to another.

    Your rebuttal really takes the validity out of the rest of your post. I don’t think preaching is your forte. Enough said.

    Rest in peace Michael, you were the GREATEST!

  • AllyCat

    I just have to interject here with what LADY ROBYN said. How ironic that she dare to preach to Denise about all the innuendos’ about Michael by saying they are clearly not known to anyone but to Michael himself and they have been laid to rest with him. Yet, in the same breath, she can pass her own judgment and belief onto others about him (case in point, I copied a paragraph from her post below)

    Quote. “Don’t you think that it’s mighty odd that when the subject of sex came up, it was always LISA who opened up her mouth & not Michael himself? It was almost like she was vouching for him. He always said, “I’m a gentlemen”, but really would you want your wife to spill her guts about your martial business? To some, it always looked like, she was just saying things to bolster up a “manly” image for Michael.” Unquote.

    Wouldn’t you all call that an opinion and pure speculation on LADY ROBYN’S part? She’s dissecting LISA here with her own projections of what LISA said. Does she personally know LISA to justify what she wrote? I will go out on a limb here and say NO. So what she is basically accusing Denise of, she is doing herself. Here’s the definition of double standards: A set of principles permitting greater opportunity or liberty to one than to another.

    Your rebuttal really takes the validity out of the rest of your post. I don’t think preaching is your forte. Enough said.

    Rest in peace Michael, you were the GREATEST!

  • AllyCat

    Just for the ‘RECORD’, Everly is my name — AllyCat is my alias. I thought my first comment didn’t post because it didn’t show up the first time, but I see it finally did. Sorry for the double posting folks.

    Michael, I love you more~

  • Lady Robyn

    It never ceases to amaze me just how simple people can be toward Michael Jackson. Why is it so important that every1 wants to dissect every little detail about this man’s personal life when he was alive but especially now that he is no longer here to defend himself. If you Emily, Denise & every1 else truly were a fans of MJ you would be reminded of what he said during his interview w/ Oprah back in 1993: “If I had a chance to talk w/ Micheangelo, I would want to know what inspired to do the things that he did, to make the creations that he made, not who he dated & who he went to bed w/.” But you continue to go against that. To him the sex life of individuals was a private matter. But you all are taking what YOU THINK is his personal business & put it out in the street. In the continual “selling of Michael Jackson” there are going to be people who are going to come out of the woodwork with “untold secrets”. But after awhile it gets sickening. I’d rather let the man rest. If you were truly fans of his, you’d let go of this “round-robin”, (heh) & again appreciate him for his musical artistry & the person that he was. Who cares who he did or didn’t sleep w/? It’s none of your business, Denise, Emily & any1 would else. You’ll ever know what he was like, because you weren’t meant to. Quit the speculation & listen to his music & watch his videos, for that is where he will truly live for ever. Long Live The King. Long May He Reign & Long May He Rock!

  • AllyCat

    Lady Robyn, I agree whole-heartedly with everything you said about Michael’s legend and the God given talents he had and left us all to enjoy. As well, I agree that his sex life was his business and his alone. What I have a problem with is your telling others that they shouldn’t speculate about his sexual orientation when you did the very same thing in an earlier post.

    You wrote that you thought him to be asexual. So? Others were just forking their opinions out like you were. Why did you jump on their bandwagon? If it were such a big deal for you to respect his privacy, then don’t do it. It’s the pot calling the kettle black.

    And here you go again with another quote: “Don’t you think that it’s mighty odd that when the subject of sex came up, it was always LISA who opened up her mouth & not Michael himself? It was almost like she was vouching for him. He always said, “I’m a gentlemen”, but really would you want your wife to spill her guts about your martial business? To some, it always looked like; she was just saying things to bolster up a “manly” image for Michael.”

    That is TOTAL speculation on your part. You’re assuming Lisa didn’t mean what she said. Unless you know LISA and know she didn’t mean that…then it’s pure conjecture. Who cares if other people thought she was bolstering up a “manly” image, what others think is NOT fact. The Diane Sawyer interview was what it was, just like the Oprah interview was what it was. All the viewers know is what they heard and nothing more.

    I don’t know about anyone else on here, but I find using the words ‘simple people’ as very demeaning. If you meant ‘simple minded’ that’s debasing too, and you’ve insulted many on this thread, including myself. There are others ways to feed an overweening ego than to insult other people. I realize that there is one person, in particular, on here that is very brutal when it comes to Michael, but my feedback is only about “assumptions people are having on his sexual preference” and nothing more, which again, I feel is nobody’s business.

    I’m not here to get into some long drawn out war of words with you, I just want you to realize what you are saying, and to practice what you preach. I don’t know you, but you sound like someone who loves and admires Michael Jackson very much.

    I love Michael Jackson too and I’ve been a fan since the early 1970’s, so let’s DO remember him as the GREATEST ARTIST of our time and as far as I’m concerned, the GREATEST ARTIST EVER!

    ~God bless you Michael~

  • Ricardovitz

    Little Lady, I done told you I eat right. Eat’n right dern’t include no “shit-eaten” – is that too hard fer yer li’ll head to ponder on? Shit-eaten is what queer-folk like Michael Jackson does.

    Most regular folks know that thar anus is a one-way design. It ain’t made ta have nothin stuck up in it. But, them queer-folk like that Jackson boy, and some gals who been daddy-raped, they’s somethin wrong with them. These here folks got thar sexual compass all broke up. They’s playin with 1/2 a deck – think they call ’em sexual retards….or sextards.

  • Lady Robyn

    In your zeal to continually (& pathetically I might add) get in the last word & to heighten your over inflated “ego”, & whatever little cleverness, you seem to THINK that you have, you keep making an utter fool of yourself. Altho I am a “Little Lady” to those who love me, I am definitely not yours. Please do not refer to me as such, for you have in no way, shape, fashion, or form EARNED the right to be this familiar. I also have no idea why you are still talking to me, for I no longer wish to correspond w/ some1 of the likes of you & your ilk. In fact, w/ the exception of the “little lady” part, I didn’t even read the rest of your response. Sorry for your WASTED efforts.

    Should you have some desperate need to get in the last word, you may do so. I on the other hand will not be writing back because I have more important things to do, & YOU certainly are not 1 of them. I have said my piece on this subject & in intend to let MJ rest. You, however, who seem to be SO obsessed w/ the sex life of a man who NEVER KNEW YOU (praise Jesus) & who has been dead for almost 5 months, clearly shows that YOU are the 1 w/ the problem & that YOU are the 1 who must be suffering from the pangs of unsatisfied & unrequited “MJ Lust”.

    You may now return to your diarrhea soup. (& Would you PLEASE, Ricardovitz, for the love of criminey, take a napkin & wipe the loose bowels, from your even looser saggy jowls!) Bon Appetit!

    I’m out.
    — Robyn

  • Kathy

    Michael Jackson was indeed addicted to drugs and he admitted that! He was not Gay nor was he a pedofile and I can’t believe how people judge him so harshly. I had no idea God died and left them in charge to be judge!

  • Ricardovitz

    Well, gal, I dern’t mean no disrespect to ya. If’n I knew you’d get all riled up and plumb crazy over bein called “Little Lady”,I’d done treated you with tender kidd gloves.

    I reckon some folks, they can go round judgin folks, callin them “obsessed” claimin folks got “MJ Lust”, tellin folks they is “shit-eaters” and got “loose bowles on thar saggy jowls”, but if’n anyone refer to them as “Little Lady”, they jest break down, go plumb crazy and cry like a madwoman. I guess that’s what them drug-guzzlin liberals call “political correct”.

    So, gal, I’m gonna forgive you, since thats just the kind a person I am. Since you ain’t molested little boys like that thar Michael Jackson did, nor done no evil nevermind that I know nothin of, thar ain’t no reason fer me to get all sassy with ya – specially if it’s so upsettin to ya. I ain’t one to make fair gals cry – that’s just plain sinnful.

  • Daisy

    I don’t think Michael Jackson is gay because in a song called bad he made it sounds like gay i don’t know why but he looks like a women and he moves his front butt alot it almost made me want to vomit but michael jackson is so funny i hope you live again Michael Jackson because you use to be a jehovah witness and iam a jehovah witness too so i hope you are alive again please i want to see you in personso i will see you in paradise Bye.

  • Daisy

    Michael Jackson is not gay to me any ways iam so right i serch on web and he is not gay at all so Michael Jackson Rest In Peace i will see you in paradise bye.

  • Lady Robyn

    People write music not just for themselves but for the public @ large. There have been many gay artist who wrote songs for women, but were thinking of their male lovers @ the time. … Oh & about “paradise” thing… heh, not if I get to him 1st.

  • Ricardovitz

    That’s right – Michael Jackson is as queer as they come. He’s a certofied homosexual. Ain’t no debatin that. Men who sleep with and diddle lill boys – they’s homosexuals. Michael Jackson, he’s a homosexual and a pedophile.

    But, y’all keep on praising thar kiddy-diddler. Dern’t worry none ’bout them li’ll kids whos lives are all messed up. Poor, poor Michael – had evarythang he evar wanted, and still couldn’t leave li’ll boys alone.

  • Ricardovitz

    Jest so’s I dern’t have ta listen to Jackson-mollestation deniers call me a liar, here’s jest one fact fer ya:

    “On September 3, 2004, “Dateline NBC” correspondent Josh Mankiewicz investigated allegations that more than one boy accused Michael Jackson of abuse in 1993, and how the case has been kept quiet until now. “Dateline NBC” learned what evidence authorities had against Michael Jackson, as well as details about the civil case against him that have remained sealed in the basement of the Los Angeles county courthouse for more than a decade. Jackson’s accuser swore in a declaration filed in the civil suit against Jackson:

    “Michael Jackson masturbated me many times both with his hand and with his mouth. Michael Jackson told me that I should not tell anyone what happened. He said this was a secret.”

  • Lady Robyn

    Has any1 else wondered why this Ricardovitz guy has been obsessing over the sex life of a man who’s been dead for almost 5 months? Pretty strange…

  • Ricardovitz

    “Has any1 else wondered why this Ricardovitz guy has been obsessing over the sex life of a man who’s been dead for almost 5 months? Pretty strange…”

    The only person obsessed ’round here seems ta be you, Lady. You already done said ya weren’t talkin to me no more. And I’m good with that – done appologized and all to ya and planned not ta git ya all cross-wised again.

    But, now here ya go again. Sayin I’m obsessed with the sex life of a dead man, and you know that ain’t so. I wanna make sure while y’all is yipp’n and yapp’n bout how much you love this here Michael Jackson…that you know you is lovin someone who sides with thar Devil by sleepin with and molestin li’ll boys, by imbibin in thar Devil Elixirs, and by treatin people cruely. So, Lady, you keep on turnin a blind eye to evil and love and celebrate your Devil. I’m a sure Satan loves you too.

