WATCH: 11-Year-Old Spends Easter Yelling Gays “Worthy Of Death” In Front Of Church

Oh, children — so young, so impressionable. A wise woman once sang — incredibly on-key and on-pitch — that the children were our future and if that’s true, we’re all going straight to hell.

In North Carolina, where Winston-Salem’s Green Street United Methodist Church has refused to perform weddings until same-sex marriage is legalized, an 11-year-old and his goading parent-of-the-year decided to give thanks unto the Lord the only way they knew how — marginalizing the homose’shuals.

Armed with a “Jesus Must Be Your Lord Or He Will Not Be Your Savior” sign, the young boy warns Green Street’s congregants that the gays are “worthy of death” and by “approving” the heathens, they’re definitely going to burn for all eternity.

Kids say the damnationest things.

(h/t: Gay Star News)