WATCH: Adam Lambert’s Sexuality On Full Display

Disco balls aside, there’s another reason to check out Adam Lambert’s American Idol Tour performances: Dude’s gone sexy.

We’re loving this. Lambert was never the shy type while Idol aired, and those who refused to deny the obvious about his sexuality enjoyed his winking nature to the camera. But it’s only seeing him on tour that his sex appeal is undeniable. And that’s sort of significant, when you think about the tens of thousands of fans he performs in front in each city — and how he’s not being instructed to tone things down by his handlers.

NEXT PAGE: Handcuffs and a red whip find their way onto Lambert’s stage. And he makes use of them.

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  • Kiwibird

    It’s like watching a drag queen perform without any of the clothes and makeup.

    Remind me again why people think he’s something worth talking about?

  • Jack

    Embarrassing. Adam, get hold of some Prince concert footage and learn how sexy’s done right.

  • Ohomo

    Something’s on full display, but I wouldn’t call it sexuality.

  • lestic

    I think it’s great – we’re watching him sexually confuse so many thirteen-year-olds. In a good way.

  • Michelle

    You guys are brutal! You might not find it sexy but women do and even though he’s not sleeping with us, we’re going to be a majority of the people buying his album. He’s nothing if not business savvy. Gotta give him credit for giving the audience what they want.

  • Jim

    Some of the posters on this site really need to die a slow and painful death. Adam is an openly gay performer that is making women scream their brains out. He is going to be a huge success and great help to the ‘community,’ although judging from the snarky assholes around here, it’s not much of a community worth fighting for.

  • Republican

    Not sexy at all, IMO, but the women in the audience seem to love it.

  • D-Sun

    Well…I liked it… ¬_¬

  • AlanInSLC


    I totally agree.

  • Steve

    Reasonable people can disagree on matters of taste. I didn’t think it was sexy at all. However, the worst of his sins, IMHO, was that he butchered a perfectly good David Bowie song.

  • bridgette

    He’s sexy because he can be what women want him to be. He can be the adorable boy with a sweet smile, the bad boy who stares us straight in the eye and dares us to play with him and he’s also the guy who we would like to sit down and talk with about our day. Women like him because he’s fearless and confident on stage. He own’s that stage and his confidence is very alluring. When he’s singing and dancing, women don’t notice any other man in the room. He has our full attention.

  • Jack

    @Jim: Wow – I don’t enjoy a talent-show loser’s cringeworthy performance of someone else’s song…so I’m a ‘snarky asshole’ who ‘deserve to die a slow and painful death’.

    Jim, have you ever thought of working through some of your issues with a therapist?

  • tpaoturpin

    There is no one hotter or sexier than Adam Lambert. He has it all. It does not matter to me who he is sleeping with. Hot is hot. Some of you sound like jealous haters. Are you friends with Perez? Sound just like him. Oh and lets see your dancing tape, or don’t you have one? Maybe there is a reason you don’t!
    Sick of all the haters. And as far as confusing anyone, Adam has been totally upfront and honest about who he is. Can you say the same? I think not.

  • James Davis

    Is he talented? Yes. Do I enjoy his style of music? Meh not really. Is he sexy? Matter of opinion, but I have to go with no.

    As a gay man who loves the art of DRAG, I have to say his working the stage is so very dragy without the actual DRAG (and that’s not a good thing).

    Ps. Why all the hate here, you can take him while others can leave him. Adults are able to actually discuss matters of taste and opinion without hate.

  • Jim

    I speak hyperbole for effect. If I actually thought people deserved to die, I’d be posting on Ann Coulter’s site.

  • Kyle

    Oh yay. The self-hating old queens have come out to play. Your internalized homophobia is showing, dolls. Cut the kid a break.

  • Ricardo

    Adam is a blast to watch. You go baby.

  • Jack

    @Ricardo: …so’s a suicide-bomber…

  • joanne

    Wow, these comments kind of bum me out. Yes, it’s a fact… we (females) adore Adam… but it would be REALLY nice for him if the gay community (of which he belongs) would support him as well. I hope you don’t feel an aversion to him because we (females)like him…. that would truly suck.

    This guy is breaking all the old rules, doing mainstream in spite of what would have held anyone back, even a few short years ago. The fact that he wants do this on the merits of his talent alone, without attempting to cover, or make a big deal about his sexuality is wayyyy too cool. Hey, how about we watch a performance without focusing on the performers sexual orientation or skin color… now there’s a concept!!! Sort of like treating everyone like the human beings they are??? Is it so hard to imagine that we simply don’t care about his sexuality? After all, a hot human being is a hot human being!!!!

    BTW, I truly believe that the majority of us are not naive enough to believe that we will change his sexuality (that is absurd!), and I don’t see any hint of that on his fan blogs. In fact, I think the majority of us are cheering him and Drake on, after all they are really cute together! Hell, it’s not like he’d be knocking on one of our doors for a date, anymore than Brad Pitt would be… I mean look at the guy!!!!!!!