  • Lau

    GAY? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA ARE YOU SERIOUS? You know Michael came to P Diddy’s party just to see and dance with Beyonce. I don’t think you need any more proof than what the blunt and outspoken Lisa Marie said…she said he was hot and passionate in bed…that he liked her to wear jewelery when they had sex…and liked to do role playing…but who played which roles wasn’t elaborated on. Don’t even get me started on The Gold Pants, either. Sexiness personified. Have you seen his crotch IN the Golden Decadence of the Golden Pants?!! He very clearly has a hard on throughout most of his HIStory, and that’s because he told us himself…he said he is most comfortable on stage, a different person on stage, that he would sleep on stage if he could. Also, why the hard on? probably because thousands upon thousands of women are screaming for him while the tempo of the music pumps through his veins.

    Michael liked women. He was very shy. But once he was role playing in the bedroom, I think he felt the same tempo heat and passion he felt on stage. ;)
    Listen to his song 2000 Watts. Hehehe. And watch the youtube video to deep voice of 2000 Watts.

  • Ricardovitz

    That thar Michael Jackson was a queer. Homosexual to the core. Someday, Elvis’ li’ll brat will admit it too. He dressed like a girl, made hisself look like a woman, wored makeup like a woman.

    Even a queer can git it on with a woman – I knew a gal who had a queer boyfriend – he’d bump ugglies with her and then he’d sleep on the floor – couldn’t stand even bein in bed with the gal. She didn’t know no nevermind ’bout him bein a dick-suckin queer at that time, but he ‘ventually came out and told everyone. Hurt the dickens out of that gal he was usin fer his cover. Don’t reckon I know why, but she really loved the sextarded squirrel.

    And, that Michael Jackson done liked playin with the uglies of li’ll boys. That make him a queer, faggot, homosexual, sextard, or whatever y’all call them folks these days.

    Boys and girls, them psych doctors knew all ’bout faggots back in the 1950’s and even before that. It was clearly a mental disease, long side with schizophrenia and psychopaths. Then a bunch of powerful faggots got in power and made ’em change all that. Now, y’all dummies dern’t know nothing when it comes to these sick fellers that ain’t know ware thar peckers go and dern’t go.

  • vikingspirit

    Ladies! Ladies! Listen up!
    I’ve been watching this thread with great fascination for some time now, and have enjoyed everyone’s comments very much. I’ve been an avid admirer of MJ for many years. Such passionate and eloquent arguments and comments from so many, I’m sure MJ would be touched that so many people thought that his rep needed defending.
    However, I feel the need to make two comments here:
    First and foremost, remember where you are! This thread is taking place on a GAY-ORIENTED WEBITE! Those of us who have found our way here are either regular readers of Queerty and know about the content and POV (and humor) likely to be found here, or we got here by doing a search on the topic “Was Michael Jackson gay?” The simple fact that this discussion gets new participants all the time leads me to conclude that there still are a lot of folks curious to know that answer or to make sure that the answer (if indeed there even IS one) isn’t yes.
    But the readers who come to Queerty on a regular basis don’t need you to defend Michael Jackson, they would not be offended in the least if he WAS gay, it would not be an insult to them or something unpleasant at all but rather a fact of life that they understand very well. IF (and please note I am saying IF) he had spent his entire life and career in turmoil and not admitting who he really was for fear of alienating his family and his fans, the readers of this website would for sure understand that kind of conflict because many have had to leave unsympathetic families and faiths behind in order to live an “alternative” lifestyle in which they were more comfortable. So just give some thought to where you are posting when you share your next comment. Whatever his sexuality was or wasn’t, it did not diminish in the least his amazing talent and the pleasure and inspiration he provided to so many millions of people.
    Second comment: Think about this – the person who posts here under the name Ricardovitz is having a huge joke at your expense and is probably a regular reader of Queerty (maybe even the moderator of this site if there is one) who thinks it is screamingly funny to whip you all into a frenzy of disgust and cause you to let loose your verbal fury – controversy makes for interesting journalism, you see, and he/she is just sitting back to enjoy your spluttering and outrage. Nobody really spells or talks thataway, little lady! So relax, put away the nuclear weapons, and enjoy that you’ve been thoroughly punked!

  • Kristina

    I was sitting in school November 20, 2009. I was watching a Michael Jackson video on my camera, then suddenly a girl comes to the side of me and say: ” you like Michael Jackson’. I responded with a smile saying yes because I THOUGHT she did too. She look at me and say: ” But he’s Gay”. I said WHAT DID YOU SAY. She said with a stutter: “Hes gay”. At that very moment this is what i wanted to say: “DID YOU ASK MICHAEL JACKSON PERSONALLY WAS HE GAY OR ARE YOU LISTEN TO WHAT THE MEDIA IS SAYING, BECAUSE IT JUST THE SAME AS IF I WAS TO TELL 10 PEOPLE YOU WERE GAY AND IT WOULD SPREAD AROUND THE SCHOOL AND PEOPLE WOULD KNOW YOU AS BEING GAY, YET YOU KNOW THE TRUTH AND NO ONE ASK YOU ARE YOU GAY PERSONALLY.NOW ISN’T THE SAME?” However I simple cleared my throat and said: “NO he’s NOT”.
    People is simply this: WE DON’T KNOW, HE NEVER TOLD US THEREFORE WE CAN NOT ASSUME NOR JUDGE.Thank you for you time and consideration for reading

  • Ricardovitz

    Ain’t no joke about what I done said ’bout Michael Jackson. He was a queer. He was a child molester. He was a dope feind. He was a spoiled brat. Thar wasn’t nothing good ’bout that feller.

    He ain’t worthy of folks worshiping him or eulogizing him.

    I done said what I had to say – and now y’all know the truth. Cain’t run from it, cuz it’s right here staring you in the face.

  • bbbllaahhh123

    honestly i dont think he is, yeahh the way he dressed may have made poeple believe he was but maybe he just likes to dress that way, the way he dresses does not always have to do with sexual orientation. also this “gay lover” stuff. . . dont believe it, just dont ! weve heard SSOO may crazy stories about him, we should all be able to differintiate which is true and which is crazyy and this is crazyy, i mean if he really have this alleged lover, why didnt it come out sooner, im sure SOMEBODY would have said something, knowing how the media works. i just dont think its sane to think this, for one : he FEARED god alot and wouldnt go against his word, 2: lisa marie admitted to them having sex and many other details to that. 3: just because someone does not have sex with everyone that offers doesnt mean they are gay. 4: i read his book and he said that he adored women. im sure he was very tempted to do so but he knew how to respect women and knew how they were supposed to be treated ! soo i dont think he was gaayy and im sure there are THOUSANDS of people in the world who are like him. people shouldnt jump to conclusions .

  • vineeth

    mj was not a gay……

  • Ricardovitz

    “mj was not gay….”

    Your MJ, Michael Jackson, was a homosexual, a “sextard” or sexual retard. When a man gits it on with a boy – that’s bein a homosexual. And that’s exactly what ‘ol Michael did. Thars lots of proof of that. He’s also a kiddy-molester, but that thar’s a nother story.

    Bottom line – MJ was a homosexual. And a child molester. That makes him a real nasty sort of monster. A servant of the Devil, he was. So, y’all go on prayin to yer MJ Satanic Devil. Good luck with that.

  • MJ Contemporaire

    This Ricardovitz is a cretin. You know what they say……….”He who doth protest too much……..” Just who is gay, Ricky?

    No one can be sure of Michael’s sexuality. He was androgenous. We will all believe what we choose to believe about him, in the absence of definitive proof one way or another. Nothing wrong with curiousity though.

    Since we’ll never figure that one out, why not focus on Michael’s unique musical and humanitarian gifts to the world?

  • Ricardovitz

    Here’s what y’all and me know, boys and girls…and MJ Contwhatever:

    Michael Jackson molested boys. That’s makes him a queer and a child molester.

    Call’n me “gay” don’t mean no nevermind to me. If’n you want to call me a queer, faggot, or homosexual ‘cuz you dern’t like what I have to say ’bout Michael Jackson, then you go right ahead and do that Mj Contempwhatever.

    See, unlike MJ Contempwhatever, I dern’t know or pretend to know who is a homosexual ’round here. I jest know Michael Jackson is a kiddy-molesting homosexual.

  • etyvnio

    Michael, knew his sexualitly by age 10, he had a crush on Diana Ross at this age, and was dating that McCormmick girl at age 13, and throughtout his teens and twenties dated various women! All you people should just shut up!

  • Sha O.


  • Kat

    SHA O, thank you for your most appreciated comment about MJ being gay. He was not gay, nor was he a pedophile! It totally blows my mind how people would rather believe lies and gossip then the truth. Gay men or woman for that matter usually do not lie about their sexuality, they are proud of it! I mean how are they going to find the companionship that they desire if they lie about their sexuality? He openly admitted that he was not gay so why do people continue to try and find dirt to throw in his face? He’s dead so why don’t you morons leave him alone to rest in peace?

  • Ricardovitz

    Yep, that Michael Jackson was a homosexual. He was a pedophile. Thar’s plenty of proof of that – ain’t jest one boy claimed it so. He done paid them all hush money. We all know it. Michael Jackson knew it. He slept with boys and diddled thar peckers, he did.

    Maybe Michael Jackson dated females too – who knows, who cares. If’n he diddled little boys peckers, which he did, then he’s a homosexual. Lots of homosexuals use females to hide thar queerness.

  • Kat

    Ricardovitz, you are one of those morons that would rather believe the lies then to believe the truth. There is no proof that he was gay or that he was a pedophile that molested boys. If there were one shred of evidence to back that up, the court would not have dropped all charges against him. Why is it so hard for you to believe that he was innocent? I’ll tell you why, because you would rather believe the lies! Go figure!

  • Casey

    All of Michael’s songs are based on love and if he said something specificly in his songs, it was always a girls name in his songs. Honestly, have you ever met a boy named Susie or Diana. If Michael was gay I think he would have came out with it or it would have leaked out somehow a long time ago. He only showed women as his lovers in his videos. I truly think Michael didn’t have much time for love. He was always on tour or making new songs or doing whatever it was that he thought people would enjoy. Michael loved attention and also hated it at the same time. He never said anything of being gay and he was always making music about women. Most of his music is really heartfelt and deep. I don’t think he could write about women that way if he were gay.

  • mariah

    the olny thing i chekt hif hes gay or not my dad thinks he his i sadi . hif anybody says hes gay and askes you say no becuas hes not . some peps dont get it like my dad . but if he was gay woud not like him .sinc hes not gay i love michael.soo hif you say hes gay i will hate you are kill you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • i love mj i dream about him

    you know why i love micsaeljackson becaus he is sweet i will never forget about he thats why i dream about him

  • Ricardovitz

    Michael Jackson was a queer and everyone ’round him knew it. I suspect that some of the folks here know it too, but are trying to change facts. Here’s proof:

    ::: A new book makes several shocking claims about Michael Jackson, including one that he had many gay lovers who he seduced by saying: “The King of Pop is going to lick your lollipop.”

    Buzz up!Biographer Ian Halperin claims to have hunted down two of the star’s alleged male lovers, with one apparently making the allegation. “The very first time he had sex with me he said, ‘The King of Pop’s going to lick your lollipop’. I still laugh thinking about that,” the Sun quoted Jackson’s one alleged lover as having told Halperin.

    The author of ‘Unmasked: The Final Years of Michael Jackson’ also alleges that “virtually everybody” around the singer knew about his interests in the same sex.

    He says: “Virtually everybody has told me. Even those who are his most ardent defenders, people who maintain he is innocent of the molestation charges, insist that he is homosexually inclined.”:::

  • LENA

    RICARDOVITZ……I WHY DONT YOU GO TO HELL!!! you keep reapeting the same BS over and over loser!

  • LENA

    *REPEATING* I know how to spell, you were prob. gonna comment on that cause you’re a loser

  • Ricardovitz

    Looky here, Lena – you sure do jump to conclusions with no facts. First, I ain’t posted the same thing over and over – I offered up some new proof on what all here I been sayin.

    Second, I dern’t give no hoot ’bout yer spellin – mine ain’t so good neither, so yer wrong thar too.

    Third, you jest callin me a Looser tell me that you ain’t got nothin to prove what I’m sayin is wrong. You jest dern’t like what I’m sayin none and all you got is callin folks you dern’t like and dern’t know nothing ’bout “looser”.

    Bottom line is that Jackson boy is a queer and he’s a queer kiddy diddler. And, that ain’t all – he was a drug guzzlin junkie, and a spoilt rotten brat. I reckon you like criminoles like Mike – cuz he should a done been in prison doin time…woulda still been alive too fer ya to write him lill love letters and what not in jail.

  • LENA

    RICARDOVITZ, first of all i dont waste time talking to ignorant fools like yourself. But I will make an exception. You claim you have proof for everything you are stating about MICHAEL JACKSON. That statement alone proves you’re an idiot wrapped in a moron! Do you Know MICHAEL JACKSON peronally?? NO!!!! you are reading tabloid BS cause you got nothing bettrer to do. You are jealous of this MEGA GENIUS.
    Seeing that you do alot of research on MICCHAEL JACKSON chances are you know exactly what Michael Jackson is all about, so im not gonna sit here and point everything out, its just that you dont like to see the truth and thats called ignorance! Why would you choose to believe the negative over the positive when you have never met him??
    Who are you calling queer? Go ahead and dress the wAy he does, and wear eyeliner and lipstick and try to get away with it without looking rediculous, you and any other male for that matter. And do you know any gay dude who would crotch grab and thrust seductively lke MJ? I dont think you could pay a gay enough to do that,dont they all tape down their thing cause they dont want it to show? go look at Michaels videos!
    Who are you calling kiddy diddler? do you live under a rock? Were you under MJs bed while he was doing kids? Wwhers your proof?? get your facts straight. And who are you calling a spoiled brat? Michael Jackson earned his billions, He fed himself his family and the world with his sweat! when was the last time you donated a dollar?
    If you dont like him so much, then why are you always here wasting your time on him?
    KING OF POP IS GONNA LICK YOUR LOLIPOP???? lmao!! no hunny bunch, its the other way around, everyone else wants to LICK THE KING OF POP’S LOLIPOP cause hes so damn HOT AND SEXXY!! DONT JUDGE WHAT YOU DO NOT KNOW AND WHAT YOU DO NO UNDERSTAND! thanx

  • Ricardovitz

    Li’ll Lena is a Liar….

    Lie #1) “You claim you have proof for everything you are stating about MICHAEL JACKSON.”

    Truth: Ricky said “I offered up some new proof on what all here I been sayin.” And, that’s exactly what I done did – offered up some proof that the dead Jackson feller was a queer and a kiddy diddler.

    Lie #2 and #3: “You are jealous of this MEGA GENIUS.”

    Truth: Michael Jackson ain’t never been a genius. Michael Jackson was a dummy. Only made it through 5 years of school. Ain’t never been to college. Needed special tutors just to get him to learn ta read and write, and cypher numbers. Mega dummy is more like it. Truth: I ain’t got one bit of jealousy toward a dead black queer dummy who pranced and cried like a manic-depressive woman all his dern life.

    Truth: “Seeing that you do alot of research on MICCHAEL JACKSON chances are you know exactly what Michael Jackson is all about”. Yep, I sure do my research and I sure do know what that Jackson feller is all about – I reckon you got that one right.

    Truth: “queer….dress the wAy he does, and wear eyeliner and lipstick….” Yep, dern’t forget cried like a queer, danced like a queer bleached his face like a queer, talked like a queer and molested little boys like a queer too. Ya almost got that one right, but left a few details out.

    Lie: “If you dont like him so much, then why are you always here wasting your time on him?”

    Truth: I ain’t wastin no time on no dead black child-molesting queer. I express my disgust at YOU and people like you who glorify, worship, protect, and lie fer drug-guzzling, spoilt-brat, queer child molestors. Why do you do this, li’ll Lena? Why dern’t you see that the dead black drug addict wasn’t nothin but a bad man who got his due? You workin fer Satan? You think its ok fer rich brats to molest li’ll children? You think it’s fine and dandy fer a rich brat to buy hisself a doctor so he can git all thar illegal drugs he can choak down and git high on? That all fine and dandy with you, Lena?

  • LENA


  • Fel

    I loved Michael Jackson. He is my all time favorite performer. His heart was huge and he was misunderstood and abandoned. Go to youtube.com and search for Michaels private phone conversations… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSv0t_52qPg&feature=related

    this is michael talking to a friend about his feelings. Her husband had taped these conversations without her knowledge because he thought she was having affair on him. Several times Michael talks about his desire to marry and have love in his life, a wife, a family. He was so very lonely… and for him to find a normal real relationship in his world was almost impossible for him. He really wanted it though … these conversations are fascinating! I love him!

  • Ricardovitz

    I hear they’s gonna resurect the Lord of Queer hisself – Michael Jackson, and make him a 3-D god for another “we are the black world” concert.

    I reckon that’d go right nicely in the Obama White-House shrine to himself….another closet queer.

  • hephaestion

    Michael Jackson had to have been castrated (probably by his father) in order to keep his voice high. That high voice was the Jackson family money-maker.

    Jackson’s life was exactly like the lives of the castrati, or eunuchs, of ages past. He was not gay. He was a straight guy deprived of sexual urges, with a permanent high voice, but he was still able to love. And he did seem to live a very loving life.

  • oompaLoompa

    He was a pedophile and a perverted freak. Ugh.

  • Nic

    I love the way Ricardovitz talks!!! Not what he has to say mind you. I just liken how he talkes like an ignorant jack hole. Reminds me of my childhood Uncle Remus books… THOSE were great books!!

  • Ricardovitz

    I reckon folks dern’t like what I gotta say, or how I say it. Makes no nevermind to me. Y’all know I’m a jest tellin it like it is – that Jackson boy was a kiddy diddlin queer. If you wanna worship and praise a kiddy diddlin queer, I spose thats fer you and the Almighty ta tussle over in the hereafter.

  • MJ Fan

    Michael was definitely NOT gay! His ways were indeed a little eccentric but he never showed any signs or interests of liking men. In fact, there’s a tape recorded conversation between him and a young boy where he tells the boy that he saw a cute girl at one of his concerts in Germany. He also states that he had an urge to have sex with a woman. MJ felt closest to children because he was fascinated by their innocence and honesty. He also felt that they wouldn’t judge him like the media constantly did. I truly believe he was looking to be understood, and he found that in children. MJ being so shy his entire life made it very difficult for him to approach women, although he desperately wanted to. In Fact, he mentioned that him and Tatum O’Neal dated when they were younger and that she tried to make a move on him but he was too shy to go forward with it although he wanted to. Trying to understand Michael is very complex, but I guess that’s just the way he was. :)

  • Ricardovitz

    Yeeeeeah, right MJ Fan. Michael Jackson turned Tatum O’Neal down ‘cuz his pecker dern’t point in that thar direction. Nosiree, it points right thar at li’ll boys. A man who diddles li’ll boys is a homosexual.

    You dern’t know nothin!!

  • MJ Fan

    Yeah, ok Ricardovitz! Like U know all details about him! Him and Tatum O’neal said the same thing! So unless U were in the bedroom to say otherwise, U don’t know anything! LoL!

  • Kat

    You know what Ricardovitz, you seem to be so hung up on MJ being a pedofile and gay that I actually think you are the one “that pecker dern’t point in that thar direction. Nosiree, it points right thar at li’ll boys. A man who diddles li’ll boys is a homosexual!”
    Well, are you happy now, you’re out of the closet Ricardovitz! Only, stay away from little boys please!

  • Ricardovitz

    Kat, I ain’t hung up on no Michael Jackson. That boy’s dead. Long gone. What’s got me all riled up is how folks love to worship this kiddy-diddlin sextard. Heck, thar’s a whole heap of diddy diddlin homosexuals doin time in prison, and some ain’t even in prison. Jackson was just one of many. ]

    But, cuz he’s black and some folks like the way he dances, they’s willin to look yonder of all the bad things this ‘ol boy represented and worship him like he’s the Second Coming. When millions of folks take to worshipin a drug guzzlin, kiddy-diddlin dope fiend who done OD’ed on drugs, dern’t pay his debts, treated folks like the spoilt brat that he were, that gets me all up in a fire storm of anger! Yessiree, it sure do!

  • MJ Fan

    Are U really that gullible Ricardovitz?! U believe ANYTHING the media throws at U? If the media reported that the sky was green, you’d believe that too, I suppose? It’s purely speculation! U just choose to jump on the bandwagon without proof for your statements. Were U in the courtroom?! Michael went to trial and was acquitted on ALL charges. The boy’s motive -was MONEY. Plain and Simple. If U weren’t in the courtroom to hear the evidence, then your accusations are as good as NOTHING!

  • axos

    I just found this thread and have read all the comments (well, I jump the ones from Ricardovitz or responses to him). Especially the early comments have been very interesting, with new thoughts and good links. Swe (Swedish?) who wrote that Michael f*cked the music – well put, it’s totally believable!

    Thanks everyone. I am missing Michael a lot and wondering about him a lot, and I got new insights here.

