Wash Times’ Robert Knight: Gay Marriage, Not Budget Crisis, is America’s Biggest Problem

Sending his readers off into a hate-filled weekend, Washington Times columnist Robert Knight penned a piece in Friday’s op-ed section, titled “Debt’s Not All, Folks,” which claims Beltway insiders are too focused on the economy and the debt ceiling—allowing commies, homos and flakes on the Left to railroad in legislation amounting to the destruction of the family. The biggest threat? Same-sex marriage, of course!


“The current target of this unholy campaign is the perversion of marriage. For the first time, a Republican-controlled state Senate chamber provided the margin of victory for a state law redefining marriage away from the man-woman requirement. Soon, there will be no bride needed or no groom for a New York marriage license. Meanwhile, liberal judges all over the country are ruling that preference for traditional morality is animated solely by ‘hate.’

This radical advance is occurring partly because of the ongoing media propaganda that suppresses any serious discussion of the consequences of sexual dysfunction. But it’s also occurring because of the economic drama unfolding in Washington. The Left does not waste crises that it purposefully creates.”

You hear that, America? The Democrats went back in time and created the financial crisis that kicked off during the Bush years just so they could use the ensuing chaos to get pro-gay legislation passed!

Fortunately, Knight says, all hope is not lost:

“It’s not too late to save what’s left of marriage and to reorder public policies to strengthen rather than corrode the sanctity of the home. There are efforts under way in several states to pass constitutional marriage amendments, adding to the 30 that already have them. The abortion industry is losing public support. And many young people are discovering that the hookup culture is a dead end.

A great reservoir of sentiment for the permanent things is waiting to be tapped. What’s needed first is moral leadership from those who purport to be leaders.”

Like closed-minded jargon-spewing pundits who hide behind their laptops, Mr. Knight?

Is now a good time to mention that the Washington Times is owned by the Unification Church, whose leader, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, conducts mass weddings of complete strangers he chooses to be paired off?  Or that Moon compared homosexuals to “dirty dung-eating dogs”that “will be eliminated [in a] purge on God’s order?” (He also claims to be the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, but we’ll let Fundamentalists debate that one)

Did we forget to mention that Knight helped draft DOMA and has worked for far-right organizations like Coral Ridge Ministries, the American Civil Rights Union [not to be confused with the ACLU] and the Family Research Council?  Our favorite tidbit about the columnist, though, comes from TV’s biggest square, Bryant Gumbel. Following an interview on CBS’ The Early Show, Gumbel allegedly called Knight “a fucking idiot.”

Need proof? Watch this clip of Knight at a right-wing conference earlier this year, where he’s explaining the dire threat of gay congressional staffers, who “work long hours [and] have no family life…But they have veto power so you don’t want to upset them.” So are gays the new Hulk?