Gays Discriminated Against Under WA Bill Will Just Have to “Grow Their Own Food”

farmers990443If Washington’s proposed pro-discrimination bill passes — stranger things have happened — then LGBT folks had better prepare themselves for a futuristic, Mad Max-esque hellscape where they’ll have to fend for themselves and it’s every gay for his or her self. Or at least, that’s what the office of one of the bill’s sponsors seems to think.

Senator Mike Hewitt (R-Walla Walla*) is a co-sponsor of  SB 5927, a bill that would allow businesses to deny service to LGBT customers or anyone who conflicts with their religious or philosophical beliefs. Ticked-off constituent Jay Castro called the offices of the bills sponsors to get some answers, but what he got from Hewitt’s office was a heaping helping of sass.

The Stranger reports:

During the phone calls, he says he asked staffers some variation of the question “What are rural gays supposed to do if the only gas station or grocery store for miles won’t sell them gas and food?”

Castro says the staffer at Hewitt’s office surprised him with the answer “Well, gay people can just grow their own food.” When Castro then asked the male staffer his name, he refused to identify himself, reportedly responding, “I don’t have to tell you that,” then, “Don’t call here again,” and hanging up the phone.

The bill is in response to lawsuits against Richland florist Barronelle Stutzman who refused to provide flowers for the wedding of a gay couple that had frequented her shop for nearly a decade.

Castro said that even if the bill is unlikely to pass and is “just a publicity stunt,” he wanted to let its sponsors know that “it’s my livelihood and my life that’s on the line.”

Publicity stunt: obvi. Unlikely to pass…well, four words: National Defense Authorization Act.

*Sidebar: We’d expect a lot more from a place as fabulously-named as Walla Walla.

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  • oilburner

    I guess marriage equality ain’t 4 everyone huh

  • Caleb in SC

    These types of bills are proposed for two reasons: (1) To garner publicity for the politician; and (2) To cater to the Christian extremists in the GOP. The irony is that this type of legislation is the very anthesis of Christianity.

  • Phil Vollman

    @Caleb in SC: Yeah, Christianity is supposed to mandate hospitality. Too bad that people like to read the most extreme, detailed parts of the Bible while ignoring the overarching messages of love and humility…

  • blueshirt409

    @Phil Vollman: If only they were reading, then they might start thinking for themselves. Instead, they’re just parroting bits that they have heard and that fit their agendas and positions that they’ve been fed by their spiritual and political leaders. It’s deplorable. As you and Caleb in SC point out, it is quite unChristian of them to hate their neighbors.

  • Merv

    Christianity = Hate

  • Dakotahgeo

    @Merv: No… what Christians DO to and WITH is hate(ful)!!!

  • Dakotahgeo

    @Merv: Correction: No… what Christians DO to and WITH Christianity* is hate(ful)!!!

  • yaoming

    “[E]very gay for his or her self”?
    Try: “every gay for him or her self”.

  • alterego1980

    *Sidebar: We’d expect a lot more from a place as fabulously-named as Walla Walla.

    It only takes one…I know a couple great people from around that area and I’m sure they wouldn’t claim that asshat Mike Hewitt as one of their own.

  • sangsue

    I see a lot of Christian owned hospitals denying service to gays and lesbians, Jews and Muslims and when they die in the street, they can claim, the law protects them..even forces them to do that.

  • MarioSmario

    As a gay man I don’t have a problem with this. Basically it’s a bill that protects people’s views. Liberty is a two-way street. In addition, the law provides that gay businesses can deny businesses too. So all you Christian haters can refuse service to Christians–or anyone wearing a crucifix around his/her neck. I’m guessing you’ll bend over for someone wearing a Burka, however.

  • ronavila

    Remind me why we stopped feeding Christians to the lions.

  • triryche3


    It made them sick.

  • MarioSmario

    The anti-Christian attitude from you left wing gays is sickening. It’s as if you want to be victimized. The Log Cabins Republicans and gay Libertarians are the only members of the gay community keeping gays respectable in the eyes of the general public. The rest of you? A shame what brainwashing can do to otherwise intelligent beings. Keep clinging to your Hollywood-indoctrinated worldview and remember it’s that worldview that most sensible people abhor. Snap out of your blind hatred.

  • D9W

    Then people who don’t like hate should be able to refuse to serve people who preach hate.

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