Washington D.C. Voters Trade Marriage Supporter Mayor Adrian Fenty For Marriage Supporter Councilman Vincent Gray

Washington D.C.’s Mayor Adrian Fenty, who signed the city’s same-sex marriage bill into law but faced much criticism for a lackluster LGBT record, conceded today at 2:30am to City Council Chairman Vincent Gray. Let’s allow the Washington Post to explain why voters ousted the incumbent: “But despite the mayor’s frenetic, expensive efforts to promote his accomplishments in all eight wards, he was unable to reverse the widespread belief among black Washingtonians that he favored residents of predominantly white, wealthier neighborhoods.” Gray calls himself “a consistent supporter of the GLBT community.” So far, at least in the way he talks about what he’ll do moving forward, he’s right.

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  • Chris K

    Sad day – I hope Fenty runs as indepedent – he would win based on huge numbers of registered independents including yours truly – this mo…

  • Kramer

    Huge step backward. No one could ever replace Anthony Williams but Fenty did ok raising school grades (Rhee the best), crime down, etc. Gray is like a Barry flashback and has more baggage than most know – will be fun when it comes out.

  • Black Pegasus

    This is a shock to me… Even though I don’t live in the D.C area, I thought Adrian Fenty was well liked by it’s residents. I wish him well.

  • Clemmons

    If DC had an open primary, Fenty would have coasted to victory. One of the largest percentages of educated, affluent, registered independents anywhere. Alas, we had to sit back and watch Gray pandering to the cities less fortunate…reminded me of an old ‘mayor for life’. As mentioned above, would love Fenty to run indie in general election.

  • Mike in Asheville

    A view from an outsider here, so I have no axe to grind over the selection of DC’s mayor.

    Isn’t it refreshing though, two candidates in full support of marriage equality, campaigning to be mayor — that marriage equality and support of gay rights were not dividing issues. Rather here, they both espoused their strong unequivocal support of the LGBT community; it was other issues that swayed voters.

  • Jon

    this election wasn’t about GLBT rights. . .it was about education reform and union busting.

  • Baxter

    Fenty was the best thing to happen to DC in decades. Back to business as usual, I guess.

  • Zen

    @Jon: Well the DC schools are in the best shape in years thanks to Fenty/Rhee – the schools improved more than any other urban school system, largely by getting rid of dead wood teachers.

  • Po

    A bunch of bullshit.
    Fenty “favors white neighborhoods”, why because he’s interested in urban development and making DC an actually viable place to live for people coming from other areas(other than the expensive as hell parts of town).
    Als Rhee really clened up the school system(although there’s a lot of work stiill to be done) but she wasn’t liked by some higher ups in the union/on the board because she refused to pander/cater to them

    No to mention Gray’s horrendously transparent race baiting advrtisements.

  • hephaestion

    Adrian Fenty lost because he turned out to be a huge asshhole. I voted for him 4 years ago, but he let us down big time. He was incredibly corrupt in a very short time. He actually stood up Maya Angelou and Dorothy Height. Can you imagine? He thinks he can do anything he pleases, and many people insist that he is abusing his wife, an accusation that I believe. He treats everyone in his path like shit. He did do some good things, but you can’t be a collosal asshole all the time without consequences. It’s tragic that Fenty fucked up so badly because his political agenda was a good one. Vincent Gray will not be a throw back to the Marion Barry era, as Fenty supporters often claim. Vincent Gray is a good man and should be a better mayor than Fenty was. Fenty stupidly gave an award to a woman who runs an “ex-gay” organization.

  • Avaerk

    Fenty could not have won this election whether he runs as independent, GOP, or if there was in open primary. He lost support with the black womens of the city and it is impossible to win without their support. He may have been a good mayor in results, but he did not communicate well with th city’s people. He was warned long ago and told what he needed to do. He ignored it and is now facing the consequences.

    Independent support cannot win in DC.

  • Cam

    DC is now in danger of losing $75 million from the Federal govt. for our schools because the money was granted based upon the reform agenda that Michelle Rhee set up, Gray has attacked her reform efforts. Additionally large sums of private money geared towards school reform from private groups is in danger because it was granted, again, because of Rhee’s reforms.

    The one argument you hear people who voted against Fenty spout out are “He is a jerk”.

    Really? Thats it? In a few years, DC’s schools have gone from being below Mississippi (Yes, number 51 in a nation of 50 states) to being held up as an example and being used as a road map to help other states inprove their systems.

    So people would rather have somebody who shows up to their church picnics and does nothing be their mayor because he makes them feel good. Those folks should remember, Bush won the election because people thought that he seemed like a good guy to have a beer with.

    I don’t care if a Mayor is somebody I would want to have a beer with as long as the city runs effectively and DC was doing that. Hopefully Gray isn’t just another Marion Barry in disguise, but from his term as Director of the DC Department of Human Services, and the failures there I’m just not sure that isn’t the case.

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