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WATCH: Acrobats Strip, Perform Kinda Gay Routine For Pope Benedict

Some haters say the Pope is gay because he’s never been with a woman and likes to wear Prada loafers. That’s just ignorant.

We’d sooner believe Benny is a bender because of this: A homoerotic performance by a group of young Russian gymnasts writhing topless for the Pontiff, who’s either drooling with desire or just having a stroke. (We can’t tell.)

And did anyone see those nuns totally lose their shit? Girlfriends need to get out more.


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  • Joe

    Except that video is from December 2010 and made the internet rounds a year ago.

  • Stephanie

    This is old you had it on your website before. :)
    Still need new bloggers?

  • Disgusted Gay American

    ahh and all those old fucks just got hard-ons – dreaming of thier alter boys

  • Ray

    One, shortest performance of anything ever. Two, they are way too told for him. He likes little boys like all members of the catholic cult.

  • Toferdavid

    That was awkward…

  • Gigi

    @Joe: No kidding. Get with it Queerty! What’s next? The “breaking news” that Zachary Quinto is gay?

  • LandStander

    For a moment there I thought that this was a second performance by the shirtless acrobats, but I see it is just recycled old news. This happened a long time ago :P

  • WillBFair

    It maybe old news, but the reporting was excellent. I love the language you guys use, found nowhere alse in the media. Again, a breath of fresh air.

  • dvlaries

    Let’s just all thank God the Pope didn’t start stripping too. :o

  • ThatRandomGuy

    Hella old. thanks queerty.

  • TMikel

    That was one of the most risible performances of anything I have ever seen. They did not do anything that difficult and what have the hanky waving nuns? And the cheesy Christmas tree?

  • Josiah

    HAHAHAHA Oh my god this is hilarious.

  • Otis Criblecoblis

    I would call Pope Rat a freak – but it wouldn’t be fair to the rest of the freaks.

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