    Hence, it doesn’t matter who he takes to bed. We enjoy hearing him sing and watching his dance moves, it makes us feel good inside. Hopefully, some of these straight guys will learn something here… drop that macho bullsh!t and give us what we really want, a sweet gentleman who’s not afraid to dance…. and don’t forget the bad boy guyliner!!!!

    Please be nice. At least show some support. He’s doing more for equal rights than anyone, simply by being himself… not to mention the future votes that’ll be cast in his name!!!!!

  • Wake Me When It's Over

    If we could charge a tax every time someone drools “He’s doing more for equal rights than anyone” (Lambert, Obama, Dustin Lance Black, Ellen, Johnny Weir, Mika, Boy George, Carson Kressley, Franklin Pangborn ad nauseum) the world economic crisis would be solved in a week.

    Watching this video, I’m even more convinced than I was watching him on AI, the announcement that he’s “transitioning” is just a matter of time.

  • Jack


    ‘…it would be REALLY nice for him if the gay community (of which he belongs) would support him…’

    ‘Hey, how about we watch a performance without focusing on the performers sexual orientation…’

    So…we’re acknowledging his sexuality? Or we’re not? You seem confused…

  • joanne

    @Wake Me When It’s Over: .. and so what exactly is your point? BTW, the world’s crisis will be solved when everyone treats one another as they would themselves and their own, and without judgment… after which everything (including the financial situation), will fall into place. Looks like we have a long way to go.

  • Russell

    For the life of me I cannot understand why the gay community is so easily put off by a bit of affectation. What’s the big deal?
    Why is a little swish in his sway such a problem? Is it really so threatening that you can’t just say “hey whatever” but instead have to do the snide “transitioning” and “drag but not in drag” jokes?

    It’s disturbing on a lot of levels. You would think that here of all places a little acceptance and support would be in evidence but no, he’s not “manly” enough so isn’t doing it for you.
    Well he’s doing it for people in a lot of other places and I find it shameful that he isn’t supported here. There is room for all sorts of performers- he’s just being himself. Isn’t that what acceptance is all about?

  • edgyguy1426

    funny and I got called sexist when I said that I never has seen so many women post here except when there was an Adam Lambert article :)

  • Clarissa

    @Wake Me When It’s Over: If I could get a dollar for every time I’ve heard a gay guy say transphobic shit like you just did, I’d be able to solve the economic crisis with that money alone.

    So in your opinion because I’m a dyke with short hair who can’t dance for shit I want to be a man? Or are you just being a a facetious ass?

  • SeanD

    I think the boy is deliriously HOT but I’m not going to argue the point. Maybe it’s a generational thing? In any case – de gustibus non disputandum est.

  • joanne

    @Jack: Of course we (females) acknowledge his sexuality, it’s quite obvious. What I meant was that we certainly are not focusing on his sexuality whilst watching him perform, nor should we or anyone else for that matter.

    Then again, I suppose I shouldn’t expect anyone to leave nice comments simply because they have the same sexual orientation as another, that is a contradiction for sure!!!

    So let me re-phrase this…. how about if you can’t say anything nice about someone, don’t say anything at all… irregardless of your “community”!

  • Jack

    @joanne: So…we’re meant to watch his thrusting, grinding, strip-club dancing, but not think about sex. Right.

    By the way, we’re not in fricken’ Bambi. Every media personality (and that’s what he is, by the way) will come in for their share of criticism. Shove the pacifier back up whatever orifice it fell out of and grow up.

  • joanne

    … furthermore, have you guys ever seen Mick Jagger live in concert? I have, front row (twice). You know, Adam prancing around on that stage bears an uncanny resemblance to Mick Jagger prancing around on stage with his hand on his hip… and I hardly think Mick Jagger will be “transitioning” in, this life time anyway. It’s only Rock and Roll!!!!

  • joanne

    … only a much better looking Mick Jagger.

  • Fabulous

    Bridgette, you’re right on hun. The boy is jus’ doing what comes naturally, and bottomline, it’s all about the entertainment. Also nice to have an intelligent artist who can speak way better than most I’ve heard.

  • surph

    I loved the guy on Idol, but if he had performed like this during the auditions, he never would have made it to the top 12. My comment has nothing to do with his sexuality; it’s about the sad cheesiness of this performance.

  • joanne

    No, you certainly don’t remind me of Bambi, not by any stretch of the imagination… didn’t expect Bambi. I did expect… I don’t know, maybe tolerance, respect for someone doing what most haven’t the balls to do (no pun intended!)?

    Opinions are one thing, and there’s nothing like a good debate… telling someone to shove a pacifier up their (I presume vagina)? Sorry, not cool in any community.


  • bridgette

    What I like and appreciate about him, is that he’s honest about who he is. He will tell you he has bad skin, he needs to lose a few more pounds, that he can be rediculous at times. He has the ability to laugh at himself, which is a good quality in a man. There are quite a few more attractive men out there in the world than Adam Lambert, but very few know themselves as well and are willing to be honest about who they are. He probably would gain a few more male fans if he would act more macho, but he is what he is and he’s not ashame of it.

