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WATCH: 2 Male Flies Get. It. ON!

Where’s Isabella Rossellini when you need her? The Green Porno host would be perfect to introduce this segment about gay fruit fly sex. Yes, you read that right. But before Bill Donohue gets his rosary in a bunch, know this: These two male Drosophila melanogasters are only trying to get it on with each other because researchers removed the gene that produces pheromones. And you though you were confused in high school.

Without the fruit flies’ specially scented chemicals, “members of other species couldn’t tell what they were looking at, and tried to mate with melanogaster females,” relays Ars Technica. “Within the same species, males preferred to go after the pheromoneless females, but they also attempted to mate with males that didn’t produce pheromones.” In the video above, “both [flies] are trying to mate as males, so they don’t manage to line things up quite right, leaving one to attempt to mate with the other’s face.”

Hey, sometimes that’s how we like it.