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WATCH: 18-year-old ‘Big Brother’ contestant comes out on national TV

Cameron Cole is an 18-year-old vlogger and current houseguest on Big Brother UK, where he just came out as gay.

The revelation appeared to be unplanned and came after another gay houseguest, Cian Carrigan, spoke openly about having a crush on Cole.

Carrigan’s admission made Cole uncomfortable, but not just for the reasons everyone expected.

Speaking with fellow houseguest Lewis Flanagan, Cole said the Carrigan crush situation triggered a personal insecurity about his own identity.

“I just want to f*cking say it — or not say it, but I just want it done,” Cole said. “It’s one of those things that you’re never ready for. Because the last four years, I’ve been waiting to be ready. And I’ve never felt ready.”

He added: “Everyone thinks I’m acting weird because someone said they like me…They don’t understand that there’s more layers to that.”

Later, Cole sat down with Carrigan to discuss how he felt:

One former housemate, Aisleyne, wasn’t buying Cole’s sincerity.

“Uggh this Cameron storyline is soooo pants ffs #bbuk we all now darling no one cares/judges,” she wrote on Twitter.

The tweet prompted messages of support for Cole as well as some who agreed that the coming out storyline felt manufactured.