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Washington D.C., Where All the Freaky Gays Live

Of all the cities in all of America, it’s the nation’s capital that ranks highest among gay men who enjoy fisting, exhibitionism, watersports, and role playing. That data comes from, which reveals that Arizona has the nation’s fourth-highest group of fisters; under a new law, they can be stopped by police if they even look like fisters.

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  • Riley

    I thought NYC was fun. Apparently, I have to get back to DC!

  • Eric

    This is probably because they have to be uptight and on their best behavior during the day at their government jobs. It’s always the clean cut quiet ones you have to watch out for…. ;o)

  • Cam

    And everysingle one of them is a closeted anti-gay activist most likely.

  • Ephram

    What do people think of the gay scene in DC? Please comment. I’ve always found there IS one, but it’s quite conservative, full of cocktail-swilling gays who will stab each other in the back, who pose pretty, who are queeny, and who aren’t all that but act bitchy. It’s like NYC gays, except NYC gays are sometimes NICE people deep down. DC gays are just nice on the outside.


  • District2000

    Whoah, what Ephram? You jest, right? When was the last time you were down in Washington and where on earth did you go? There’s over 25 gay bars for a city who’s population is closer to that of Staten Island. Washington has gone through a renaissance in the past few years. Most of the places I hit up are absolutely not conservative. I mean, really, DC as a whole is completely not conservative. In fact, it’s about as liberal as Berkley. DC obtained gay marriage with nary a bat of the eye. Medical marijuana. Voted 95% Obama. You could go on and on. I’ve been here for six years, adore both DC and NYC, and feel you’re way off the mark on this one. But you’re also grouping gays by city which always fails in logic.

  • Ephram

    Liberal as Berkeley only in registered Democrats, perhaps.
    But liberal as Berkeley in culture, thought, attitudes, lifestyle, dress, style, friendships, hook ups, sincerity, compassion, friendliness, or people? No way. No, no, no way.
    It’s the opposite.

  • Ephram

    But I do appreciate your taking time to respond District2000. I genuinely do, although I don’t agree with most of it unfortunately.

  • District2000

    Wha??? Where do you live? When was the last time you were here? I invite you to come down here pronto and I’ll show you around. It sounds like you had an awful visit or bad tour guide. As a resident of this city for 6 years AND who loves NYC so much, again, I believe you are 100% wrong. Except for dress. NYC wins that hands down.

    Also, I thought we were comparing DC to NYC, not DC to Berkeley (which I used a political reference). Which you really can’t do (DC to NYC). Its unfair.

  • Javier

    Perhaps this explains why DC has HIV rates that rival sub-Sahara Africa.

  • District2000

    Actually, Javier, no. And as much as I’d love to take your baiting, I’m not going there.

  • WiseUp

    Don’t know DC too well, but as far as NYC gays go, most of them are horrors. Vicious dull-headed non-thinking elitist snots who moved here only because they had low self-esteem and thought the move would increase their “coolness.” And all they do is hang with the same losers who moved here. NYC is unbelievably boring now (I mean Manhattan, not the outer boroughs which are still cool) but luckily Manhattan is also too expensive for most of them to move there.

  • WiseUp

    Javier : I’m not going to say you’re wrong as far as HIV rates in DC, but let’s not assume it is because of a higher percentage of “freaky” stuff and kink. A lot of kink (probably even fisting!) is actually far less risky for HIV transmission because there’s no actual fluid exchange.

  • Ephram

    Right on, WiseUp. I agree. In what I know but not participated, people in the BSDM and “freaky” community are more aware of others, i.e., safe words, respect of boundaries, understanding of wanting to explore boundaries in a safe but liberated way, not hung up on repressed feelings that manifest themselves in unprotected secret encounters. Ass stretching may hurt but it’s not unprotected sex with fluid exchange. So I second your thought that this “freaky” sh-t is actually more safe. The sub-Saharan Africa comparison by another commenter is not held up factually.

  • WiseUp

    Ephram : It makes sense. I’ve even read that the professional prostitutes (like the S&M dominatrix types) are the ones that are least worried about HIV. You just can’t catch it by spanking your “slave”.

  • Blazing Sun

    DC gays are the most insecure gays you will ever meet in your life. They try and portray an image of the rich, confident, successful, and very well-connected gay, but they are evil, insecure, and usually unattractive assholes. Only about 15% of DC gays are actually good-looking. The rest only have attitudes that would make one think they are hot. In reality, they are not. A positive note is that DC is extremely racist towards black gays. If that’s your thing, DC has perfected it. DC has also perfected AIDS transmissions. It is the last city you should drop your pants. Fisting and other freaky acts are popular in DC because the city is full of whores. That pretty much explains it. They are whores.

  • Javier

    Perhaps not the particular freaky acts identified by Manhunt are the most dangerous for transmitting HIV per se, but the mindset and sexual license that “freaky” people exhibit may contribute. Freaky people are probably more likely than restrained, vanilla people to engage in promiscuous sex with people whose health status they don’t know. Not all freaky people are sex outlaws, but they are more likely to be selective, restrained, and inhibited in their sexual behavior and partners, which is a contributor to HIV transmission.

  • Michael

    judging people’s sexual acts. Calling them ‘freaky’ – that’s what’s wrong. This is a gay blog, supposedly pressing for gay equality. how can we call ANY subsections of our communities Freaks? – and then get angry when the general population doesn’t show respect to gay rights and movements? Its really disgusting to stigmatize your own kind based on how they like to have sex. Its not funny.

  • Jimmi

    We’re casting judgments and labeling an area based on data from Manhunt?

  • hephaestion

    I live in DC, and I don’t know anyone into freaky stuff. And I’m not into freaky stuff. And I don’t agree with any of the above comments about DC gays. In my experience, DC gays are about the same as gays in any other large American city. No difference at all that I can see except one: Gays in DC are more educated, which makes sense since DC is one of the most highly educated populaces on earth. You can’t swing a cat here without hitting an ivy leaguer.

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