  • vikingspirit

    I agree! This thread has been interesting, hasn’t it?
    See my longish comments #121 and 154…

    I think that we all know who Ricardovitz is now, and why he/she persists in the one-note-samba of his/her arguments. (see 154) Most of his/her posts have been quite hilarious. I don’t take them seriously and no one else should either.

    What IS serious is that MJ is gone and the silence is deafening. I want to go shake Sony Music and the private attorney team that adminsters the estate by their corporate throats and say WELL, WHAT THE HELL IS TAKING YOU SO LONG? OPEN THE VAULTS! We need all the treasures to come out and fill our ears and eyes. We’re starving! Withdrawal symptoms have begun! Time is fleeting! “This Is It” has broken all records for concert films & videos and has flooded the EBay & Amazon sites… the producers’ investment in the London concert series is returned in spades… so let’s move on please and release more concerts and albums! We know MJ recorded and filmed absolutely everything (hmmmmm….) and we want it NOW!

    And as to the topic of this discussion, MJ being gay or not – it does seem unlikely that someone who was under the *unbelievable* degree of intense scrutiny that he experienced all of his life could have escaped being “outed” if indeed he was gay.
    And though he professed to prefer some privacy, there is a lot of proof that he also enjoyed his fame & recognition and constantly sought it out. More contradiction and controversies.

    Music producer David Foster (who worked with MJ on the “History” album) referred to MJ as “one of the most complex people on the planet” in his autobiograpy… Foster spent time with MJ and Lisa Marie during that time period, and described his certainty that Lisa Marie was deeply in love with MJ for all to see. I think that in many ways she blew the windows out for MJ too, he did his most fascinating work in the 90s, he let loose and really went for it… And yet the marriage crashed and burned anyway. She traveled to Africa with him after their divorce and was inducted into the same tribe that honored him! (And Debbie Rowe was already in the picture!)The mysteries continued to multiply. And they haven’t stopped.

    MJ adored illusion and mystery and surprises, even used Mystery as his marketing tag for the huge History World Tour…
    and IMHO he is delighted that he left us with the biggest mystery of all:
    who was Michael Jackson really?
    The answer he might give?…

    (apologies to Humphrey Bogart & The Maltese Falcon)

    “I’m the thing that dreams are made of…”

    See you in Paradise, MJ…

  • axos

    Hi, Vikingspirit!

    Yes, I saw your comments.

    “Foster spent time with MJ and Lisa Marie during that time period, and described his certainty that Lisa Marie was deeply in love with MJ for all to see. I think that in many ways she blew the windows out for MJ too, he did his most fascinating work in the 90s, he let loose and really went for it… And yet the marriage crashed and burned anyway. She traveled to Africa with him after their divorce and was inducted into the same tribe that honored him!”

    I agree – I’ve also noted that he made great, great work in the LMP period, and he wore his hair short too, as if he wanted to be a man for her. He had his one and big chance with her, but as someone remarked, maybe his upbringing didn’t provide many opportunities for him to develop his social graces, and the painkiller habit also came between them. As we can see from his videos, he was a tremendous presence.

    I don’t have a clue as to his sexual orientation, but that’s the easy part about him, since it can only have been one of four possibilities. Almost everything else is a total mystery. I agree lovers would have come forward, straight or gay. I wouldn’t be surprised (but puzzled) if Lisa was the only real relationship, with some other half-baked experiences in the background. I agree he put his enormous energy in his performances – there’s nobody like him! – but how the heck did the world’s shyest man get the notion in his head he would masturbate on stage?? So maybe SWE is right – he DID fuck the music, and the music (in his mind) actually WAS what made him reach for his crotch, just as he told Oprah.

    And YES, I want more material! First, please, compile all his video clips on film an release it for theaters and DVD. I want to see the Dangerous dance on the big screen, not just on youtube! (You can leave the 30 anniversary out of it, I don’t feel he was happy there).

  • Ricardovitz

    Michael Jackson done fornicated himself on stage? That thar’s SICK. DISGUSTING. I dern’t even know he did that masturbatin thing in front of boys and girls on stage. And, all y’all want ta do is demonize me fer callin Dead Michael a sicko. A kiddy molestor. A drug-guzzlin addict.

    But, I reckon, you folks jest look thar other way- alright by you! Ain’t no problem thar. Dead Michael exposes and fornicates hiself on stage and he’s jest a “complex” feller.

    Now, don’t that beat all!

  • Ankhorite

    I grew up a few miles from Jackson and followed his career with interest and, eventually, compassion.

    I thought he was asexual and that perhaps he had been castrated to preserve his voice. However, if that were the case, it would have to have been chemical castration, because the autopsy (as published) indicated that everything that should have been there still was, if you know what I mean and I think you do.

    That at various times he had the money in the world doesn’t whittle away at my knee-jerk response every time I hear his name: “Poor kid.”

    (I see No. 179 · hephaestion above made a similar point about possible castration.)

  • axos


    I guess the castration theory comes mainly from the fact that the voice most of us heard was so high, but that, according to his voice coach, was actually a trick. His real voice was a normal adult male voice (many have confirmed this). He had to practice to be able to speak and sing high tones comfortably. Quincy Jones also said that when he first took care of Michael Jackson and was to produce his music, he hired the voice coach because he wanted Michael to expand his range. You can sometimes hear “the other voice” in youtube concert clips. The question is – why did he want to pretend he still had a boy voice?

    It seems we all feel sorry for him, and ironically, the moment he died, he became a genius. He was that all along, but for almost two centuries, all the media could report was bad things, mostly fabricated.

    He left a big, empty hole. Somehow he did something for us even when we didn’t think of him much, hence the often surprising grief when he left. It really hit me, and even though I admired his talent like hell, I didn’t care one bit about his personal life. But now I do! Go figure.

  • axos

    Sorry – I have to correct myself – of course I didn’t mean to say two centuries, but two decades. But you understood that.

  • Kat

    @axos: You know, I think a lot of us feel the same way, and it is strange.

  • Ankhorite

    Hi, Axos, thanks for the response (and yes, I knew you meant decades and not centuries.)

    I think he was trapped into keeping the falsetto first, due to his father’s management, and finally, due to his own feelings about what the fans expected of him.

    I’ve been wedded to the castration idea for thirty years because for me, it explained not just the voice but the undeveloped sexuality. I never believed the accusations against him in part because I felt he had no interest in sex with anyone or anything, and also because of the shocking conduct of the parents (e.g., calling a tort lawyer before calling a doctor or the cops).

    But if Japanese women can all be trained to adopt the fake, high-pitched near whisper (joseiteki, I think) considered appropriate for their culture, yeah, I can imagine a voice coach getting Jackson to be able to do the same thing with his own speaking / singing voice, even in without chemical or surgical castration.

    I was never a fangirl, but like you, I miss him. He was a cultural icon for nearly half a century, and for me, he was always the local-kid-makes-good. I remember watching his first appearance on television, and I won’t forget his last — those sad clips from the “This Is It” rehearsal. Poor kid.

  • Kat

    @Ricardovitz: You are right Ricardovitz, MJ was a drug addict, and a crotch grabber. He admitted to being a drug addict, that was no secret. The crotch grabbing is a controversial issue, some think it was acceptable while others did not! I agree with you, it could definately influence young children. Wether or not he was gay or bi-sexual, I personally doubt that. However, the child molesting thing is a lie. If you really paid attention and followed the issue all along you would be able to see the truth. At first, I listened to the media and the BS. When I realized that it wasn’t true is when the people that were the closest to Michael spoke on his behalf. Not one of them had anything bad to say about him. They all had his back, and that is why he won in court. You have to have sufficient evidence in order to be found guilty of a crime, and there was none. Seriously, he had some strange ways, but he would “never hurt a child” and that came out of his own mouth! The sad thing about this is that once a person is labeled a child molester, whether or not it is true, there will always be doubt in peoples minds, even if the defendent is found not guilty in a court of law. You are proof of that!

  • axos

    Very strange indeed! Before he died I couldn’t care less about who, if any, Michael Jackson slept with, and here I am discussing a total stranger’s sex life with other total strangers. We strip him completely naked, it’s a disgrace really. (Then, he sort of did challenge us with his patent dance moves.)

    And that unexpected grief went so deep. Someone wrote it felt like she had lost a son, and I can relate to that.

  • axos

    Hi! I watched This is It on big screen and DVD, and it just made me sad. He was so terribly thin. He still had all of his talent intact, but as I understand it, there was no new music, only spectacular new interpretations of his many hits. I wish he had not put his life in the hands of America’s most incompetent doctor.

    It was obvious Ortega-Phillips were indeed worried, it showed when they tried to make light of other people’s worries before Michael’s death. They should have investigated. Miko Brando should have investigated, he was around as personal assistant. It seems to me they all gambled because it had worked before.

  • zenflo

    Michael Jackson appeared to have a very keen interest in sex, at least as it pertains to man-on-boy pedo. One need only refer to the treasure trove of literature found at his estate during the related investigation.

    Feel free to ignore the nude boy sculptures (clearly, those were art for art’s sake, lol). The stay-overs with a separate room for the girls, who were not on the menu. The whole freckle-on-the-penis affair? Credit the kid with a lucky guess, why not.

    The level of delusion by those who would like to label MJ “asexual” or “sexing the music” is pathetic. He was very shrewd, though, in positioning himself as the patron saint of the misunderstood dweeb.

    And puh-leeze. That blanched and horrid penis never clocked a millisecond in a coochie.

  • PansieSunshine

    @Crystal: You have said it well. All those MJ haters were just jealous of the man. Its hard to imagine that they cant get a decent job or a life outside of Michael Jackson constant harassment. Then again people who often criticise dont have the brains to have constructive solutions. This includes TMZ, The Examiner, Access Hollywood etc.. LEAVE MICHAEL ALONE, you cant and will never stop the love he is receiving globally, neither will you silence his voice or his music which is heard every single day since his death. Michael we love, love,love,love You and MISS you dearly.You will NEVER be forgotten, our fans will ensure your legacy lives on and there is not one damn thing the haters can do about that

  • ben doverr

    MJ appeared to have a very keen interest in sex, at least as it pertained to man-on-boy pedo. One need only refer to the treasure trove of literature found at his estate during the related investigation.

    Feel free to ignore the nude boy sculptures (clearly, those were art for art’s sake, lol). The stay-overs with a separate room for the girls, who were not on the menu. The whole freckle-on-the-penis affair, verified by a court-ordered physician? Credit the kid with a lucky guess, why not.

    The level of delusion by those who would like to label MJ “asexual” or “sexing the music” is pathetic. He was very shrewd, though, in positioning himself as the patron saint and codependent of the misunderstood dweeb.

    And puh-leeze. That blanched and horrid penis never clocked a millisecond in a coochie.

  • sumbody

    MJ — the patron saint of the misunderstood dweeb.

