WATCH: 2 Men Trapped By Mob In Jamaica For “Appearing” Gay

Another video has surfaced of a homophobic mob in Jamaica, this time in the small town of Old Harbour. According to the video’s description, provided by Jamaican LGBT News:

Reports are that on August 23, 2013 two men were involved in a car crash, but had to beat a hasty retreat when angry residents perceived them to be gay. However the men were able to seek refuge in a nearby Police Station. It’s clear that even the slightest perception can put a person’s life in danger as the men only “appeared to be homosexuals”.

In the village of Green Mountain, just a day before on August 22, an angry mob trapped a group of five gay men in a house after they reportedly tried to spread their homosexuality. With the brutal murder of transgender teen Dwayne Jones in July, Jamaica is really earning its reputation as one of — if not the most –homophobic places on Earth.