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  • John

    Omg hahaha thats so cute! I bet he’s gay

  • Vevar

    wtf this babay is on point with her choreo…. of course he does it sloppy because he’s a baby duh! but jesus i was like wow this baby got moves

  • pizsa

    If you can read Portuguese you will see some very homophobic comments about this little boy on the youtube page. Gay capital of South America my ass.

  • conrad honicker

    warms my heart.

  • Victor

    I know portuguesse and that doesnt sound portuguesse at all!!! Thats italian…. Anyways the cute little boy made it!!!!!

  • prohomo

    So cute!!

  • AedanRoberts

    I don’t know if I’d call this cute. The rubber nature of his movements due to his age makes his movements look creepy to me. This isn’t to say the kid ain’t got moves- at three he already dances better than I ever will- but I was actually kind of disturbed watching this.

    Regardless- amazing that a kid this young could remember that much choreography!

  • Icaro

    I’m Brazilian, confirmed for Portuguese-Br.
    ‘Vai’, ‘Girada’… it isn’t Italian at all.

  • hmm

    it could be that it was shot in brazil but i’m italian and i can guarantee you the girl with the green top is speaking italian (“fate cosi’ con le mani, destra, sinistra” and so forth.) maybe the boy himself is italian too and they are related.

    i wonder how many times he’s done this and who’s behind his learning it, because i highly doubt this was his idea. someone from his family must have taught him and the result, i admit, is a little disturbing. not as much as three-year-old beauty pageants with makeup in this country though.

  • Icaro

    Oh, that’s pretty much possible, since we’ve got a lot of Italian immigrant in the south of our country. It doesn’t mean necessarily she’s Italian as well neither the boy. By the way Gaga can now compete against that boy dancing Vogue.

  • Jesus Alejandro

    Who can I search this video on YouTube ????? Pls

  • Stark

    @hmm: That isn’t necessarily so. Kids pick up things quick. I don’t have any kids of my own, but I have seven nephews and when they were around that age they picked up the most bizarre stuff. I agree that the parents/siblings/babysitter whatever probably watched the video quite a few times with the kid around (which is disturbing enough), and most likely when he began copying it, they played it even more. But I’m willing to bet this wasn’t orchestrated (or choreographed, to be literal) by anybody. One of my nephews dances like a stripper, we still don’t know where he picked that up from, and his parents are devastated. Children are sponges, they learn a lot and they learn fast.

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