WATCH: Activists Protest Out NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn

Protest against Christine Quinn at Victory Fund Brunch by connaissable

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn just might be the next mayor of New York City after Michael Bloomberg steps down in 2012. But while Quinn has been a staunch advocate for the city’s gay community—and is engaged to girlfriend Kim Catullo—some liberals are out for her blood.

Outside a Sunday brunch for Quinn at the Mandarin Oriental—hosted by the Victory Fund, a nonpartisan group that provides support to LGBT candidates—protestors carried placards and shouted slogans accusing Quinn of everything from union-busting and toadying to Mayor Bloomberg to dipping into secret slush funds and working to turn beloved St Vincent Hospital into co-ops.

It’s not likely this movement will bring Quinn’s campaign’s crashing down, but they certainly have been persistent. At an earlier protest in April, one man gave Quinn an unsolicited strip tease. The folks at Christine Quinn Sold Out got the video.

If she wasn’t gay before…