Was Sharon Needles Arrested For Peeing On A Police Station?

Our sisters-in-crime at Next had some interesting tidbits about XL, the new megaclub attached to the “straight-friendly” Out NYC hotel in New York: Apparently Kris Jenner, mother of all the demon Kardashian spawn, stopped by on Wednesday. No, she wasn’t pimping out one of her daughters—she was there for Lady Bunny and Bianca del Rio’s new party, Hot Mess.  “Bunny tells us Jenner endured some gentle ribbing from emcee Bianca Del Rio—well, gentle for Del Rio,” writes the Nexus, “and wasn’t even phased when Bunny’s make-up smeared all over her ‘$6500 white lace’ top.”

Drag Race‘s reigning queen Sharon Needles was at the Hell’s Kitchen hotspot as well, but she apparently behaved a little less ladylike: Sick of the long bathroom lines, Sharon snuck outside and took a piss on the building next door. Of course, that building just happens to be a NYPD precinct house and Sharon was summarily arrested.  Whatever happened to “Everybody say love”!?!?

Photo: JJ Keyes

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  • w.e.


  • Aedan

    Poor girl. We still love you Sharon and I totally sympathize!

  • heygrrlhey

    fuck the po-lice!

  • Geoff B

    Is this gonna be a thread about how not only public sex, but also public urination and other elimination isn’t gross and anyone who’se against it is “self-hating” and “upright”?

  • QJ201

    Makes me love her more

    and those damn XL queens wouldn’t let a drag queen go ahead in line….classy.

  • Ogre Magi

    @Geoff B: Hey, when ya gotta go ya gotta go

  • Riker

    @Geoff B: Its certainly tacky, but we’ve all done it at some point. When you have to go, and there are a whole herd of princesses lined up for the bathroom, a nearby bush or building looks awfully tempting.

  • Clockwork

    True, when you gotta go, you gotta go.

    But only a drunk dumb ass does not look around to see where they are whizzing.

  • the other Greg

    @Geoff B: That’s right. As you know, peeing on buildings is common at Southern Decadence and the Folsom St. Fair, and since nobody is freaked out by it there, the obvious inference to be drawn from that fact is that peeing on buildings is a BASIC HUMAN RIGHT and must be legalized EVERYWHERE including Dominica! :) Yeah, the Atlantis comment threads were bizarre.

  • Clockwork

    By the way if you go to a Pride Parade, have some class and find a port-a-potty or restroom.

  • Drew

    Sharon Needles is a media whore, but then again so are Lady Bunny and Ru Paul!

  • Dave

    QJ101-And why should the people who are ahead of Sharon in line let her butt ahead?

    Only trash from Jersey like yourself would find Sharon Needles’ actions to be commendable.

  • jj

    fucking phi phi started this rumor on twitter…

  • Effy

    Fuck the haters, Sharon. Piss on whatever you want.

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