Gay Parade

WATCH: 89-year-old gets the surprise of a lifetime after her Lady Gaga concert got canceled

Meet Ilse Gay, the 89-year-old great grandmother-to-be. The Albuquerque resident had big plans to celebrate her birthday by seeing Lady Gaga in Las Vegas. Instead, she got a fabulous surprise.

“I saw her in A Star is Born and I thought she blew it out of the park, so that’s why I wanted to go see her,” Gay told reporters. “We got our plane tickets and our room reservations and then COVID-19 came up, so that was the end of that.”

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Gay had spent $1,000 on tickets to see Gaga, so her friends and family had hoped to try and get the Oscar-winning singer to send Ilse a birthday message. When that didn’t materialize, Gay’s friends and family did the next best thing.

Gay exited her home on Thursday–her actual birthday–to find cars lining her street blasting Lady Gaga’s music. Her friends and family had donned Gaga-inspired costumes to help wish Ilse a happy birthday.

“I never dreamed that I would have all this joy and love,” Gay said of the parade. “Never dreamed of it.”

Happy birthday, Ilse.