WATCH: A Brief History Of Alec Baldwin’s Gay SNL Sketches


He might be a tad insensitive, but Alec Baldwin’s got some serious comedy chops—especially as a veteran host of Saturday Night Live. (Seriously, do they just have him on speed-dial?)

On Saturday’s season premiere, the 30 Rock star took another turn helming the long-running show. The best sketch of the night had to be “Who’s On Top” (above) which had Baldwin playing a game-show contestant who had to guess which of a famous duo would be the, um, aggressor in a sexual scenario. Dr. Oz or Doctor Phil? Billy Joel or Bruce Springsteen? Luke Skywalker or Han Solo? (Okay, that last one we made up.)

Given that Baldwin’s been on the show a record 16 times it’s not surprising he’s been in skits dealing with gay sex before. Quite a number of them, actually. Here’s two of our faves:

From 2009 comes this clip, where Baldwin, Jason Sudekis and Bill Hader explore the homoerotic potential of the Wii.


In a classic ’90s SNL sketch, Baldwin plays a scoutmaster who tries to put the moves on Canteen Boy, played by Adam Sandler. Now before you start calling GLAAD, it’s established that Canteen Boy is 27 and has some serious problems.