Fountain Or Ballpoint?

Washington Gov. Gregoire Really, Really Wants a Gay Marriage Bill In Front of Her


Washington State is giving gay couples just about everything that comes along with marriage — just not the word itself. But what if legislators were able to move the ball in that direction? What would Democratic Gov. Christine Gregoire do with it? Let The Slog answer your wildest fantasies:

“I’ll have to see a bill on my desk,” she says.

But: Will you sign a marriage equality bill if it lands on your desk?

“I want to see a bill on my desk,” she replies.

And: Presumably you don’t want to see a bill on your desk just so you can veto the thing?

“I want to see a bill on my desk,” the gov repeats.

Everything clear now?

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  • dgz

    I also want to see a bill on her desk.

  • atdleft

    So why are the legislators too chickensh*t to send a marriage bill to Gov. Gregoire’s desk?

  • Chris


    In Washington state they can get petitions for a ballot initiative to repeal any law — if they get it on the ballot they stop the implementation till the vote. Realistically people need to get used to things there.

  • Paul

    Start writing your Washington state senate and house members tonight! Gov. Gregoire kicks ass. I love her.

  • KyleR

    And you have to remember their are a good portion of Mormons in that state. Outside of Seattle you get a totally different state.

  • L

    It appeared at first that gay marriage was buffeting the shores of America. (I was kind of hoping the Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore would get blown down by a fierce gale of gay.) Now it has become obvious, from studying upper-atmosphere gaydar, that gay marriage is coming from Canada (where some people actually speak French!) Hmmmm… Maine, Vermont, Washington. Get ready – secure your patio furniture – and learn to love beaver tails. (They’re really quite yummy.)

  • CitizenGeek

    It’s great to see major politicians coming around (just like Sens. Harkin and Schumer have done recently).

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