Washington Times Prints Gross NOM Supplement

March for Marriage ButtonThe National Organization for Marriage has teamed up with the Washington Times to produce “A Special Report Prepared by the Washington Times Advocacy Department,” which is basically just propaganda for their withering antigay movement.

Obviously, this is a dumb waste of time for everyone. But it’s still pretty impressive how much work they put into it. The 16-page supplement is chock full of maps, fake “articles” dressed up to look like real news, and ads for books about religious stuff.

It also features a picture of a sad-looking kid, with the caption, “if my dad married a man, who would be my mom?” Which is nuts, because what exactly are the circumstances of this little girl? If she exists, at some point a woman was involved, so maybe she is a child of divorce and custody is shared? Or maybe she was carried by a surrogate, in which case her mom might still be in her life? Or maybe the surrogate isn’t around, in which case, okay, sure, there might not be a mom in the picture, but she has two dads so what’s the problem? Pretty much every real child welfare organization agrees that gay and lesbian parents are just as good as straight ones, so that’s okay.

But we’re most interested in a section at the end of the supplement that blares, “THE CANCER VIRUS ANSWER?” It’s a profile of John Ellis, water visionary: “In the past, it took too much power to split the water molecule into hydrogen and oxygen. He has found a way to do it using very little power.”

It goes on, “UCLA MedCenter M.D. stating the hydrogen bond angle change to 114°: “You can’t argue with measurable results. Nothing is even close to your water for Blood Flow (94% water) to the extremities!”

There is also a picture of a shirtless muscle man, with an accompanying story, “I was amazed myself until at almost 70, I reverse curled 200 lbs. (over the world record)in front of witnesses. Then, painting a silo with two wooden ladders strapped together, when they couldn’t move it: ‘You pick it up like a feather!'”

We have no idea what this is doing in NOM’s supplement but we love it. Looking forward to more great work from the Washington Times Advocacy Department!

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