  • joanne

    @Jack: That was in response to your comment that money would solve the world crisis… I think it is much deeper than that, not really about money at all.

    You know, I stumbled upon this site because of an Adam Lambert video.

    I’m sorry, I was just really taken aback on some of the opinions here.

    I don’t think you guys have to worry about us girls hangin’ out on your site, not a feel good place to be…

  • Jack

    @joanne: I told you to put the pacifier back where it came from. I love that your mind goes straight to the vagina – you must have sex on the brain! Don’t try and paint me as a misogynist, you don’t know me.

    People will always have positive and negative opinions about any issue. Trying to silence people you disagree with using trite ‘Disney-isms’ is beyond sad.

    I’m sure there’s plenty about Adam Lambert to celebrate, enjoy, be proud of. I, personally, did not find that particular performance to be one of those occasions. I didn’t like the singing – not a patch on the original. I didn’t like the dancing – I’ve seen straight girls exude more sexual magnetism falling drunk out of a club at 3am. Sorry if this offends you, but it’s my opinion – which I have every right to hold, and to share! No need to take it personally.

  • Jack

    @joanne: Think you’ve got the wrong Jack, hun. Money’s the root of all evil.

  • joanne

    @Jack: Actually, I look back on your comments, and I do apologize, they actually are your opinions on his performance and the fact that he does not personally appeal to you… All these opinions are a blur. I am complaining about the opinions, not based on his actual performance.

    I wasn’t trying to paint you as a misogynist.

    Yes, I took the pacifier comment personally… wouldn’t you?

  • R

    Why is he catwalking on the stage? He didn’t do that on AI.

  • MackMike

    Years ago, I knew a man named “Jim.” Jim, who was an accountant, but looked like just about every soccer dad you’ve ever seen, was attracted to very effeminine males–she males in particular. One day, my roomie and buddy, Dave, asked me about Jim’s proclivities,and then asked me, “if you could date a gorgeous guy with a really effeminate voice or a really average guy with a masculine voice, who would you date?” I thought it was a great question, and I answered, “well, I’d date the guy who was average, but more masculine. You?” David, who was very attractive and had no lack of men interested in him replied, “Oh, definitely, I’d go with the gorgeous guy and the effeminate voice.”

    Here we are years later, both of us maintaining our 10 year old relationships. David is with a very average looking fellow with a very masculine voice and demeanor. I am head over heals in love with my partner, who is gorgeous, yet speaks like just about any number of southern based grandmothers! The day I met my husband, I look at him and thought, “wow, what a nice looking guy,” and when he spoke to me I rolled my eyes, but when he asked me to dinner I refused to give in to this notion that he just had to speak in a more masculine mannner. It turned out that we had and do have the same value system, and we began to date. 10 years later, we are still going very strong, and now when I hear his voice it really excites me. There is absolutely no one like him, and I’m just so grateful that I didn’t judge him by his voice or mannerisms that day, and that I seized a chance to grow to know who he was, beyond the superficial. 10 years later, and I could never have dreamed that I’d be able to love someone so much, or could be loved as I am.

    These notions of what Adam Lambert should be or could be, if he only capitulated to what others want of him pale in comparrsion to the strength and courage he shows everyday in his insistence to portray himself as he really is. It takes great strength to be the man my other half is, far more strength than it would have taken him to put on some front, and the same is true for Adam Lambert.

    I’m not a huge crazy fan, but the kid has pipes like I cannot believe, but more than that, there is something incredibly attractive about a man who is courageous, bold and honest enough to just present himself authentically—–especially when so much fame and fortune are on the line.

    I really believe that in order to be a whole community, we all have to just leave our judgements and bitterness at the door. Find the beauty and admirable in one another. Rather on focusing what this kid lacks in regards to over masculinity, try to sing some praise for the utter balls it takes for him to be himself in the rock world on a stage, when his entire fortune hangs in the balance. And please, can we stop criticizing those among us who may not live up to our more masculine standards? Do we not get that enough from the straight community? Do we not know that throughout history it has been the drag queens, the more feminine among us who have thrown themselves onto the front line in every battle we have ever faced?

    Come on guys, dig deep and try to show some love and respect to those who earn it….you fawn all over gay celebrities who don’t come out, then criticize and condemn those who do, simply for the superficial shortcomings. It’s all about heart!

  • Jack

    @joanne: The attitude you were expressing in some of your comments struck me as a little childish – hence the pacifier jab. If that hurt your feelings, then I, too, apologise.

    I have no problem with Adam Lambert – although his music is not to my taste, and I didn’t like the performance shown in the clip, for the reasons I’ve already given. I’m sure having another unashamedly gay artist, with an unapologetic, flamboyant persona, in the public eye, is largely a good thing.

    However, I do resent the implication that because Mr. Lambert and I happen to have our sexuality in common, I should support him by default. I’m also white and male – should my entire musical appreciation come down to the output of gay, white males alone? I can only listen to ‘Don’t let the sun go down on me’ so many times… :)

  • MackMike

    Jack, you know that rock music has often been about more than the artist or the musicality of the artists. Bob Dylan, for instance, couldn’t sing his way through a paper bag, but lyrically, he was a genius to his generation. While I’m not saying that Lambert is the lyrically profound mind that Dylan was, what I am saying is that what Lambert is doing on the level that he is doing it is uncommon. The only artist to have tried this at this level of fame was Elton John, who was already wealthy, well known, and had a proven fan base. Yes, there are other gay artists who are open, and I appreciate them every bit as much for their efforts, but Lambert is the first to have his profile, be untested, and yet also come out. It is a bold move.

    So, while you may not have an appreciation for his music, your support is important to other future generations of musicians who, despite genre, wish to persue their craft while being open about whom they are.

  • Lawyer Princess

    MackMike, that was beautiful. You made me cry.

  • Angela

    Thank you, Jim for your intelligence and good taste. I am one of those screaming women who knew about Adam’s sexuality from the beginning. What difference does that make?
    The first time that I heard Adam sing, I was hooked and I didn’t see him either, it was his voice first. With his awesome good looks, beautiful personality and sexiness, I was addicted. Not ashamed of it either.
    I think that he’s an incredible performer with an awesome voice. Besides that he has brightened my life, touched my soul and made my heart sing.
    Can’t wait until he sells millions of records and sells out every concert.

  • SFNative


    “It’s like watching a drag queen perform without any of the clothes and makeup. Remind me again why people think he’s something worth talking about?”

    Because not everyone is the same as you.

  • Lizcivious

    To some of you commenters: What did Adam Lambert ever do to you?

  • wtdp

    You guys shock me, you really do – Adam is just an insanely talented kid who has millions of fans all over the world EXCITED ABOUT MUSIC – why the hate? He’s so loving, gracious and honest in every encounter with fans and the media, and he’s worked for years to make it – it’s a beautiful thing to see a dream come true for somebody who truly deserves it, why why why so bitter?

  • Wry Bred

    @MackMike: BRAVO! And here’s a cyber toast to countless more years of bliss!

  • schlukitz

    @wtdp: @Lizcivious:

    Because there an awful lot of gays with such low self esteem, that they need to tear eveyone down who is working hard to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps. How dare anyone else succeed when their own lives are such a dismal failure.

    You know the old expression. Misery loves company

  • Republican

    How is it that the Adam Lambert stories manage to get tons of responses from straight women within such a short time? Are links to queerty being posted on Lambert fansites or are you gals just regular lurkers who keep quiet on most of the other topics for some strange reason? I’m genuinely curious.

  • pdnoosh

    I find him to be about as sexy as a wet sponge, but there’s something so infectiously fun and campy about what he’s doing that I can’t help but like him. Bottom line is, I think that if I had a few margaritas first, I’d probably have a great time at one of his shows.

  • me

    he has some way to go, sure, but he’s gonna get there. i knew he would even back when every gay was calling him hideous.

  • Angela

    Here’s your answer Republican, I get Google alerts when something is posted anywhere about Adam. We’re not lurking about here..don’t understand why there is such negative reaction to him.

  • osocubano

    I still don’t see what’s sexy about him.

  • Rose

    ah who friggin’ cares?! it’s all fun. and i’m having fun. there are so many more terrible and horrible things going on in the world to be getting all bent out of shape over whether or not someone likes some guy’s performance. it’s fine to agree to disagree but not actually hate anyone over it…sheesh!

  • Rebe

    I’m heterosexual and came to this site by googling Adam Lambert.
    Adam has been performing since he was 10 and never worked as a drag queen. It’s not his thing.
    But androgeny is and it’s a turn-on for most of us (obviously by the massive female reaction to him). Androgeny really means transcending what culture says your sex is supposed to look and act like and being yourself. We all have feminine and masculine qualities. Embracing both your masculine and feminine sides does not make you less of a man or woman. Adam said in Rolling Stone that he doesn’t think you’re sexy until you do. I think that’s true, don’t you? Androgeny does not equal drag queen without the clothes. It means being who you are.
    Adam is a nice, attractive, beautifully honest, sexy, mature guy with mega talent and whose career is heading for the galaxies.

  • Rebe

    Prince and Adam do not feel the same at all to me. It’s Adam’s beauty, honesty and transparency.
    Relating with Adam makes us all feel alive, happy, beautiful, and sexy at the core- regardless of our age or gender.
    Prince doesn’t touch it. He just doesn’t make us go inside and see our beautiful selves like Adam does.

  • Rebe

    What androgeny is not- Men wearing bras and fake breasts and women wearing fake mustaches. That’s something else, and that’s not Adam or his fan base!

  • imyourmom

    Another female here, who follows Adam on google. I hang out over here once in awhile, when you post about Adam or my son or his boyfriend. And I’m always, always disheartened by the immediate catty comments posted about all of them. All the gay guys I know are “too swishy”, “too stereotypical”, or just too something or other, to get any love over here.

    I prefer AfterElton truthfully, much less snark and defensiveness over there.

    Love Adam or hate him, at this moment he is paving the way for out gay musicians to broaden their fanbase in the US and that’s very important to me personally. Looking forward to a day when straight men will buy music from gay guys – but it seems as though even the gay guys won’t support Adam. That’s ok, us straight women love Adam enough to support him and make him a superstar.

  • Rebe

    I think maybe some of the drag queen performers or lovers here may be bitter that Adam isn’t into that sort of thing. Adam isn’t shining a positive light on them, although he never put them down for doing their own thing.

  • Reba

    Adam did this interview
    at the Staples Center with Reality Rocks and said the following:

    “ADAM: [laughs] I’m not putting on any bras!

    REALITY ROCKS: Oh, come on!

    ADAM: Contrary to popular belief, I do not do drag. I’ve done it like, two or three times for Halloween, and just because I’m wearing makeup and weird clothes does not make it drag. People, get your terms straight, all right?”

    It’s not Adam’s thing, but he didn’t put drag queens down or say they weren’t talented.

  • Republican

    Ah, google alerts. Makes sense.

    As for Adam, I guess I don’t feel the need to support gay musicians just because they are gay. It’s not like Adam is the first openly gay singer. If I don’t like his music or his looks, why should I pretend I do?

    And yeah, I voted for Kris Allen. :p ;)

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    A woman was scorned for speeding up her singing voice because she was out-of-tune:

    Her name was Madonna!

    A young Soap Actress was so ridiculed when she started out her singing career for poor lip-synching that she left her country and came back the biggest star of all time:

    Her name was Kylie Minogue!

    A vamping gender-bending Out Gay rocker wears his sexuality in the form of diamantes and eye-liner, was cheated out of the biggest talent competition in the USA due to an AT&T conspiracy:

    Meet the New Queen of Pop: Adam Lambert (Not your old man’s idol!)

    Kris Allen who?

  • ugh

    I got here via twitter search and didn’t even know what site I was coming to thanks to url shortening. If I’d known, I’d have been more prepared for getting hit in the face with the femme/trans/girl/hag-phobic comments. Wow, he’s swishing, how *embarrassing*! Horrors, the scary icky het girls are here! Why do they like him! ugh.

    As for the BS of “I don’t have to like/support him just because he’s gay” — no, you don’t, duh. If you didn’t give a damn and bopped on, no one would ever know. It’s the actively hating on him for being “too queer” or queer “wrongly” in some way (oh, let’s be specific: for being too *feminine*) that’s lame.

    @MackMike, thank you for clearing the awful taste in my mouth after reading the other comments.

  • Reba

    Adam’s a man who doesn’t try to be a woman, so maybe he could be called Pop/Rock God if he’s going to have a label that will stick.
    Some gays and people with homophobia seem to like to label him queen- make him fit there. The majority of us don’t see him as queen because he sees himself as a man who’s not trying to be a woman.
    Sorry, Queen won’t stick long on Adam.

  • Lee

    Hey…let him be! Adam’s a nice guy & a talented entertainer w/ a unique voice. Personally, I enjoy listening to everything from medieval chant to opera to blues to pop and I like Adam. As he said, the arts are a matter of personal taste – either you like something or you don’t. Save time & angst & quit trying to analyze & categorize & critique every detail, much less dissing the artist.

  • Richard

    Me: 46 year old gay man, average looks, above average intelligence. Never gave a damn about American Idol.

    Adam Lambert: 27 year old gay phenomenon who turned me into a desperate, screaming ‘tween who spent hours watching him sing over and over again.

    I don’t care what anyone says. I think the guy is the greatest thing to come along since Streisand. I would pay to watch him sing “Sesame Street” songs. Rock on, Adam.

  • Amanda

    @ MackMike

    I think i love you! That made me cry and I don’t usually do that :)

    I can’t believe that everytime I go to a gay site and read the comments there is so much more hate then if I’d go to a gossip site (straight/gay whatever) and read the same thing. I’m not saying people should love him just b/c he’s gay, I’m saying u should stop hating on people for having the courage to be who they are.

    I love Adam for who he is, and I love him even more for being so brave, Of course he’s also the sexiest guy I’ve ever seen, but if he wasn’t such a talented and beautiful person (inside AND out) I wouldn’t like him as much as I do now.

    He is truly special and I hope a change is about to come. I wish him all the success in the world, and I want him to be happy. I pray for those things everyday cause I just love him so much.

  • Kate

    Wow, such grumpy people about Adam Lambert! What is the problem?

    Can’t women feel that gay men-are attractive? It just means that they appreciate their appearance that is IT. Adam Lambert just happens to be extremely attractive as well as talented so, women are digging him and hopefully, men as well. I am sure he’d appreciate both.