  • axos

    What’s a “dweeb”?

  • sumbody

    Ya know, it appears that MJ a very keen interest in sex, at least as it pertained to much — and I do mean so, so much — younger men. One need only refer to the treasure trove of literature found at his estate during the related investigation.

    Feel free to ignore the sculptures of unclad male young’uns (clearly, those were art for art’s sake, lol). The stay-overs with a separate room for the girls, who were not on the menu. The whole freckle-on-the-penis affair, verified by a court-ordered physician? Credit the kid with a lucky guess, why not.

    The level of delusion by those who would like to label MJ “asexual” or “sexing the music” is pathetic.

    And puh-leeze. That self-blanched and horrid penis never clocked a millisecond in a vag.

  • sumbody

    It astounds me the defenses this site has put up to even allude to MJ and his … intense appreciation … for a certain class of person that is the opposite of female .. and the opposite of old. So much for free expression.

  • zenflo

    Freck-le. Weenie. Identification. Court. Proof.

  • zenflo

    Grossly inappropriate stayovers. Girls consigned to separate rooms. Well-compensated lawyers. Latin families made to fear deportation of their relatives. Millions of dollars to ensure their silence. Proof.

  • zenflo

    A home stocked with reams (pardon the pun) of literature featuring not-old, not-female, and not-clothed photography. Statues and related art around the estate of same. Puh-leeze.

  • Kat

    @axos:as per the urban dictionary a dweeb can be defined as: Dweeb- This is actually an acronym for the phrase “dick with eyebrows,” you dummmies. You are calling someone a walking penis.

  • axos

    “slang : an unattractive, insignificant, or inept person” – thank you, sumbody, English is not my first language, but I don’t agree.

    Whatever mocking campaign the the media were into and whatever you think yourself (you don’t have to like the guy), at least the entire music industry was in awe of him. Professionals. But I guess they are all dweebs too? For the un-attractiveness, visit youtube, where you’ll find a lot of people completely sex-crazed about Michael Jackson. :)

    Zenflo – presuming the Jordy Chandler drawing is the actual one, it was not a match, which you can see from the autopsy report. The drawing showed someone circumcised, whereas MJ ws not.

    There were actually little girls in MJ’s room too. There was porn at Neverland, but no kiddie porn, either magazines or downloaded into any of 16 FBI-searched computers. Zero. MJ was acquitted on all counts at the trial despite the DA being hellbent on nailing him, because there just wasn’t proof. Randy Jackson got Thomas Meserau for the defense at second attempt – and TM wasn’t even paid in full, he shut up about that but entered a claim to the estate after MJ’s death.

    The trial itself was triggered by the so called documentary by Martin Bashir, who left out parts of the interview which you can see at youtube under the label Take Two (MJ had a camera going, too). In his film Bashir claimed Neverland was a dangerous place for kids. After MJ’s death, he took it back. He said he didn’t believe anything inappropriate ever happened there. But at the time, he was after fame at MJ’s expense, and he landed a job at ABC.

    Then Thomas Sneddon (look him up, look at his picture, one of the old white guys if ever there was one) didn’t have to win. MJ’s spirit was broken and he never returned after the trial. So here we are – no Michael Jackson.

    MJ was a mystery and he had his own demons. But slander killed him in the end. And, I believe, racism.

  • axos


    Hm .. skilled photoshop job. You really enjoy having someone to kick around, don’t you? Michael and the people who appreciate his musical genius. To wipe out a smile makes your day, doesn’t it?

    Even if Michael Jackson had looked like that, he still brought joy into this world. I admire what he did. Not so much what you are doing here.

  • sumbody

    I support your contention that racism was a major factor in MJ’s death.

    More specifically, he hated being black and went under myriad ill-advised surgeries to contour his broad nose — actually, he pretty much erased it. Sorry that the MJ pic is so hard to, uh, face.

    As for his skin tone, the whole “I’m the only one in my extended family with vitiligo” story is an astounding coincidence — well, actually, it’s utter nonsense.

    Yes, he counted Diana Ross and some Motown moguls as friends, and plenty of his bodyguards were of African-American descent. But the truth lies in what types of very-far-from-old individuals were on the receiving end of those sleepover passes (pun intended).

    If MJ couldn’t look like them, well, he was going to get there, one way or another.

  • sumbody

    Might as well add, none of surrogate children have even a drop of African-American blood.

  • axos

    Sumbody –

    you don’t know much about this, do you? I mean just plain facts. You are making up your own picture. Is this race bitterness talking, coloring (no pun intended) also every other aspect of MJ’s life? You think he didn’t like to be black, so he had to be a pedphile, even though almost everyhting speaks against it?

    As for the vitiligo – yes,he had it, it’s in the autopsy report. That’s why he didn’t look white – he looked like a ghost. Now, if you flip your conception of that – what do you think it felt like to be black in a racist community and over a few years turn sheet white? Regardless of your attitude towards your race, you ended up with a different identity, which must have been a trauma. I feel sorry for him. Nobody wants to look like a ghost, and he never complained. And the disease caused skin cancer.

    Btw, unless MJ himself told you he hated it race, you don’t know that is true. His surgery probably came from a mental disorder, he could not see his own appearance as normal, whatever anyone told him. In the tapes that the notorious rabbi Boteach made, he still hated himself (2000 or 2001), saying he was a “lizzard”.

    Find out more. Don’t judge.

  • vikingspirit

    axos: You’re doing an awesome job, keep up the good words! It’s all for L.O.V.E.

    sumbody? I don’t think so. You’re mired in really old news, honey, all your elegant arguments have been disproved a long time ago by clear proof.

    The vitiligo was real and was documented by photographic proof, personal testimony by friends, and was listed in his autopsy. Current mainstream medicine is finally connecting the dots and listing this disease as connected to conditions caused by toxic stress levels, which he certainly experienced all of his life. I have the caucasian version of this stress synrome myself, which is called hyperpigmentation – causes light skin to go dark as opposed to darker skin going lighter in his case. He bleached his skin to avoid the seemingly random blotchiness caused by the disease. I have done the same with less success.

    The plastic surgery addiction was caused by his relentless striving for perfection in all aspects of his life, instilled in him by his dysfunctional family and early stardom. He set the bar impossibly high for himself and suffered for it.

    MJ is on record in print and on film countless times speaking about his pride in being of African-American descent. He even attributed his musicality to his race when a young man, a rather ingenuous statement but based in pride for the amazing artists he respected and emulated in his evolution as the world’s greatest entertainer. His supporters in the black community and media never deserted him, and were WAY more suppportive of his career and personal struggles than most of the white U.S. fan base and relentlessly judgmental tabloid media. They knew how difficult it was for an “uppity black man” to succeed in this white world and the incredibly competitive music business, even a man who refused to spend his life “being a color” or being categorized on the basis of his skin color, and he succeeded beyond anybody’s wildest dreams. Check out the tributes from Ebony/Jet, BET, NAACP Image Awards and many others if you don’t believe me. He crossed over that color barrier so many times that it became a non-issue forever. And in his huge fan base around the globe, people of all races and colors followed their hearts instead of their eyes and returned his love for them in a way that popular music has never seen before.

    So I’m afraid you are going to have to do much better to earn your credentials as a card-carrying MJ hater… Leave it alone and get with the program. The world has no room for hatred.

  • Ankhorite

    @sumbody: I think you’re right that the children do not have any recent African-American ancestry. But I am backing up Axos on the vitiligo.

    Like you, Sumbody, I thought it was a lie. But I read the autopsy report and looked at the photos (particularly his fingernails) and there is no question: he had serious vitiligo, which deformed and discolored his nails and made sun exposure hellish.

  • zenflo

    Axos, Ankhorite, I am going to (“clears throat for better projection”) rescind my claim that MJ did not suffer from vitiligo. He did. The autopsy report is very clear on this point.

    Whether MJ used this unfortunate ailment as a rationale to super-bleach his entire body to emulate waspy-whiteness is unprovable. Still, his hairstyle and myriad other surgeries do point toward aspiring to a look that is in no way reminiscent of his African ancestry.

    On a side note, I recently saw the completely voluntary, non-medically necessary, and laughably ghoulish skin-lightening of retired baseball great Sammy Sosa:


    Would I be stoking the hellfires of Queerty if I suggested that we should all take pride in our ethnic origins, and not seek extreme “remedies” that have, as their basis, racism and classism?

  • zenflo

    I should also add that I am the author of sumbody’s comments.

    When I attempted to leave my first comment on this thread, it was repeatedly blocked. Queerty has — and to a degree, understandably so — auto-flagging for phrases that pertain to “being a whole bunch more life-experienced than the object of your affection.”

    I thought the screen name had been blocked, hence sumbody was born.

    You can call me what you like, but don’t call me late for supper.

  • axos


    Yes, he had vitiligo, and the ghoulish white was not a choice. You have NO pigment, it’s not as if you could keep a nice tan or so. Oprah said you could see his veins through the skin. I don’t think he found that attractive at all.

    As for being proud of one’s ethnic origins – isn’t it better to just be comfortable and content with them? If you happen to be white, why would you go around being proud of it? If you are black, why would you be proud of that? It shouldn’t matter. It does unfortunately, but it shouldn’t.

    Back to MJ – being black is carrying a label, just as it is being a woman (an more so a black woman), and that’s what I think he didn’t like. He didn’t bleach the unseen parts of his body all the time – he had blotches and spots of dark brown and lighter brown. That’s why he was mostly covered. Being gay is of course also a label, and if he had been, he probably wouldn’t have been all straight forward about it. He didn’t want to be boxed in. Now instead, he became one of a kind – for better or worse.

  • zenflo

    Axos, carefully sequestered in your third paragraph, much like the proverbial rabbit in the magician’s hat, comes a-hoppin’:

    “Being gay is of course also a label, and if he had been, he probably wouldn’t have been all straight forward about it.”

    Where had we concluded Michael Jackson wasn’t gay? Me thinks he was queer as a $3 bill. When straight men have kids, they actually have intercourse with women to create them. Puh-leeze.

  • axos


    Oh – “puh-leeze” is such an Internet comment, I-know-best word! ;)

    Well, if you are male and slept with him, I’ll believe you. And maybe you’re right anyway. But we don’t know, so until we do I’ll go with Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Jackson himself and say he wasn’t. Since he didn’t seem to go with anyone much, obviously something was odd about him in the sexual department though, or maybe it wasn’t but he just had enormous problems to relate to anyone on an emotional level.

  • zenflo

    Axos, I can appreciate your appreciation for MJ’s artistry, many of his songs are indeed timeless. He certainly lost any vestiges of a normal childhood, which no doubt set the stage for many of the issues he confronted (and a few he created) as an adult.

    I’ll be leaving the thread now. You have maintained our conversation with dignity and a pleasant temperment.

