Was the Gay Man Making Death Threats Against Rep. Eric Cantor a Queerty Commenter?

We do our best to promote an open dialogue among readers on this website. Visitors can post un-moderated comments. They can leave remarks anonymously. We just never intended one of our threads to become part of a death threat chain against Virginia Republican Rep. Eric Cantor. (For whatever it’s worth, the U.S. Attorney’s Office never contacted us about Norman Leboon’s postings.) [Metro Weekly]

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  • terrwill

    Are you telling me that there are unstable people posting on the Queeety threads?????? SHOCKING!!!

  • Jay

    Cantor is an abrasive jerk after all. Why are we so surprised at this?

  • Steve

    It’s good to know that the FBI is keeping tabs on gay blogs, looking for threats of violence against elected officials and (presumably also) terrorist conspiracies.

    I wonder if they also spend any resources keeping tabs on Muslim groups. Based on the number of Muslim Imams who have been arrested in the US for recruiting terrorists (ZERO in the last ten years, I think), I rather doubt it.

    Perhaps, running a few google queries once a month is easier than actually attending Mosque once a week.

  • nancy glue

    the chickens has came home to roost!
    i heard the guy also has videos online threatening pelosi and the president!
    he was just *furious* about rev. rick warren and obama.
    hauslib (sp.?), was it you?
    it was that “wayne” guy over on WOW report blog, wasn’t it??
    you trash are so over.
    this song’s for only the classy people!

  • jeffree

    This death threat story is creepy. There are some scarey unstable people out there and ON HERE…. ^^Adam Lambert fans, i’m NOT talking about u here!!^^

    Anyone who posts threats on a blog, facebook, twitter or UTube etc is a crazy moron. Free speech has some limits.

    The tea partier people have also been making threats vs senators who voted for the health care changes. I hope they are pursued when they make threats 2.

    @Steve: They’d have 2 hire an Arabic linguist/ translator 2 do that monitoring…. oh wait, Lt. Dan Choi may b looking for work soon, & guess what his background is in ??!

  • nancy glue

    “…i’ll get you! you and your cupcake evil wife!”

  • strum da dum dum

    @ Jeffree

    Free speech doesn’t have any limits but what usually is left from this idea is the concept of listening. We, the audience, need to understand and listen to people when they espouse unpopular ideas that contain violent beliefs. The TeaBagger Movement (TM) is basically a death threat to our country.

  • jason

    I am appalled, just appalled.

  • Republican


    Well, at least we know it wasn’t you. I was worried there for a minute. ;) Just teasing.

  • terrwill

    @Republican: Naw, while I admit to being slightly unstable, I won’t cyberwander out of the Queerty playground……………… : p

  • jeffree

    @strum da dum dum: Are u serious or delussional?? To test out your “no limits on free speech” theory you could say u have an explosive radioactive tampon in your purse at an airport security checkpoint. See how that goes!

    Or imagine leaving a message on someones phone saying you will kill them.
    Try a bomb threat at a hospital or school and see if how long you remain a free person.

    Sure you say whatever you want, but there are and should be consequences.

  • B

    No. 6 · nancy glue wrote, ‘”…i’ll get you! you and your cupcake evil wife!”‘ … and your little dog too.

    Who is this Norman nut? The Wicked Witch of the West? His best defense (if insanity doesn’t work) is going to be that he was a failed writer trying to make a parody of the Wizard of Oz and simply did a bad job of it.

  • mulletkitty

    Well, people like this usually post all over the place, feeling silenced, compulsively posting, oversharing, including crazy details like their home addresses….

    No real black eye to Queerty, one of many places where he compulsively posted. It’s not like Queerty incites violence, courts such venom, or shields those that violate its policies.

    Sounds like the guy was losing it, using disillusionment with Obama as an excuse for escalating his rhetoric. Guy’s clearly having a mental breakdown… Let’s hope they don’t toss him in a cell with delusional tea-baggers!