    As an Entertainer I’d imagine he wants a wide audience in order to sell CD’s, tickets to concerts, etc. His voice deserves to be heard! It doesn’t hurt that he is good looking as well.

    Adam reminds me of Rod Stewart in concert in the 1970’s.Rod was a very sexy performer in concert and danced around on stage showing off his body. It was all in good fun and served to give Rod a very nice life in the music biz.

    Adam just has something special and whatever he radiates out there to audiences it’s working big time!

    And I agree, he is the best singer to come along since Babs–so, I hope he has one heck of a career.

  • MackMike

    Firstly, thanks for the kind remarks, “guys,” I really appreciate it.

    I just wanted to take a moment to respond to Amanda–even more specifically to her observation that when she visits a gay blog or website, she is taken aback by the number of unkind remarks she reads.

    I, too, am saddened by the lack of love and respect we often show one another. There are some who say that we shouldn’t feel obliged to “like” one another simply because we share an orientation, but I think the converse is true. Because we share an insight concerning what it is to be a very small minority, a minority left to die in the 80’s, and a minority whom continues to be discriminated against by our federal government, as well as most local governments; because many of us know what it feels like to be called a queer or a faggot; because many of us know what it is like to be at a table off straight folks who may not know that we are gay, and will go on to make highly anti-gay remarks and jokes, assaulting us without knowning it; because some of the worst homophobia we experience is from the families we most trust; YES, I feel we should come to find a way to love and respect one another, despite our differences.

    Certainly, if someone is incapable of showing any respect for others, they are beyond respect themselves. Nevertheless, to chastise one another for being: too feminine, too fat, too old, too black, too asian, too bald, etc, is merely showing to others the lack of respect that is shown to us for simply being “too gay.”

    Amanda, to address your observation, gay people are assaulted in all sorts of ways each and every day. Being called a sissy or a fag when your a kid is just the worst insult one can hurl at a boy; and for those of us who really are fags, we internalize those remarks, burying them deeply, where they just go on hurting for far too long. We are hurt by the fact that we live in a society where can’t always feel safe just being who we are; we walk through malls and don’t hold hands for fear of offending others; the supermarket checker has known us for years, but still has no clue that we are married to partners of the same gender, and we fail to correct him or her when we’re asked if our wives do the cooking. Of course, what I’m saying is a generalization, not all of us feel such pressure or are not so open, but I think that the vast majority of gay people have at least had situations or have found themselves in phases of their exisitence when life has been this way. And of course, many people who know we are gay have no reservations about telling us that God hates us, that they are disgusted by us, that their children aren’t safe with us, that we shouldn’t enjoy simple rights or protections–or worse yet, legislation should exist to punish us.

    When you live in a world that can be at times insensitive, if not downright hateful, when you grow up with so much hostility just thrown in your face day after day, well…I suppose some learn to just throw that hostility right back out there at others. We often learn to treat people through the way we are treated. Of course, it isn’t appropriate, positive or constructive to treat anyone this way, for there is always a better way, but it is a shame to see people from our own community choose not to use that insight that they have and treat one of their own in a way that they themselves would take exception with.

    I believe our community is evolving a lot right now, and I hope it will grow into a more cohesive body of people who, despite the vast differences between us all, has one another’s back. We just need a bit of time to stop and recognize what is special about us as a community, and look deep inside ourselves to recognize what we all share in common, and then proceed with less hate and criticism and more respect and hope.

    Thanks, Amanda, for sharing your observations.

  • Marcus

    LOL, wow. This place really does attract some bitchy queens. Thanks for the laugh, boys – try going out and getting laid instead of complaining about a guy from a reality television show.

  • VenusInP!nk

    Work it gurl! Seriously, how can some of you deluded people even compare him at all to Prince? He’s not sexy, how was any of that sexy? Bitch was strutting STRUTTING on stage, working it like he was on a catwalk. Maybe he realized halfway in the absence of a wig because he kept combing at non existent hair. Throw on a shiny dress, some pumps, paint his face in some MAC makeup, and you have a bonafide drag queen, none of this androgynous nonsense. David Bowie was androgynous. Elton John was androgynous. Alice Cooper was androgynous. This hot mess is not androgynous! And for those who say that being a drag performer makes you transgendered, let me say that all of you are seriously ill-informed.

  • Angela

    @MackMike: @Richard: Both of you are awesome and the reason why women love gay guys and want to be their friends.
    Sometime soon I hope no one will give a second look at same sex couples holding hands, it will be just another couple. Sometime soon my son will be able to marry his boyfriend who I love and will be proud to call my son-in-law.
    As for Adam, I think that we love him not only for his talent and looks but for the light that shines from within him.

  • Catttt

    Thank you for your comment, MackMike. Enjoyed it and the information was great.

    As a bi female, I really enjoy Adam’s music and performances. I see him as an incredibly talented individual who can project a sort of super-omnisexuality to everyone in the room, straight, bi, or gay.