    May you continue to groove on…

  • axos

    Thank you, zenflo – live well and take care!

  • TQMJ

    i’m curious b’cos he never came out himself to say one way or the other and we all are at the heart of it sexual beings – i keep seeing comments on how MJ “sold sex” and to be honest, being somewhat intimidated by sex myself, it kind of turned me off his crotch-grabbing, because that was my hang-up about sex.

    he was a public figure and remained so by choice. so we little frogs in wells are the audience for celebrities. he gave so much in terms of how to conduct oneself, always polite, charities, the “are we blind” speech in Oxford, but so overtly sexual on-stage; maybe repression channelled. he was Michael Jackson, a famous person even before he knew what that really meant. dressing up has always been in his life because of performance. if anyone needed to cross-dress without being a transg., it would be a n0.1 male celebrity.

    if any or all the rumors are true, then it might mean we finally have a virgin father.

    the only good thing about your death is you have peace.
    thank you for the music, thank you for the dance.

  • TQMJ

    he was a label buster. i totally agree.

    he was the first person ie not a colour or race or sexuality.


  • Ricardovitz

    Than Michael Jackson feller was a child molestin, kiddy diddlin homosexual. Y’all can praise Jackson fer his song, dance or whatnot. Bottom line is he was a nasty feller – nasty drug guzzlin child fornicator.

    I reckon some folks love to love the Devil – dern’t have a lick of sense to know no better. Sad….real sad who folks pray to these here days.

  • marcella

    first of all i believe mj was gay….whomever sleeps with a bunch of boys is a straight gay. how can you explain that aint no covering that up aint no trying to justify anything nothing its just plain bazzar. i really haven’t notice him and the way he dressed but now that i look at it he sorta did have female similarities and that’s weird mi mean i liked him n all that good stuff but he was certainly not straight by any means so all of you feent out jackson fans need to stop because if he was gay he was gay all signs point…ask yourself this…would you sleep with a 12 year old boy in your bed if u was a damn grown ass man of wat 35? whoever honestly says yes to that question i hope u are not married. if the boy isnt ya son then by all means u need to get checked out…that’s some straight i love boys type stuff and its sad…and everyone who is saying joe jackson was because of all this needs to really get checked out also what makes a person is not parents if he was abused when younger he couldn’t changed but instead he wanted to keep being a damn child and re living the past hr needed to grow up aand quick but sadly he didn’t and for some this happens but it wasnt because of joe this was mj all the way him and his personal issues..

  • S.Jackson

    Alright people , heres the REAL thing.
    – Michael Jackson said he wasnt into all the sexual stuff in the Michael Jackson Tapes. So either he was lying (AGAIN) or telling the truth.

    – Michael Jackson said that when he grabs his crotch, he thinks it happens subliminally, meaning that he doesnt think about doing it before he does it , its just a spontaneous thing. It has nothing to do with being “sexual”. Now either MJ was lying or not. BOTTOM LINE.

    – In Moonwalk, MJ said that he learned alot early in his life , which he thought made him focus on “other aspects of his life” , meaning that he isnt really focused on sex, because he saw alot of it growing up. So either he is lying or not. BOTTOM LINE.

    I see people saying that “Michael Jackson was a FREAK” and all of that shit … but Michael , himself , said that he isnt into all of the sexual stuff. As a matter of fact , MJ went as far as to say that if he knew the thoughts that ran through womens’ minds about him being naked and having SEX with him and all of that , he would NEVER GO ON STAGE AND PERFORM. So , to all of you people who have your little fantasies saying that MJ was a sexual freak and all of that , either you are calling him a liar or you are calling him a liar , because MJ already said that hes not into all the sexual stuff. THE MAN WASNT INTERESTED. EITHER THAT , OR HE LIED …

    YET , AGAIN.

  • S.Jackson

    Maybe alot of people WISH that MJ was this sexual freak … maybe he was a sexual freak and just LIED about it a million times , I dont know …

    However , I DO know what he said…
    And MICHAEL SAID he wasnt into all the sexual stuff.
    MICHAEL SAID he was SCARED when his first girlfriend Tatum O’Neal tried to have sex with him.
    MICHAEL KIND OF GIGGLED like a child on the Martin Bashir interview WHEN ASKED ABOUT SEX …
    Michael also said that if he thought about the thoughts that go through womens’ minds about wanting to have SEX with him and picturing him NAKED , he would NEVER PERFORM AGAIN, because it was EMBARASSING.

    Now. I know I just repeated myself , but I did that to prove a POINT. The POINT Im trying to prove is, from MJs perspective, I dont think he was a sexual freak and fucked all these women like many are saying. Look at things he has said. Read The Michael Jackson Tapes , ESPECIALLY. I dont know if Michael was asexual or not … but if he wasnt, then it can POSSIBLY point to the fact that he must have been lying about certain things he said concerning sex …

  • Ricardovitz

    Yessiree, Michale Jackson was lyin! What make you think he ain’t? How ’bout that thar Lary Craig feller – he swore up ‘n down that he ain’t a queer….but what you reckon all that toe-tappin on the tarlet stuff ‘s ’bout? Umhum. And, what ’bout that thar preacher feller – Ted Haggard? He swore up ‘n down he weren’t queer neither. A preacher-man!! But, boy oh boy – he lied ‘n lied ‘n lied, now din’t he.

    But, some drugged-up dope-fiend who wear’s ladies makeup, dresses up like a punk-queer, prances ’round like a lady, talks like a lady, ‘n sleeps with li’ll boys – HE CAI’NT BE NO QUEER – CUZ Y’ALL THINK HE’S THAR LORD ‘N SAVIOR!! That thar Devil got hisself some slick moves, ‘n y’all stop seein what’s plain as day. That’s what the Devil do – blinds you with his slick moves so’s you dern’t see no evil, dern’t hear no evil, ‘n make sure you dern’t speak no evil ’bout his fornicatin with 12 year old boys.

  • Me

    At this point, would it really matter if MJ was gay?! But the fact is he wasn’t! Michael was always discreet about his relationships. He had morals and values! He wasn’t the type to flaunt his relationships to the world. He was a very private person. For all of U who are chomping at the bit to hear ANYTHING remotely close to the topic of MJ being gay…Here’s a couple of facts and quotes…Lisa Marie Presley told a friend that Michael was “very hot in bed”.
    Also MJ’s former bodyguards recently gave an interview of how they would hear kissing sounds coming from the backseat (of the limo) between him and his girlfriend/lady friend. They also mentioned again, as if anybody couldn’t tell, MJ was an extremely private person!
    Whoever this Ricardo guy is, he seems to be quite hung up on MJ’s sexuality. More power to you if you are gay but don’t label MJ as the same because he’s not! I don’t think Ricardo has the brain power to fully understand MJ, his posts clearly prove it!

  • Ricardovitz

    Now, looky what we got here – some assclown “ME” say Michale Jackson wern’t no homosexual. But, boys and girls, y’all know that thar ME is a lyin fool. Dern’t need ta know nothin ’bout ME or Michael Jackson ta spot a bald-faced liar. See how’s I is right on this:

    1. ME say “Michael Jackson had morals and values!” ME say “Michael Jackosn were a very private person”.

    2. Then ME say that Michael Jackson was gittin it on with “lady friends in the backseat of a limo all thar while his Bodyguards was watchin and listenin to ’em. Now dern’t that beat all. Either ME is a bald-faced liar, or he dern’t know thar meaning of the words “VERY PRIVATE”. Either ME is a bald-faced liar, or he dern’t know thar meaning of the words “MORALS AND VALUES”.

    Tain’t no good ‘ol boy with morals and values fornicatin ‘n gettin it on with this ‘n that lady whore in thar back seat of a limo all the whiles his man-friends is listenin and watchin him!!!! Likewise, the back seat of a limo ware man-folks be listenin to fornication sounds ain’t bein VERY PRIVATE, is it?

    So, this here ME make up a pack of lies, er git ’em from some dumb ‘ol pornography magazine whereabouts some “unnamed body guards” is givin him a rundown on what Michael Jackson did fer show on thar back of a limozine with a lady whore er two.

    BUT WHAT HAPPENED IN PRIVATE was Michael Jackson molestin pre-teen boys. Guess them Bodyguards dern’t see none of that devil worship goin on in thar limozine. S’pose they wern’t invited in to Michael’s private bed chambers when he wanted to git all cozey like with li’ll boys.

    Hmmmm, yep. I dern’t think ME got thar brain power to fully understand that he jest got caught tellin lies.

  • gilber

    Ricardovitz te escribo en espanol porque como ya sabras ricardo es un nombre hispano.dejame decirte ricardo que con los anos que tengo de heterofobico(y moralista) nunca he entrado a un portal heterosexual ,ni tan siquiera cuando se discuten temas gays, con esto te digo que tu precencia continua en un sitio donde simplemente estas de mas me parece rara.tu moralidad,tu putrido y falso sentido de etica hermafroditica y deviante sexual,(si quieres discutir conmigo sobre esto ultimo me avisas)aqui sobran.dejame decirte ricardito que no hay nada peor en esta existencia que la de renegar de los tuyos.sabes bien porque estas aqui(ya vas por mas de docientas veces),cosa rara para un heterosexual y encima de eso homofobico.como ya te dije soy heterofobico,esto es debido al cuadro espiritista(guias espiritules) que poseo que no admiten mentiras ni enganos ni mucho menos impurezas ,que como ya sabras ustedes los que apoyan tanto las parejas dimorficas tienen de sobra.debes de respetarte mucho mas de lo que los hetrosexuales te han ensenado comiendote el cerebro.realmente no se que ganas con entrar tanto a este sitio me imagino que si tienes novia ya debe estar sospechando de ti,aunque no te lo diga.tambien espero que si eres heterosexual al menos tengas toda la precucion de borrar tu recent history ya que cualquier amigo tuyo puedo sospechar mas de la cuenta.ya te has pasado demasido como para creer que no eres una puta marica frustrada.como ya lo sabras ni la sangre, ni las venas varicosas, ni las tetas llenas de leches, ni las infecciosas secreciones vaginales que tanto asumo que te gusta tragar,ni las mini-pollas(clitoris) que asumo te gusta ponerte en tus sentidos para hermafroditizarte mas,ni las cochinas hormonas de esas que cambian a un hombre a mujer que tanto te gusta absorber,nada de eso es parte de la inmoralidad de los maricones,tenemos otra,mucho mas razional,menos sucia,con un nivel mucho mas alto de naturalidad sexual,fisica y organica etc.si el dimorphismo sexual es lo que te calienta entonces vete para la resicontramierda de tu puta madre y no pierdas mas tu tiempo aqui con los maricones,habiendo cantidad de paginas donde puedes ver todo tipo de deformaciones fisicas desde tetas que parecen un puro cancer hasta vaginas que parecen herida abirtas por un machetazo.todo eso es en lo que tu deberias estar perdiendo tu timpo, no aqui con nosotros los maricones ,aunque te digo ,no te estoy botando,solo te estoy aconsejando.tu presencia aqui hasta me agrada.te quiero mucho……hahahahaha bye

  • ........

