Washington United For Marriage Spending $5 Million On TV Ads In Runup To Elections

Washington United for Marriage, the lead group fighting for same-sex nuptials in the Evergreen State, has reserved $5 million in television advertising, with commercials expected to start “some time after Labor Day,” said spokesman Zach Silk.

The State Legislature and Governor Gregoire already approved a marriage-equality measure this year, but opponents managed to get a referendum on the ballot asking voters to approve or reject the law. One pro-marriage-equality ad that already ran during the Olympics featured former Republican Sen. Cheryl Pflug, who voted for the gay-marriage bill. (Above, Tacoma Mayor Marilyn Strickland shares why she supports the referendum in a PSA.)

Washington United for Marriage has raised more than $6 million for its efforts, thanks in part to a massive  $2.5 million contribution by founder Jeff Bezos and his wife, MacKenzie.

We don’t usually like to pick on the underdog, but Preserve Marriage—y’know, the group trying to deny gay Washingtonians their equality—has only racked up $471,000 to date. And that’s with carpetbagger staff from the National Organization for Marriage. NOM’s Christopher Plante, now deputy campaign manager for Preserve Marriage, says he’s confident the group will ultimately raise close to $4 million. “If we have enough money to get our message out, we will be victorious,” he told the AP.

You just know they’re gonna lose and then blame the “elite” for stuffing Washingtons United for Marriage’s coffers.