    Those of us who are not gay are of course less likely to be familiar with the classifications and stereotypes that have built up over the years, so we don’t think of Adam as like a theater queen or a drag queen. No – he is Adam Lambert, and he is what he is, and he is a damn good entertainer.

    I have a gay friend who hotly told me that Adam needs to butch up. The only thing is – he isn’t like that – it would be fake! He’s the real deal, up front, and not trying to be accepted – here I am, people – what you see is what you get. This is a GOOD THING. The first up-front, right from the beginning, gay superstar is NOT BUTCH – get over it, if that’s what you were hoping for. I say this with love.:D

    Here’s something to consider. Many people are afraid of gays, because people are afraid of what they don’t understand or know, and fear turns to hate. Adam is loved by many who have no gay friends (or don’t know they have gay friends or acquaintances).
    I see a huge sea change possible here, as the old fears change to knowledge and love and acceptance, which is what we all want, yes? I’ve had people tell me I am going to hell just because I LIKE Adam Lambert – but these people are in the minority. Good times, change coming – I believe it and hope for it too.

  • Kiwibird

    Yes, Adam Lambert is the gay messiah that we have all been waiting for to lead us to social acceptance and world peace. Thank you for showing us the light of lambertology, may all of us sinner who have worshiped for so long at the alter of true artists and performers repent and gather together under the light of our new pre-made pop music singing, karaoke performing savior.

    Praise be to he who has been built by the corporate music machine and performs to it’s substandard level of expectancy.

  • Lizcivious

    As a straight female, I often check out gay blogs because I support the gay community and am interested in what’s going on. Many gay bloggers are extremely funny, and many sites display beautiful pictures of hot men that I love to ogle. I’ve been perusing gay sites before Adam Lambert came along. I think it’s great that Adam has awakened sexuality that may have been dormant in a lot of women. I assumed that most straight men wouldn’t appreciate Adam’s style, but it is interesting to find such strong opinions among gay men about a person who is just trying to pursue his singing career.

  • Rebe

    I’m not saying drag queens are all transgendered, but “drag queen” does imply a man is projecting a female persona, does it not? I don’t see that in Adam. More importantly, Adam says he’s not a drag queen “just because he wears make-up and weird clothes”. I take it that he means he doesn’t take on a female persona.

  • Josh

    So what if he is somewhat effeminate? If anyone should accept effeminate gay men it should be the gay community.

    Those of you denouncing him for having effeminate mannerisms and wearing make up sound like uptight paternalist right wingers.

  • Kate

    @Republican: It’s called a Google alert. It returns every article for a certain search term, in this case, Adam Lambert.

    But actually, I’ve been reading Queerty for awhile now. Sorry.

  • Rebe

    Seems like the community accepting Adam best are the straight people- men and women of all ages. Who’d have guessed?! It IS interesting.

  • Rebe

    I would like to know something from your perspective (or from any member) about drag queens, now that it’s mentioned. Is the main purpose to make fun of women by exaggerating certain characteristics or…what?

    If it is, see, I don’t see Adam making fun of women or anyone by dancing his way.

  • Will

    I think Adam was great on AI, I think he’s a great singer, and a great guy for being out and proud and not hiding who he is.

    But he can’t dance. That’s the only thing–watching this video, his thought process of “ooh, I’ll do *this* move next” is almost visible. His movements are erratic and jerky. The boy just needs to hang with Beyonce or Lady Gaga for a day or two, and I’d love him to death

  • Cate

    Man, there are A LOT of prudes on this cite. Adam=SEXY, period. I guess if you can’t do, you criticize.

  • Cate

    BTW, shouldn’t you be doing a better job of supporting one of us who is open about his sexuality?? Morons.

  • wtdp

    Wow, you guys who are calling Adam hideous must be INSANELY gorgeous – please post pics for us to enjoy.

  • Tim R

    Thank you MackMike. I love you so much (or should that be ‘tho much’?

    My straight as an arrow brother-in-law now jokes about jumping the fence for adam. He’s not the only such case i’ve heard of. There was Dane Cook on the Jimmy Kimmel show, with Jimmy also joining in, and the audience going nuts reacting to the male love for Adam. The man is amazing and will be a huge star.

    As for the opinions of the gay men on here who think adam is too effeminate. well, that’s just so internalized homophobia-land that one cannot even believe you dare post such opinions.

  • Jon

    That was actually very uncomfortable to watch. He lost a few points with me.

  • wtdp

    Tim R – that is so funny, because my (also straight as an arrow and usually with a stick up his butt about it) son said the same thing coming out of the AI concert in San Jose – his actual words were “Yeah, I’d probably have to let him fellate me.” Yeah, he said fellate me, he’s kind of a tool hah. Adam makes straight men gay and gay women straight and we straight females are so damn confused right now we just don’t know what the hell to do but just be in awe of him.

  • imyourmom

    I’m happy to see the comments have taken an upward turn. There’s no law that the LGBT community has to support a singer they don’t enjoy, and everyone is entitled to their opinion.

