Was the Guy Who Threatened Tel Aviv Rally Organizers Just Rambling On His Blog?


What to do when the person who admits making threats against Tel Aviv’s rally organizers is a soldier in the Israel Defense Forces?

Good question. For now, Shmuel Freimark is sitting in a jail cell; a Jersualem court extended his remand for three days after police arrested him on Saturday night in connection with threats received before some 25,000 Israelis came out to remember the two lives lost in the shooting attack on a gay youth center in Tel Aviv. What’s more: Freimark confessed to making the threats.

His attorney says the 20-year-old suspect “wrote something in a blog, nothing more.” So what, exactly, did Freimark blog? “You will see another attack on the homos, this time a bigger one,” and, “A second attack on the community coming soon. Be prepared. Don’t say you didn’t know.”

Not helping his case: When police arrested Freimark, they found another weapon that was not his military-issued rifle. Naturally, prosecutors will enter this into evidence “the thing he was going to murder everyone with.”