WATCH: Adam Goldman Hosts Season Finale Of “The Outs” (In Brooklyn, Naturally)

Gay hipsters with beards and cardigans crammed into Public Assembly in Williamsburg to catch the final installment of The Outs, Adam Goldman’s massively popular web series (and a nominee for Web Series of the Year in the 2012 Queerties).

Taking to the small stage, Goldman (far right) proved he’s as shy—and adorkable—in person as he appears on the show. Standing with co-star Sasha Winters and director of photography Jay Gillespie, Goldman gave a shout out to the tech crew who helped make the series a reality. “All the straight guys in the room? Those are the crew” he deadpanned. “And a couple of the gay guys, too.”

With that the room fell silent as we caught up with Mitchell, Jack and Oona’s latest travails. (We won’t spoil things but there’s good news for Jack and bad stuff happens to Mitchell.) After the screening, audience members parsed various aspects of the finale as the band Wet—whose music is peppered throughout The Outs—gave a free mini-concert.

If you’re already jonsing for more Outs goodness, fear not: Goldman promises a special episode later this year.

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