Washington in Semantic Shit Storm

It seems this whole Foley scandal has caused so much turmoil in Washington that Democratic congressional candidate Mike Weaver (pictured, looking both scary and confused) can’t tell a Republican from a liberal, a liberal from a pedophile, or his ass from his elbow.

Daily Kos reports:

Republican leaders who might have known about disgraced former U.S. Rep. Mark Foley’s explicit sexual messages to underage male pages “are very liberal people” because they did not expose Foley’s actions, Democratic congressional candidate Mike Weaver said in an interview with the Herald-Leader on Monday night.

“They have tolerated things that they should not have tolerated,” Weaver said. “And it is far worse than what Bill Clinton wanted to do with Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell because this has to do with 16-year-old boys. So they covered that up, and that showed a very liberal tendency from some of the leadership in the U.S. House of Representatives.”

When asked to clarify whether he was equating predatory behavior toward children with being liberal, Weaver said that had Foley been a Democrat, the entire party would have been branded as liberals.

“I think that is despicable conduct and that if anybody in the Democratic Party had done that, it would be: ‘Those damn liberals are doing it again. We can’t trust them,'” he said.

Weaver’s campaign manager then had to step in to clarify that his boss was not, in fact, equating liberals with pedophiles.

We know that this whole Foley debacle’s really crazy and all, but we’re more inclined to attribute Weaver’s confusion to the fact that he grew up in another time. That and the fact that he’s from Kentucky.