WATCH: 2 Men Trapped By Mob In Jamaica For “Appearing” Gay

Another video has surfaced of a homophobic mob in Jamaica, this time in the small town of Old Harbour. According to the video’s description, provided by Jamaican LGBT News:

Reports are that on August 23, 2013 two men were involved in a car crash, but had to beat a hasty retreat when angry residents perceived them to be gay. However the men were able to seek refuge in a nearby Police Station. It’s clear that even the slightest perception can put a person’s life in danger as the men only “appeared to be homosexuals”.

In the village of Green Mountain, just a day before on August 22, an angry mob trapped a group of five gay men in a house after they reportedly tried to spread their homosexuality. With the brutal murder of transgender teen Dwayne Jones in July, Jamaica is really earning its reputation as one of — if not the most –homophobic places on Earth.

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  • Snapper59

    “— if not the most –homophobic places on Earth.”

    Reading the headline reminded me of reports out of Iran that smooth faced young men with nice hair can be declared homos and shot dead on the street (there was photographic evidence of that in the article online). “If not the most….” Yeah right. At least homos in Jamaica seem to have the police to “seek refuge”.

  • Lefty

    Boycott reggae!

  • that_dude247

    Pathetic. Now I see why when Jamaicans visit the states, they are so whorish.

  • continuum

    Why would anyone want to vacation in that homophobic, crime ridden nation.

    The religious nut jobs have taken over, and now we can see the results.

    The xtianist hatemongers are more worried about being gay, than they are about the poverty, crime, drugs, and lack of education amongst their flocks.

    I guess these bigots disguising themselves as preachers/policitians use this as a way to distract the populace from their miserable lives.

  • Chris

    That I’ll never go there.

  • Carlton Raines

    Their a vile race of people,somebody should Nuke the place

  • Stache1

    Ya man. We just a simple crack smoking thieving community of dangerous thugs.

    Damn it’s such a shame though. Jamaica is naturally beautiful as far as the land goes. It’s too bad we can’t kick them all out and develop the land as a tourist destination for all.

  • Stache1

    @Lefty: Yeah, i wish I didn’t already call it trash music. Otherwise, i would gladly boycott it.

  • 2eo

    @continuum: The problem is if you educate people and breed respect and morality into them there is no longer need for religion. As evidenced by the hundreds of millions of young people who have walked away already.

    Where reality is strong, ethics and morals are just and fair then religion is at its absolute minimal.

  • Martin


    I am with you on this !

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