  • strum da dum dum


    oh wait, now i remember why i hate people with knee jerk reactions. ty

  • jeffree

    @strum da dum dum: Thanx for seeing it my way! Please let us know how yr freedom of speech exercise goes w/ the explosive radioactive tampon in yr purse at airport security. i already set up an automatic search 4 those words so i will be immediately be notified & can alert the ACLU about ur struggle to speak freely where ever u like !!

    that’s what friends are 4……

  • Dale

    I blame Davey Wavey.

  • jeffree

    @mulletkitty: Oh yea: i think your 2 words “oversharing” & “compulsively” sum up the issue. Its the obsession 2 reveal the twisty corners of the mind. Its the belief that threatening people will change other peoples opinions (FALSE!!), & mixed up with picking targets & announcing them as if that is somehow ok, acceptable or heroic!

    With all the constant chatter on the internet, it’ s hard to tell who is crazy sick but violent vs. who is just pished off @ the moment & will settle down the next day or after getting obsessed w/ some other issue.

    Where things get scarey is when people make same threats day after day against same people/ organisation on multiple sites. We cant blame Queerty 4 not knowing this guys obbsessions were being posted on websites all over.

    I dont know how this big sloppy mess of the internet/ blogworld would know what 2 do about creepy threats other then 2 ban that person from commenting , OR who they would even tell if suddenly they got worried, but if there’s a way to track those psychos, i don’t know what it is or how its done. If someone knows *say something!!*

    @Dale: You & me now *officially* have a love/hate relationship:I maybe luv u becuz u r right o o o o BUT i hate u for typing my exact thoughts BEFORE I could !! Fondness wins! lets see more from u, ok?

  • terrwill

    One thing, I this makes the third Queerty poster who I have actually seen a picture of and based on his “unique looks” (see how nice I can be sometimes : p) and I am very ascared…

  • ousslander

    Oh he his really some kind of of republican plant., set up to willingly take the fall just to make the dems look bad.

  • Mike

    @Steve, sitting in a mosque isn’t exactly how the FBI rounded up that Christian militia, now is it?

  • swarm

    Naturally. Cantor gets “the bitch deserved it” sentiments and the topic turns to how evil and scary the “tea baggers” are. LMAO at MSNOBAMA making an argument that “nobody shot through Cantor’s window, a bullet fell ~ down into it”. wtf.

    How dare they insist on protesting government takeover of our entire lives and tax everything except breathing…oh WAIT…you are assessed a healthcare tax for just breathing.

    As IF ObamaINC & mischiefmakers can’t place operatives at these public events. Even Adam Lambert’s super left wing brother attended a tea party with faux signs he made up to try and “pass”. Then bragged about it.

    You guys are SO naive, seriously. When you are sick of paying tax on haircuts, wheelchairs, your OWN medical benefits, fuching condoms and tampons maybe you’ll wise up and understand what Obama’s vision of America is about. Or do you still think he’s “secretly in favor of gay marriage”? LMAO.

    He and his friends have told you since day one and before, redistribution of YOUR wealth and large government takeover is his goal. Have fun waiting for your liver transplants even when you can pay for them outright while the neighborhood junkies get them for free and before you. Grow up ppl.

  • terrwill

    If you think there is privacy in the cyberworld, you must still be waiting for Santy Claus to bring you that Malibu Barbie you secretley asked for…..If a GPS can tell you how to make a left turn into the Quickie Mart from a zillion miles up in the sky, folks can see what you are posting on in our little Queerty playground…………
    I for one am kinda sorta ok with them checking out key words to see whats going on in the cyberloony world. Lets face it its only a matter of time til one of these fanatical scumbags gets their filthy hands on a loose nuke, I for one prefer out side to know about it first……..I am fairly certain that lots ‘o stuff goes down that we are never made aware of. The spooks have kept us safe for almost ten years now. And I thank ’em very big time for their dilligence and hard work…….Keeping that in mind ya can’t go round spewing that you are gonna make some folks dead. I don’t want the rightwing lunatics throwin that shit at us, those salvos shouldn’t be tossed from our side either………..

  • craigers

    Hi G-Man! If you look like Fox Mulder please stop by anytime ;)

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