WATCH: A Downton Abbey Parody To Tide You Over Till Season Two Comes To America


If, like us, you’re going through Downton Abbey withdrawal and don’t want to illegally download the the show’s second series before it comes to PBS next year, you can tide yourself over with Uptown Downstairs Abbey, a cheeky BBC parody, filmed as part of Red Nose Day (a UK charity telethon sponsored by Comic Relief) back in March.

The two-part video features several familiar faces—including Kim Cattrall doing a spot-on impression of Kewpie-doll-voiced mother Cora and Jennifer Saunders stealing the show as the nasty Dowager Countess of Grantham, plus Joanna Lumley, Harry Enfield, out actor Simon Callow (as Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes) and several other British thespians recognizable to watchers of BBC dramas.

Below, watch the second installment of Uptown Downstairs Abbey—but be warned it may contain spoilers if you haven’t seen all of Series One. Oh Mary!

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