    Ricardovitz, what are you on?! LMAO! If you never met or knew Michael Jackson, how on earth could you tell someone else they are lying?! Ridiculous!

  • axos

    Come on, Ricardo boy is just joking and having fun.

  • Ricardovitz

    Well, I dern’t speak beaner – so I reckon I dern’t know what the Mexicaly is jibber-jabberen about.

    As far as callin ME a liar – I dern’t need ta know Michael Jackson to call a liar a liar. All I got to do is read ME’s post – all the lies is contained in thar. I done pointed that out to ya – cain’t ya read?

    And, Axos – if you think folks worshipin a drug-crazed, kiddy molestin nutbag like Michael Jackson is jest a bunch of funnin ’round, then you is as guilty of panderin to the Devil as them other folks who let Jackson’s slick dance moves cover up fer his slick sexual moves on li’ll boys.

  • axos

    S. Jackson: “Michael also said that if he thought about the thoughts that go through womens’ minds about wanting to have SEX with him and picturing him NAKED , he would NEVER PERFORM AGAIN, because it was EMBARASSING.”

    I wouldn’t put any trust in that statement – Michael was talking to a very narrowminded rabbi, who he probably believed had never seen any of his shows. Michael got graphic erotic letters from girls since he was a teenager, plus they usually told him what they wanted to do to him, so he was quite aware of their thoughts.

    He certainly played to the audience’s erotic expectations and dreams on stage, grinding against girls to the point becoming quite visually aroused, delighting the crowd and hopefully himself. He also masturbated on camera (simulated or not) in Black & White, according to director John Landis. I think he might well have had a little fun at the rabbi’s expense during those taped conversations. He also had a huge collection of porn (heterosexual and adult, btw).

    I would rather hope he DID have some nice rolls in the hay during his lifetime. Would be sad if he didn’t. Doesn’t seem like there was a lot of it, but you never know.

  • ........

    @Ricardovitz: Again, how can you tell someone else that they’re lying if you never knew Michael Jackson personally??? (Regardless of what ME stated)

  • gurlie




  • Ricardovitz

    Lets s’pose that thar Michael Jackson did have sexual contact with even jest one boy. Are y’all gonna give him a pass on that? That gonna be “ok” with you, cuz he was jest espressing his love fer another person? That dern’t bother any of you none? I bet y’all would still come up with a whole heap of excuses fer this Michael Jackson even if you believed he had sex with one child.

    Well, I’m tellin y’all that he did. He had sex with boys. He might not’ve done nothin anal to ’em – I dern’t know. But, he done touch ’em where he aught not have. And, that ain’t right. That’s down right evil. And y’all er defendin and justifyin evil.

  • ........

    @Ricardovitz: You still haven’t responded to my previous question…So you know for a fact that Michael had inappropriate relationships with kids?? Do you have proof to back it up??

  • Ricardovitz

    Michael did have inapprpriate relationships with kids – that thar’s been proven. He done slept in thar same bed as 9 other kids, in addition to Gavin Arvizo. Thar was lots of evidence gave at trial ’bout how Jackson not only slept with Gavin, but jacked ’em off a few times. Lots of reports of Jackson molestin kiddies caused the police ta raid his Neverland Ranch numerous times.

    A Grand Jury found enough evidence to charge Jackson with somethin like 10 counts of bad doins havin ta do with kiddy molsetin. He was charged with thar crimes. And tried, but them jurrors couldn’t find enough “reasonable doubt ta let Jackson go free. That’s cuz that Favin Arvizo’s momma was a scumbag in her own right. But, one thang is fer shure, thar tain’t no doubt that Jackson liked sleeping with ‘lill boys ‘n givin ’em what he called “Jesus Juice”.

    Just cuz a jury says they ain’t convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that yer guilty dern’t mean you ain’t a kiddy diddler. A Jury found OJ din’t murder his wife and lover – but he did. We all know that, but that thar’s a story ’bout another black feller that got off not payin fer his crime.

  • Kathy

    @Ricardovitz: You don’t have to continue to insist that MJ has had inapprpriate relationships with kids because you have already proven to everyone that you are a complete dumb ass!

  • Bisexual Vampire

    The majority of U.S. citizens could careless about Michael Jackson being gay. The man was a weird freak. He’s actions wasn’t normal of a 50 year old man.

  • axon

    I’m completely fed up with the Ricardovitz nonsense month after month, and the Bisexual Vampire’s snottiness isn’t far behind. MJ was unusual but certainly no freak, he was an extraordinary talent who gave to the world so much more than he ever got back, and neither of you will ever even get close to his achievements. Show some respect and shut the hell up.

  • Bisexual Vampire

    Axon go straight to hell and join that pedophile freak.

  • axon

    Bisexual Vampire – you are hateful and crazy.

  • Lefty

    i like michael jackson and wish he was still here :_(

  • Ricardovitz

    Axon, we ain’t goin nowhere. Michael Jackson was a pedophile freak and all yer devil-mouthed jibber jabbber tryin to convince folks otherwise ain’t gonna go unanswered.

    Michael Jackson was a drug-addict loser. He was a drunk. He slept with li’ll children. THESE ARE FACTS! What do you think that a 50 year old drug-addict loser drunk who sleep with multiple children is doin? Sick, sick, sick, sick. Glad he’s dead’er than a squashed toad.

    Yer either on the side of TRUTH….er yer helpin thar DEVIL. Axon – you is a Devil-helpin whore.

  • ........

    @Ricardovitz: Your “proof” is just media speculation. Not facts!

  • Ricardovitz

    Here’s what I think, boys and girls:

    1. I think thar’s some folks here that is related to Jackson, or knew him pretty good.

    2. I think these here folks KNOW that Jackson was a drug addict.

    3. I think these here folks KNOW that Jackson waa a drunk.

    4. I think these folks KNOW that Jackson, while on drugs and booze slept with little boys.

    5. I think that folks KNOW that Jackson molested some little boys, but they dern’t want no one to bring up these facts or talk about it. Thar’s too much money in the image of Michael Jackson for his relatives and the Media to make by tryin to burry the facts that Jackson was a sick, drug-addicted, booze-hound who liked to get it on with little boys.

    6. I think that Jackson’s relatives are glad that Michael Jackson is dead so that they can really capitalize on Jackson’s music and dancing without Michael’s “bad habbits” getting in thar way.

    Folks who jest like to listen to Jackson sing and dance dern’t get all this uptight ‘n emotional when someone like me is jest pointing out the facts. That’s what I think.

  • ........

    @Ricardovitz: Again, what U think is your OPINION, NOT FACTS! U seem to believe whatever the media reports. SAD!

  • Ricardovitz

    Well, Mr. @Ricardovitz, I’m waiting to hear what yer “facts” are. I done gave you plenty of facts. So, tell us these facts:

    1. Was Michael Jackson a drug addict?
    2. Was Michael Jackson an alcoholic or a known drinking problem?
    3. Did Michael Jackosn have a multitude of Personality dissorders?
    4. Did Michael Jackson’s father beat and abuse him?
    5. Did Michael Jackson sleep in the same bed as children staying at his “Neverland Ranch”?
    6. Was Michael Jackson accused by more than one person of molesting them?

  • ........

    @Ricardovitz: “I done gave you plenty of facts.”
    You gave a bunch of opinions and media speculated theories, not proof. Court transcripts are an example of proof. Try reading them, clearly shows Michael was innocent.

  • Kat


    1. Was Michael Jackson a drug addict? YES
    2. Was Michael Jackson an alcoholic or a known drinking problem? UNKNOWN
    3. Did Michael Jackson have a multitude of Personality dissorders? ONLY HIS PSYCHIATRIST WOULD KNOW
    4. Did Michael Jackson’s father beat and abuse him? YES
    5. Did Michael Jackson sleep in the same bed as children staying at his “Neverland Ranch”? NO, HE SLEPT ON THE FLOOR
    6. Was Michael Jackson accused by more than one person of molesting them? ONLY ONE ACTUALLY ACCUSED HIM AND IT WAS FOR MONEY… How messed up is that?

    Read more: http://www.queerty.com/was-michael-jackson-gay-no-but-he-wasnt-exactly-straight-either-20090715/#comments#ixzz0sILOwn78

  • michael

    michael nu este gay delov

  • 1958mjj143

    yeah, you’re right…it’s just for money .. and the father who wants the money, he just used his son to accomplish his plan. what kind of father is he ? eww..

  • jamie

    dude/dudet u stop leave the dude alone hes been dead for bout 2 years hes GAY and u no im right this is a fact

  • ........

    @jamie: “hes GAY and u no im right this is a fact”
    Well if it’s a fact, where is your proof to back it up?

  • Maria-Laura

    Look, everyone, does it really matter whether he’s straight, gay or asexual?
    Is it really to do with us?
    Look, I’m a very young person, and I love Michael dearly, and always have.
    I just don’t see why people need to know such personal details about him.
    He’s dead now, end of.
    The best thing about not knowing everything is magic, he was a master of magic, and there’s magic in mysteries…
    Keep it that way?
    All My Love MJ, Never Forgotten :'( <3 x

  • Maria-Laura

    He had no drinking problem’s, he never drunk.
    Ermm, do you know why he was addicted?
    Other than that, loving your answer’s :)

  • sam

    i dont care if he was gay straight bi or asexual. i will always love him and his songs. but if i had to choose i think id say bi. but i do think he was attactive to men but i dont think he would ever do it cause of his religine but i could be wrong. i just wish he would of told us what he is and be proud with it.

  • Ricardovitz

    Look here boys and girls. Michael Jackson is the Devil. If you praise the Devil, love the Devil, or defend the Devil, yer a Devil Worhip’n whore.

    Men who seduce boys fer sex, love, er whatever kind of sicko whatnot are PURE EVIL – SPAWN OF THAR DEVIL!!! So, yep – it matters when y’all git on here lovin, cooin, praisin, ‘n worshipin THE DEVIL.

  • ........

    @Ricardovitz: You STILL DON’T HAVE PROOF TO BACK UP YOUR STATEMENTS! What an idiot!

  • Ricardovitz

    I done gave y’all proof – see posts: 248 & 238. You jest like worshipn the Devil ‘n dern’t wanna see the truth.

  • ........

    @Ricardovitz: “I done gave y’all proof – see posts: 248 & 238.”
    You gave a bunch of opinions and media speculated theories! NOT PROOF! Court transcripts are an example of proof! Come back when you have DOCUMENTED facts to back u up!

