WATCH: A Bromantic, Homoerotic Version Of Rihanna’s “We Found Love” Video

While Cee Lo Green alleges that Rihanna is beloved by the lesbians, two brosephs from MTV’s semi-cancelled The Buried Life are showing that straight dudes love RiRi too.

Watch as Dave Lingwood and Duncan Penn recreate her “We Found Love” video, almost as faithfully as this amazing Thai version, but with more humor. The two white dudes find love basically by swallowing an insane amount of (ecstasy?) pills, taking their shirts off frequently and intensely exploring their bromantic side (self-drawn BFF tattoos included).

Our favorite part? When they re-imagine the part where Rihanna throws up ribbons—but with Lingwood vomiting ribbons and then Penn actually throwing up on him. Way to turn the genre on its head.