Watch 20 Complete Strangers Make Out And Wonder Why The Gay Ones Aren’t That Into It

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 3.01.41 PMWe’re sure filmmaker Tatia Pilieva had an idea of what would happen when she asked 20 complete strangers to start making out with each other, but we’re guessing nobody involved expected it to turn out this great.

In her video First Kiss, Pilieva gathers 10 couples who’ve never met each other and asks them to make out in front of her camera. Ironically enough, gay men have been conducting this exact same experiment in crowded gay bars for as long as they’ve existed, but the two same-sex couples featured here seem like they’d rather deepthroat an electric sander than lock lips with a stranger. Ho hum.

But hey — there are 20 strangers kissing right here, so it’s worth a watch.

h/t Gawker