  • Ricardovitz

    So, some dummy think “proof” can only be what liawers say it is – court transcripts. This here is ware ya git 3 liawers runnin thar show: Judge – he’s a liawer; ‘n on liawer fer each side. Tain’t nothing but a big ‘ol LIE-FEST goin on. But, this here anonomous boy dern’t trust nothin but liawer-generated transcripts?????

    I believe that most folks (other than liawers) who is God-fear’n, dern’t lie. Proof is that thar’s bunch’s of folks who all say the same thang ’bout Jackson – “Michael Jackson molested me when I was a little boy”. They’s all consistant. See, that thar’s yer proof. Folks dern’t make this here kinda stuff up.

  • ........

    @Ricardovitz: Yet again you give your personal opinion. Just because you think he was guilty, doesn’t mean he was. You need legal documents to back you up. Thus far, you have provided NONE! Try again!

  • Ricardovitz

    So, ‘cordin to Mr. Anon 274, thar ain’t no queer-boys ‘less they’s got “LEGAL PAPERS” SAY’N THAT THAR QUEER!!! And, ‘less some kiddy-diddlin NAMBLA member like this here Michael Jackson got some LEGAL PAPERS, he ain’t done played with little boy sausages.

    I guess lack of Legal Papers mean that a prevert boy-rapist like Michale Jackson or someone else fer that matter, can say he’s all kind of stuff…..’n folks like you is gonna believe it cuz famous-freak said it.

  • ........


  • Ricardovitz

    No need ta git angry ’bout Michael Jackson beein a queer fella. He was not only queer, but liked to sleep with little boys and fondle them too. That alone makes him a queer. Sure, he was a pedophile too, but so are many queer folks.

  • ........

    @Ricardovitz: Whatever…your logic, or lack thereof explains how unintelligent u are…keep repeating yourself with nothing to back u up…I need a good laugh!


    Am i the only one here who has sence? lets see michael jackson i understand was abused by his father and forced to work instead of play as a kid. Just imaginine if you had to go threw all that, it got to the point where he began to convince himself he was a child. So my opinion is he proably didnt know what he liked men or women. More than likely he was but he was either gay and just didnt know it or he didnt know at all. Thats what i beleive. Anyone agree?

  • Kabish

    i’m like the biggest mj fan for real
    but i can seriously imagine that he was gay

  • Emily

    Well i Must say… This is Rubbish..
    Just because he Believed that Sex was somthing that shouldnt be told to the whole world.. that suddenly maskes him gay..
    Come on… This is MICHAEL JACKSON were talking about… the most well known person to have ever lived… If he says one word about sex and the entire world will know in minutes.. And if i was as shy as he way i certanly wouldnt want the whole world knowing my business.. especially somthing that private.. And he wasnt just thinking bout himself… He was thinking about women he has been with.. what would they think hif he was blabbing their business.

    Sex isnt somthing that should be talked about outside of a relationship/… only ignorant people talk about it cause they think their cool or somthing.

    If i have slept with someone it is no ones buisness but my own.. If he doesnt want to tell the whole world… He shouldnt have to.
    Seriously.. why does it matter if he has had sex or not… i mean Grow up people/… Stop destroying faith in the human race.

  • Emily

    @Ricardovitz: Seriosly… Could you Speak any more like an Idiot.. ‘Cordin, @Less, ‘n, ‘Bout… Frik boy.. Your typing… Just speak english.. And seems as you believe whatever Shit is Shoved up your ass by the Media.. That kinda Helps Prove my “Idiot” Theory..

    Have a good life… Or a Shitty one… Dont really care !

  • Emily

    @Ricardovitz: Seriosly… Could you Speak any more like an Idiot.. ‘Cordin, ‘Less, ‘n, ‘Bout… Frik boy.. Your typing… Just speak english.. And seems as you believe whatever Shit is Shoved up your ass by the Media.. That kinda Helps Prove my “Idiot” Theory..

    Have a good life… Or a Shitty one… Dont really care !

  • pipehooter

    i know you man i think we sparked up a puddle out back behind the church a couple weeks ago, it was decent shit but i didn’t like how you tried getting me to ride barebakk for gakk bud

  • Huh

    @Thom Freeheart:

    That makes no sense. Michael is a man. If you think he liked men, he was gay. God you’re stupid.

  • Justin


    It’s not that people understand him now, most just feel sorry that he died; no one is going to poke fun at a dead man. At least, not as much. I can recall people hating on him months prior to his death, then they all seemed to love him shortly thereafter. Hm. The media can make or break people.

  • Justin


    It’s not that people understand him now, most just feel sorry that he died; no one is going to poke fun at a dead man. At least, not as much. I can recall people hating on him months prior to his death, then they all seemed to love him shortly thereafter. Hm.

    The media can make or break people.

  • Visaliny

    Your opinions are rubbish!A man named Chris had a maid n she worked as Michael Jackson’s maid in Bahrain!She said Michael will bring a blonde women to his bedroom n they share bed..Now suck it..MJ was not gay! none of u know Michael in person so plz stop giving your opinions

  • Arah

    ok first of all michael jackson was NOT gay he only dated/married women so go a head and think what you want just dont go around saying he is gay because he is not. I really hate it when people talk lies about michael he never did anything to you so just shut up with the lies hes gone so forget it nand how would you like it if someone called you gay out of nowhere you wouldnt so please stop. R.I.P Michael I love you <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  • Muffy

    Funny article.

    I believe MJ was gay, but of course he knew Joe and Katherine would never accept that, so he had to keep in closet. lol

    It’s funny as hell seeing delusional fans claim MJ was straight. It scares them that much? Fucking Helen Keller can see MJ wasn’t into women! Mike didn’t even have kids the old fashion way. He paid Debbie Rowe for Prince and Paris and used Dr. Klein’s sperm. He married Rowe for the sole purpose of being identified as the legal father. Blanket was bought too. I’ve always been a huge MJ fan, but MJ hasn’t had pussy since pussy had him. R.I.P.

  • jodie

    I want to say alot. First off, I love michael jackson. Yes I am a teenager. I remember when my parents used to slap mj while they were working out back in the day. I picked up on him around 2. First off he is t the most talented person that walked this planet. His singing was a amazing and his dancing omg really good. First off he donated so much money to help kids. So shut the fuck up cuz none of you bitches or celebs did as much as he did. He did a good cause by using his money to help other people! Overr million s of dollars. Nonnone of you fuckers would ever to do that. So don’t talk smack. You guys are jealous cuz he was talented and wasn’t stingy and not a cold heart bastard like u bitches are. Leave him alone, he lived a hard childhood and was teased from his dumb ass father. He was talented and honestly an innocent guy. I don’t think he was gay, and he was shy about sex but that’s okay. Honestly his music is amazing he was areally really nice person, so shut the fuck up you dumb ass bitches. Fuck u ian go suck a dick! Leave michael alone he’s not with us anymore (I love you michael) and let the guy rest in piece. You shittalkrs go fucking leave him alone. Rip michael jackson I love you. God bless. Xoxoxo

  • axon

    Jodie – I completely agree that Michael was a genius, a gift to the world and innocent, and I miss him terribly too, but you can say all that without sprinkling your post with stupid obscenities. Clean up your language if you don’t want to look like an idiot.

  • [email protected](y)@

    Michael Jackson was big talent.And I know that he wasn’t gay and he wasn’t a pedophile.I am not saying this because I am his fan.I am saying this because you can’t judge people if you don’t know them,and you can’t say that he was gay just because of his look or his height voice.Who are you to judge?Beside Michael was one of the most loving and giving person you’ll ever seen,so don’t judge someone you don’t know,let the God judge.

  • [email protected](y)@

    Michael Jackson was big talent.And I know that he wasn’t gay and he wasn’t a pedophile.I am not saying this because I am his fan,I am saying this because you can’t judge him if you don’t know him,and you can’t say that he was gay just because of his look or his height voice.Who are you to judge?And I can’t believe that you still can’t learn that media is peace of shit,and all they’re saying are lies,lies and lies.And if someone of his fans believe in that shit they should be ashamed,cause if they are real fans they would believe him,not media.Beside Michael was one of the most loving and giving person you’ll ever seen,so don’t judge someone you don’t know,let the God judge.

  • Kaycee

    umm, you know what I don’t get? You all sit here and only worry about weather MJ was gay or not (which he wasnt) but either way why should that matter to you or not? He had many things happen to him in his life some of you could at least be nicer. And he was the world most amazing entertainer, why you people only worry about the bad and personal things of a successful person I will never know. And why does it matter to you anyway? He was never bothering the way you lived and he wouldnt want to because unlike you guys he had a life you guys have none and want to just sit around and talk about a dead mans sexuality really? If thats what you call entertainment then well……thats just pretty umm well stupid. Michael probably wouldnt care about your comments much anyway because he was living it up while you people were poor personally I think you guys just are saying most of this is because you are sooo jealous of him you want to put him down to feel better about yourself, well shame on all of you! But now he is in heaven lying next to God while you all sit and judge you should maybe take MJ’s advice and look at the man in the mirror instead of worrying about michaels sexuality and what proof do you have he is gay? Im not saying you have proof he was straight but either way its none of you business really. R.I.P Michael Joseph Jackson 1958~2009 Love lives forever (and don’t worry about what they think you fans, family, and friends know the truth)

  • Ricardovitz

    Michael Jackson – he wern’t no genius. But, he was a queer; and he did molest li’ll boys. He were also a drunk ‘n a junkie. A real piece of crap, that feller was, yessiree.

  • blythe 5050

    @Molly: funny how not one man woman or child can really prove without a doubt that they were with mj sexually wow that’s some interesting shiz

  • Andy

    Michael Jackson was the musical equivalent of Salvador Dali. They were both incredibly gifted artists and loved the public attention sometimes but hated it in other ways, none of them were asexual but due to very bad female experiences from childhood they became scared of women in an intimate way.

    It´s not unlikely that neither of them had sex with more then one woman and that both of them lost their virginy on their wedding night.

  • billiejean2300

    I believe Michael Jackson was not gay and I believe he was not guilty of the child molestation charges. He was a normal person just like us. Michael Jackson was a brother, son, father, uncle, etc. and some people are bulling a beloved family member and superstar.

  • scarlet

    I don’t think Michael jackson is gay. And I most defenatley don’t think he’s a pedifile. Okay people may say that he is but he might just want kids to sleep with him to have that feeling like he’s a kid again. It doesn’t have to mean he touched [email protected]Ricardovitz: Okay first you never met him they have no proof of him touching one person so keep your mouth shut ur a junkie and piece of crap.

  • Nicoale Jones

    @Everly: the best answer on this blog :)

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