Washingtonian Gays Get “Registered”

Wham, bam, thank you, Washington. An estimated 100 couples took advantage of the Pacific Northwest state’s new domestic partnership law.

Under the law, which went into effect yesterday, cohabitating queer couples can enjoy many marriage-esque rights, including inheritance, hospital visitation and the ever-important autopsy authorization. Ring a ling!

64-year old Jim Malatak and his younger beau, 53-year old Rick Sturgill were the first couple registered yesterday. Malatak rejoiced after sharing a civil kiss with his main man, calling the historic event, ” Wonderful. Supremely wonderful. I hope this can be the model for young gays coming up.”

Senator Edward Murray and Michael Shiosaki, his lover of 16-years, also registered, but weren’t feeling as celebratory. In fact, Murray headed back to the office, saying,

The day we take a day off, the day that we have a party, the day that we go on a real honeymoon will be the day that we can legally marry in this state. And that day is not today.

Not surprisingly, domestic partnerships do not include the same rights as marriage. For example, straight couples don’t have to testify against one another. Gays do. Gays also can’t file joint taxes, nor can they receive social security or veteran benefits. Obviously Washington’s not the most attentive legislative lover.