WATCH: A Previously Unreleased Video History of The Smiths

Unless you were a member of the music press, it’s unlikely that you ever saw this 17-minute promotional documentary about seminal UK band The Smiths, created as a sort of visual timeline in conjunction with the band’s “Best of” compilation in 1992. But now Rhino Records has posted the clip online in anticipation of the release of remastered versions of all the band’s albums on September 22. These things take time, indeed.

Obsessive Smiths fans will have already seen much of what’s included here in dribs and drabs, but it’s still a pretty nifty look back at one of the ’80s most influential and ambiguously gay bands.

And if you’re new to him, here’s your opportunity to meet a young, skinny Morrissey as he swoons, sways and slyly sings about charming men and girlfriends in comas.