Was Sharon Needles Arrested For Peeing On A Police Station?

Our sisters-in-crime at Next had some interesting tidbits about XL, the new megaclub attached to the “straight-friendly” Out NYC hotel in New York: Apparently Kris Jenner, mother of all the demon Kardashian spawn, stopped by on Wednesday. No, she wasn’t pimping out one of her daughters—she was there for Lady Bunny and Bianca del Rio’s new party, Hot Mess.  “Bunny tells us Jenner endured some gentle ribbing from emcee Bianca Del Rio—well, gentle for Del Rio,” writes the Nexus, “and wasn’t even phased when Bunny’s make-up smeared all over her ‘$6500 white lace’ top.”

Drag Race‘s reigning queen Sharon Needles was at the Hell’s Kitchen hotspot as well, but she apparently behaved a little less ladylike: Sick of the long bathroom lines, Sharon snuck outside and took a piss on the building next door. Of course, that building just happens to be a NYPD precinct house and Sharon was summarily arrested.  Whatever happened to “Everybody say love”!?!?

Photo: JJ Keyes