Was Openly Gay Jon Carter Killed By A Fellow Pub Goer?

44-year-old Jon Carter spent all of Saturday drinking. Near the end of the night the Scotsman had no money and depended on pals to buy rounds. He ended up leaving the Port O’Leith pub in Edinburgh at 11:30pm with two men—one with a flame tattoo on his neck and another with a distinct accent. The next time someone saw Jon they found him unconscious in an elevator laying in a large pool of blood.

So far the forensics teams have not issued a cause of death nor have the Scottish police made any arrests. Carter’s friends say that the openly gay “gentle giant” had no interest in fighting. “He was a lovely guy who was very cultured. He loved reading, playing backgammon, going to museums and libraries.” They suspect gay bashing, but Detective Inspector Sara Buchanan continues searching for witnesses who were in the area early Sunday morning.