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  • Mr. E. Jones

    Good. A bigger collection of self-important douchebags I have never seen. The only person who seemed to have a real job was the nurse. The rest were actors, waiters, MTV personalities–an oxymoron if ever there was one–and “promoters.”

  • tazz602

    What show?

  • Fitz

    If there was anyone that I could relate to, I might have watched.. but I just didn’t care about these guys.
    Might be nice to mix it up– have a dyke? A range of ages? A range of socio-economic classes? A bear?
    But.. yeah.. I had no desire to listen to 5 queens bitching.

  • Ditamo

    Well I watch the show and I think its pretty funny. I don’t think the show was created to be taken as a serious show talking about serious issues, sometimes they did but rarely. It’s more comedy and light hearted.

    @Fitz: But they did, they had bears, cubs, HIV positive, dykes and a variety of ages.

  • Mr. E. Jones


    It’s more comedy and light hearted.

    That doesn’t change the fact that these guys were douchebags.

  • Angel

    Well, I watch the show, and i think its a great show. I know some people don’t think these guys are truly serious or maybe good role models, but for me at least have an opinion. I satisfy with their opinions, and obviously sometimes i was not agree with them. I know for sure, this was an amazing journey for them. Ok now, my question is, they (MTV) are going to continue the show or this is the end?

  • kewlsocr

    Thank God! this group of pretentious, self-absorbed, back-stabbers gave real gay men a bad name for 4 years. Luckily only MTV & Logo viewers ever saw them. I’d be embarrassed
    to say the represented my community. I like the concept of the show, and it could be inspiring and funny, if you had a better variety of guys, and higher quality of character. Joking that you get drunk every week in your 30’s is not funny, its a cry for help.


    Who cares, as long as they didn’t support the filthy bisexuals and their disgusting fetish…

  • stanhope

    The group was beyond HORRIBLE! Thank goodness they are heading off to neverland. They were a bunch of poseurs who had the depth of a thimble for the most part. LOGO has sunk into nothingness which is a tragedy but at least this was a good decision.

  • rextrek

    If they’re gonna be re-doing this show – they need to REVAMP it…how about Multi-Generational gay men….not just 20 somethings….and how about an older woman asking the questions?

  • RomanHans

    @Ditamo: “Variety of ages”? What, from 18 to 24? Yes, the show is great for showing that there are proud gay men out there. But it’s lousy for apparently claiming they’re all young and gorgeous.

    Plus, its obsession with sex was annoying. Questions unrelated to sex popped up about as often as an African American at George Zimmerman’s family reunion. It remained a guilty pleasure for me when it could have just been a pleasure.

  • deltabadhand

    I wanted to like this show, but as others allude, the cast was a bit to much of a clique of same aged guys all from the same city (Toronto?), and it made for a bore pretty often. They all seemed to know each other as well. I’d like to see more variety the ages, where they come from, etc, and it might live up to the premise’s promise.

  • Mr. E. Jones

    Agreed. A few token POC males, that were hardly representative of Canada. All a bunch a young urban guys. Very clique in their friendships with each other.

    I would have preferred a mixture of ages, races, genders, educational background, etc. Show us something other than 20 something city boys.

  • sportsguy1983

    The next cast should t leas include 1 guy who isn’t flaming and actually sounds and acts like a man.

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