Washington D.C.’s ‘Mass’ Wedding of 400 Couples Fizzles (To Just 10)

Homosexuals, known for their attention to detail and organizing skills, blew their chance at creating the largest official mass wedding on Saturday, when the 400 couples organizers of a mass wedding expected to show up failed to materialize. Instead, just 15 same-sexers joined in on the fun.

The largest verified mass wedding, according to Guinness World Records, is 168 couples; the Rev. Sun Myung Moon never secured an official count from the organization.

Mike Wilkinson, the 27-year-old events coordinator at the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, thought he could beat that. So he put the word out — which Queerty picked up — that Saturday would be the day of all mass marriage days.

Whether it was price (a $300 registration fee, plus $200 per guest), the arguably impersonal nature of the ceremony (celebrate your nuptials with 398 strangers!), or scheduling conflicts (two other gay-related galas were already planned for that day), the 400 couples never materialized. Just fifteen registered. And only 10 turned up. But we’re sure it was a very special day for those twenty gays. Mazel.