WATCH: Adam Levine Strips Down To Host “SNL”

Joining Adam Levine during his Saturday Night Live “monologue”: Andy Samberg, Cameron Diaz, Jerry Seinfeld and Adam Levine’s impossibly flat stomach.

Also, watch the Maroon 5 frontman play gay during the SNL chat show “Circle Work.”

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  • QJ201

    another hot bod ruined by too much bad ink

  • Jacob310562

    another hot bod made hotter by fun ink

  • gppm1103

    I gotta agree with QJ201…I love tattoos but when it’s too many you can’t focus on any of it.

  • hf2hvit

    And those tattos will look “real purdy” in about 25 years.

  • hf2hvit

    I’d rather see no tattoos with an UNSHAVED chest.

  • boring

    No shirt, no shoes, no talent.

  • HeroQueero

    I watched this episode until the first sketch called, “Circle Work” had Adam Levine and Kenan Thompson playing gay stereotypes to induce cheap laughs. Ugh.

  • Red Meat

    @HeroQueero: I’m sorry but gay stereotypes are funny just as red necks, nerds, intellectuals, white people, black people, and everything you can think of stereotypes.

  • Captain proton

    “We’re sorry, but the clip you selected isn’t available from your location. Please select another clip.”


  • Fidelio

    Sweet Jeezuz, Mother of Mary that’s one white dude. But I love ’em. :)

  • BJ McFrisky

    Looks to me like a bunch of ugly tattoos with a hipster attached to ’em.

  • marc sfe

    I just don’t understand why guys ruin their bodies with all that ink – David Beckham is another – hideous!

  • Spike

    @hf2hvit: Next time you are at a carnival, check out Bob the Tilt-A-Whirl operator . . . that’s exactly what he will look like.

  • Spike

    @HeroQueero: You left out NOT FUNNY. It was only offensive because Adam didn’t play off being gay, whatever stereotype he was going for, it was dull, flat and an insult to the stereotype. He didn’t own it, therefore it came off offensive – str8t guy playing a guy guy, ha ha, isn’t that funny. Not.

  • Brian

    Adam Levine is a creep. Just recently, he collaborated with homophobe 50 Cent on his new record. He even performed it with him on The Voice. Adam is a pig, period.

  • Michael

    @boring: I disagree, but your post is still pretty hilarious.

  • vonlmo

    When good Jews go bad:Adam’s gay brother hasn’t disowned him yet for this pandering dis? Adam’s mom hasn’t had him comitted for all that terrible ink?

  • jwrappaport

    @hf2hvit: Eh, I don’t buy that argument with tattoos: no one looks that great shirtless when they’re 60 – tats or no tats.

  • Sweet Boy

    Too much ink…..that “ex-convict” look is sooo 10 years ago

  • hf2hvit

    @jwrappaport: I live in SoCal…I see plenty of 60 year olds who look great shirtless…esp the ones who don’t have blurred tattoos

  • startenout

    There’s nothing wrong with his tattoos. They’re intricate and detailed and an expression of his own personal taste. To say he or David Beckham have “ruined” themselves puts you in the VAST minority of, oh, people in the world.

    On the bright side, the blatant criticism of what you cannot have does help YOU live up to the gay stereotype of pristine loving, catty [email protected] :)

  • viveutvivas

    I like a nice tattoo on a guy but his are just tacky, look like they were done by some high school kid on weed in a garage.

  • maxdadmark

    @QJ201: I agree. Thought he was a hottie until I saw the scribbled mess underneath. PS, he can’t act worth shit.

  • maxdadmark

    @startenout: Really, teacher? Your snottiness voids any valid criticism you may have had.

  • jwrappaport

    @hf2hvit: Yeah, but in LA, isn’t 60 the new 40? They play by different rules then country bumpkins like me.

  • maxdadmark

    @hf2hvit: My point exactly. This sort of “art” is only successful with nihilists who only live for the moment. I am a nurse and have seen the blotchy green stains, puckered piercings, and all the other end results of artificial body alterations on many people in their 40s and up who would give 5 years of their lives to not have done this to themselves. Adam is a hottie, but his looks won’t last, and he has a thin, whiny voice that will not carry over to a long term career.

  • balehead

    Adam is obviously very insecure and obviously not as down with the gays as he says he is….Not surprised he didn’t say “this gay sketch isn’t funny you guys?”….

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