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WATCH: Adam Lambert’s Boyfriend Drake LaBry Sings, Dances, Swims

Looks like Adam Lambert isn’t the only performance artist in his relationship. Professional hand holder Drake LaBry’s world travels have made their way to the internet, which means we get to watch him sing and dance in the Swiss Alps, hit the beach in Italy, and other exciting things like wait for a train. Yes, folks, this is the epitome of second-hand celebrity.

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  • Lee

    And, Adam, if the guy on the other side of the door answers,

    “Reichen,” don’t open it.

  • michael

    @Lee: OMG I forgot about him! But don’t you think he would be more prone to bang on Adams door cause of the $$$ potential?

  • Jayson

    People with flat asses should not attempt the booty dance

  • Michael @


    Ask Lance. My lip’s are chapped er sealed.


  • D.C.

    When I saw Towleroad’s first post on LaBry, I just shrugged. No big deal, just a light hearted post on the boyfriend of one of our celebs. Then there was Towle’s second. Then I thought, okay, that should be enough. You’ve already milked the guy a weeks worth. Now this…

    Now I can ask, Are we really supposed to give this much a shit about LaBry?

  • Richard in DC

    Now now now… He was with Adam before he became famous, as far as I know, and he’s certainly not trying to start a career off these videos, so let’s cut the boy some slack. He seems like a good guy.

  • Bitch, please!

    @Jayson: TRUE! TRUE! TRUE!

  • myrios123

    @Jayson: I’ve resolved that most guys can booty dance without a booty if and when it’s all in good gay fun. Which I deduce was in the alps for these folks. Dance away, Drake, dance away.

  • AlwaysGay

    Drake has a nice ass for his size and build.

    I think Drake is really cute.

  • Rob Moore

    “second hand celebrity” seems like such a catty and petty thing to say. As far as I have seen, he hasn’t taken in actions to suggest he is trying to ride Adam Lambert’s fame. Relationships take work and can do without snide remarks about flat asses.

  • Kyle

    Shia LeBeouf is dating Adam Lambert?

  • Cam

    hopefully this is a nice guy, and not a star f—-r. Adam, seems like a nice guy. Unless of course he doesn’t come out, then I hope the guy is a gold digging star f—-r. lol j/k

  • Giovanni

    This kid seems like a lovely guy, fun to be around with a genuine sense of adventure. Being Adam Lambert’s bf should not automatically make him a target or even fair game. Its kind of sickening to watch fame unfold though admittedly it is perversely fascinating. Good luck to both of them!

  • alan brickman

    he’s very cute..don’t be jealous!!

  • oldtimer

    Quibbling about vain glory is depressing. Would be nice to scale the Matterhorn like its 1858.

  • sparkle obama

    the kids are lovely!
    they are adorable.
    today the kids live their lives out loud on youtube, of course.
    kids are their own content providers
    plus the pale, narrow, buttless look was in style for gays for most of this decade, so don’t even start.

    “bone structure is destiny!
    don’t give me your kate moss grief!”
    – manc

  • Toby

    stupid. can i get that 41 seconds back?

  • Alexa

    @Toby: 41 seconds? Is that all it was? Felt like an hour.

  • Joeb1212

    I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about Adam Lambert, let alone anyone he’s banging…..really, this is the BEST you could come up with? Pathetic….

  • scott ny'er

    ok. i’m a little embarrassed hearing and seeing that dance, sing thing.

  • Gurlene

    From now on I am going to follow my first mind and NOT open posts that I know or at least feel strongly are absolutely meaningless and silly.

  • Austin

    Adam Lambert is on Our Side.
    Aren’t we going to make any effort to be supportive….at all?

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Adam Lambert will be the next King of Pop!

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