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Was Trans Singer Black Madam Making A Side Career Out Of Fatally Injecting Silicone Into Women’s Butts?

Padge Victoria Windslowe, who also goes by the names Lillian Languri and Black Madam, is a transgender singer. She’s also allegedly the perpetrator of those silicone butt injections that killed 20-year-old British woman Claudia Aderotimi (who stupidly thought getting discounted cosmetic procedures at a Hampton Inn after meeting her “doctor” on the Internet was a responsible thing to do). For now Windslowe is just “wanted for questioning,” which is police speak for “bring her downtown and get her to say something incriminating.” But maybe these two really were kindred spirits: Like Windslowe, Aderotimi yearned to be in front of the camera; she wanted the injections so she could be a “video girl.” Well, here is Windslowe being a video girl: