Smart Kids

WATCH: A Young Girl’s Reasonable Argument for Same-Sex Marriage

We hear Joe Solmonese try to explain to conservatives why same-sex marriage should be allowed. We hear Michelangelo Signorile do it, too. The list of rational folks making the case that gay men and women should be afforded the same rights as heteros is … endless. But there’s something truly magical about young people voicing their support. Meet Macaulay, a young girl who believes not supporting same-sex marriage “goes against the core values of America.”

“For all those ‘real Americans’ out there saying ‘gay marriage is against America’ … that just, in my opinion, goes against what this country was actually founded on. … How can anyone say that love between a man and a man, and a woman and a woman, is not the same between a man and a woman. That argument just completely dirties one of the most purest human emotions: love.”