WATCH: Stephen Fry Tells World, Four Million Twitter Followers, He’s Proud To Be Gay

Stephen Fry, the British actor/author/comedian/jack-of-all-trades, has made a pro-gay video for the Proud2Be Project, which is essentially Britain’s version of the “It Gets Better” campaign. He’s even shared it with his four-million-plus Twitter followers.

In his distinctive poetic way, Fry begins his dramatic monologue with an anaphoric list of things he’s proud of: being British, Jewish, tall… and then says: “It seems funny to me to have to say that I’m proud to be gay but goodness I am—and I won’t ever apologize for being born the way I was and feeling the way I do.”

Proud2Be began nearly a year ago in June 2011 when identical twins Matt and Jon Price sat in front of their web cam and told the world they are proud to be gay. Through the project, Matt and Jon will not only be running the campaign but also facilitating workshops, creating documentaries and exhibitions and opening a center in Central London.

Matt and Jon said of Fry’s support: “We are thrilled that Stephen has joined forces with the Proud2Be Project to help combat this shame and encourage and support all lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people to be proud of who they are.”

Amen, sisters.