    But the immediate bashing, on Queerty of all places, of this out and proud man really turned my stomach. No need to support, but no need to bash, either. So glad to read the subsequent comments.

  • Amy

    Hey everyone,

    MackMike, your words are appreciated. Too often the Internet is full of hateful stuff. Why do some people have to be so cruel?? It’s fine if Adam is not your style or whatever, but why the hateful words about a perfectly lovely human being just trying to be himself and “make it” out in the world??

    And yeah, I pretty much read everything about Adam online…so that is the reason I’m here BUT I am also gay (female) so these issues also interest me.

    I think Adam is extremely freakin’ hot & sizzlin.’ So does my mom, & my Bible-thumping aunt. It’s very interesting to see some gay male reaction to him…but guys some of you are so hateful. It’s becoming a males who shred to pieces any other gay male….please see a therapist. Adam Lambert should not be inspiring this kind of vitriol by simply dancing & being a bit feminine. Uh, who cares…?? Some of you are obviously projecting.

  • Jon

    @Jon: oh hell, I’ve got to change my name to “not that Jon”?

    Lambert Rocks.

  • abbe dunllop

    @joanne: joanne, you really said it!!! couldnt be said any better. i, too, am surprised that the gay community isnt more supportive. i live in the castro in sf and im not seeing the love adam deserves. wake up guys….equality, remember???? you might want to help overturn prop 8 while youre at it!!!

  • GENE

    I think the LGBT press/media loves Adam, I’ve read lots of favorable articles about him on gay sites/blogs. But it seems like lots of gay guys don’t like him because he isn’t “straight acting” and “masculine.” They basically negatively critique his performances by calling him a drag queen or any other code word for “effeminate”, which in their minds is tantamount to “bad.” Adam is the first mainstream gay male performer in US who is open about being sexual without being “macho” or “hyper-romantic”. It’s really interesting that he is getting lots more love from “mainstream America”.

  • Terry

    For those of you saying this isn’t very “sexy,” you have to remember that this is American Idol. Idol is supposed to be a family show and more than half of the people are there to see Adam swing his hips around. He gets bras, underwear, jockstraps, handcuffs, boas, and whips thrown on stage on a regular basis and you should see what he does with his mic stand. The fact that he does things like that and doesn’t get in HUGE trouble shows how much money his fans spend on anything related to him. And for this tour, he toned it down for the preteens in the audience that are their for the other “idols.” So check out his next tour when he has no restraints.

  • mtnwmn

    For anyone who thinks he’s toning it down on the AI Tour should see these videos of his Bowie medley in the second performance at Long Island. I saw him at the San Jose show in July, and it was definitely toned down. I think he ramped it up for his NY fans and friends. Much appreciated, Adam! I wouldn’t be surprised if his AI handlers tell him to tone it down for the rest of the tour.

  • alan brickman


  • carla

    @MackMike – i just stumbled on this article today (2 months after) and would like to say thank you for your enlightening and kind words. Nobody should be forced to like Adam Lambert’s music. To each his/her own. Let’s Just avoid the hateful name calling. It really saddens me that Adam is getting better treatment from Mainstream American than here. I hope it changes. Again thank you.

  • Sharie K shannon

    Greetings :

    I might have chosen a different picture for the cover of the new CD, because Adam hs taken some great photo shoots recently and looks absolutely gorgous. Adam is Adam and the reason we like him is because he is over the top and different. Adam likes to “dress up” – he always has since childhood. This particular picture truly shows more of Adam’s personality than many other good pictures of him. The picture lets you see into Adam’s sole, and also shows his andrygenous sides. He has an abundance of both factors, along with all his other talents – he is going to be unstoppable and will ride the fame wave for many years to come – an International Star

    Most of all, I am looking forward to hearing the INSIDE of the new CD – that’s most important by far. We like Adam’s tastes and have faith and hope that this CD will be received as well as we have longed for – he is “Adam Bomb” and never lets his true fans down. So, come on Nov. 23 / 24 — “the whole world is watching”.

    Adam sure seems well prepared for his new found fame, and handles himself alone without problem -especialy in his intervirwws. He sems so grounded, has good manners, very well raised by his family – THANKS Mom & Dad for everything. Yes, Adam is a dream come true – a cutie & a real sweet GUY. We are proud of our Adam. ONE FINE MAN IS HE !

    And now Adam is single and “on the make” (I dislike that phrase). Perhaps he will give the girls a chance for their turn at him. As for me I am old and ill and love to watch Adam sing and dance, but I am mostly all talk and no action. Next time please make a DVD so it will rattle our minds. Wooh hooo Adam, give use girls a chance – YOU WOULDN’T BE SORRY.
    God bless and keep you well and safe.
    An Absolute Fan, Sharie K

  • jason

    I don’t mind if he makes women scream. More power to him. However, if the record company downplays his sexuality, it should be taken to task. Backlash won’t begin to describe it.

    When you use sexuality as a marketing ploy, all things related to your own personal sexuality should be brought into the light.

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