Accidentally Viral

WATCH: A Year With The Cutest British Gay Couple Ever

this is our year. from Joe M on Vimeo.

Call us “bah humbugs,” but this video from a gay British couple merely made the cockles of our heart lukewarm, at least upon first viewing. But when the video mysteriously disappeared from the Internet last night, we realized how much we missed it and sent Mr. Joe M a note asking why he’d made the video private.

“Just come in from a day out, to find all this attention around the internet – all lovely and really nice things but I didn’t realise I had made the video public, I had intended it to be private! Oops!” Joe M told us. But by next morning, the video was public again, perhaps because copies from determined fans started popping up on Youtube.

Here’s Joe’s explanation of the video:

The Story Behind This Video: Will & I have been together for coming up to two years. Last year for Christmas I bought him a diary and wrote memorable dates in it, like the date of our first date etc. That kind of corny stuff! This year, I wanted to make a video, so made this video for him and called it “this is our year.” (not because it’s a montage of clips from the past year, but more so because it’s OUR first proper full year together). I uploaded it to Vimeo a few days ago, but it was never my intention for it to go public – and as a novice Vimeo user, I didn’t quite get the privacy settings correct(!).

Cutest accidentally viral couple ever!